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It's been a weirdly hectic month, that's for sure. I've tried to get everything all set for winter and while there is more yet to do (as always), I think I've gotten things pretty well under control.

I've also found a couple of free knitting and crocheting patterns so it looks as if I will be trying to learn how to do that. I haven't tried either since I was a kid, so this should be a very interesting project indeed. There is also an exquisite shawl pattern as well that I am just *dying* to get but it's definitely at the advanced/expert level, so that will remain a dream. (I might just buy the pattern anyway though because it is *sweet* :)
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japanese for book hoarder

Well, it's not quite right -- I *collect*, I don't hoard. Big difference. :)
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My new kitchen cabinet arrived today and I am just thrilled! :) Since my kitchen is very small and my counter space is minimal at best, I have been looking for something like this since... well, not forever but a very long time, believe me!

The pic below was taken by the store that sold it; I need to find my camera, charge it, take pics and then figure out how to upload the pics, lol.
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So, it's been a really long month. *sighs* I think part of it was due to Thanksgiving being so late -- it's unusual. I didn't go out and shop yesterday but I did make a point to eat lunch at a local sandwich shop, and buy books at the local stores. After all, books are *necessary* -- am I right or am I right? Of course I'm right! :D

I was thinking about taking in a movie as well but I have seen "Thor 2" twice already (not in 3D though) and now it is time to save those pennies for "The Hobbit: DOS" which I am planning on seeing more than twice. ;)

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Today was really nice outside and warm for November. Not super-warm but it was nice enough so all I needed was a long-sleeved shirt when I did a bit of yard work. Tomorrow should be nice as well but after that it will become colder. Well, it's almost winter so it's to be expected.

I took my little dog LeeAnn to the vet in the afternoon. She's had a bad coat problem and scratching like mad for the last week, so I finally got an appointment for today. I had just left the house and was about an 1/8th mile from Hwy. 14 when the vet called and said he needed to push the appointment back a half-hour. I said it was fine and decided to go on in early anyway.

On a side note, the fact that I was on a county two-lane and could stop to take a call is one of the rare pluses about living in such a rural area. Yes I know, it's very risky anyway -- but if it hadn't been the vet calling I wouldn't have stopped at all.
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For some reason, I am not getting responses to my lj posts as fast as I should. *sighs* No idea why, so I apologize if I am late in responding. Hopefully it is sorted out now.

The weather has been fairly decent lately. Today was super-windy though. I am looking forward to spring/summer being more defined tbh.
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Ok, basically this *will not* be about anything that has already been covered in world/national news -- except for weather. Weather is one of my favorite topics (as you can tell by the tags, lol.)

Last Sunday I decided to go and see Jurassic Park in 3D, just because. It was a lot of fun too. I also noticed there was a movie called "42" playing, and I was wondering how I had missed learning about anything connected to 'Hitchhiker's Guide'. Of course, when I asked what it was about, *then* I learned it was a biopic of Jackie Robinson. ::facepalm:: In my defense, I would like to say that I seldom pay attention to sports movies unless they are about horse racing (Seabiscuit, Secretariat) or hockey (Slapshot, Miracle) and since I no longer have cable, this one slipped by me.

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Well, once again the roads are bad. Last night we were brushed by the edge of an ice storm, and today it is still very nasty out. My car is coated in ice and there is a very thin coat of ice on the wires. :( As you can guess, I am inside for the rest of today and probably some of tomorrow as well. Though I suppose I do need to try and start the car so the engine can get nice and warm. Ah well. I have turned the furnace up a bit because otherwise I am just too chilly even with a heavy sweatshirt. *sigh*

Also, I just heard that I-80 is closed from Kearney west to the CO/WY border due to the weather and also because there are no more hotel rooms left. O__O I mean... just yeah. Weird weather pwns us all.

Now I am back to writing, as usual. Still using the laptop to write on with some things; some of the newer stuff gets roughed out on a private entry till I can get to the laptop, as my cats love nothing better than to dance, prance and flounce over the keyboard. >>.<<

Back later on!
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Well, so far we have missed the worst of the storms, though that could change at any time. (I keep reminding myself of this because otherwise it's too easy to think no storms will come this way.) The snow we did get last week was not too bad, though most local schools were closed Thursday and Friday. We've had a little bit more since then but nothing major. Yesterday a lot of it melted off but today was too cold to do much melting.

Writing continues but slowly. Saturday I got a wireless mouse and I am working on my laptop now, which isn't too bad -- or at least it wouldn't be, if I could keep the cursor from jumping around all over and cutting into the wrong sentences/paragraphs. Nothing is worse than typing along only to discover that half the sentence has gone elsewhere. I am sure it is because I keep hitting the wrong keys on the laptop keyboard but unfortunately, I will just have to shut up and deal. but -- one of the pluses is that I now have spell-check again! :) [Because yes, even though spell-check is supposedly 'on' for my desktop, it isn't registering properly. Go me.] I'm also trying to get back in the overall mood I was in before my desktop decided on the latest tantrum. But there is progress -- just not as much as I had hoped for. And of course I am getting all sorts of ideas for everything but the story I am supposed to be working on. ::dramatic sigh::

One thing I do wish I had was a quick way to add in various names and other words from Tolkien to the dictionary section. All of the umlauts and other accents are hard to add properly. The umlauts are easy to spot but with names like Cirdan and Celebrian, I have a hard time being sure if the 'i' has an accent or not. And yes, I know they do but honestly? it doesn't always look like it.

Ok, time for me to switch computers again and see what sort of progress I can make .

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I know this is late but -- if anyone would like a card from me, please make sure you PM me or send an email with your current snail addy.

In other news...
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Yes, I'm still here. I have spent 97% of the last four days -- was my last post *really*on last Thursday? Yikes! -- sleeping (when not taking meds, drinking hot tea or eating chicken soup, crackers, etc.) in an attempt to get rid of this blasted cold. So far the results are.. fair. I still feel pretty rotten but I see the dr. on Wed., 1 Aug., so maybe he will have something else to suggest since right now I have another *bitch* of a headache. Ugh. Hopefully he will give me stronger cough medicine? I really do not enjoy taking antibiotics that much, please no more of them.

The weather of the weekend was so nice -- and I had to stay in for the most part except for walkies. It was actually about normal for this time of year tbh. Last night we even had a light rain which was wonderful.

As for other news: there isn't much. Not much writing is getting done or anything else for that matter. I either sit at my computer desk or sleep in bed because the couch is full of boxes to be gone through/sorted/donated etc. (a major project I started right before my aunt's b'day) and I simply do not feel up to dragging all of that off the couch and setting it up someplace else.

Also, I have fallen way behind on my Y workout schedule. Hopefully I can get back to it soon -- I can feel the lbs. climbing back on. :/

No other news for now. TTYL!

And Today?

May. 4th, 2012 08:48 am
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So, Firefox decided to upgrade on me and now -- whether it is that upgrade or not, I have *no idea* -- el_J refuses to load due to "timimg out." This is what I hate about that other site. It often seems to do weird stuff like this for no real reason. Gah.

So anyway... I need to start posting here again. I am going to pick up the "100 Things" meme again and I am also going to do a rare personal post on Mother's Day. (I have a lot of mommy issues so expect a lot of whining and ranting as I attempt to sort through some of my feelings. If you had a really *good* relationship with your own mom, you'll probably want to skip this post, which is why it will be locked *and under a cut. Just fair to warn ahead, you know.)

Ok, off to see if I can get in to the other site again.
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The weather is so nice today. It's in the 50's, and a bit cooler (otoh, it's March) but imho, just about perfect. Tomorrow is supposed to be just as nice too, maybe even a little warmer. :)
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So, I decided I should make an actual, rl post because I haven't made one in ages. I've been going to the Y as much as possible and working out because, you know, there was no putting it off any longer. I doubt if I ever get very fit but it's still good. Also, I had a check-up yesterday and I have *officially* lost ten lbs, Yes! :D (Of course, the last time I was "offically" weighed was in Dec. of last year, so it's not as sudden as it may sound.) Now the trick (as we all know) will be to *keep* it off and not regain it, right? Right.

I had lunch with Summer; interestingly enough, she says that I sound Canadian! ::boggle:: I really don't know how I managed to pick up a Canadian accent; I guess I must have picked it up when I "travel in my sleep" eh? XD (Which reminds me, I have been having some *really weird* dreams but most of them I do not remember.)

I haven't been writing much; I still feel as if I am "written out" and I am not sure when/if I will feel up to it again. I did manage to finish my SV fic but other than that, nothing. I've looked over some of my unfinished work and I honestly don't know if it ever will be finished. I like to think that maybe *someday* it will but honestly? It's not very likely.

I had hoped to win a charity auction but it closed earlier than expected and I missed out. *sigh* Pity, that. I would have loved to see what the writer (whom I actually know and have met irl) would have done with my idea. Maybe another time?

Today the weather was utterly gorgeous and so there were walkies, which are always a big hit. :) Tomorrow sounds nasty thouugh with high wind warnings. Meh.

Ok, time to close and go sleep. Niters, everyone! Ttyl!
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Well, lots of stuff. Nothing major just lots of little bits of different stuff. First, the weather has been just gorgeous lately. Walkies are fun! ;)

The night before Christmas Eve, *someone* puked on my keyboard -- and it wasn't me. *sighs* So on Christmas Eve, I was getting a brand new keyboard. Now I need to buy a protective skin because I do not want to deal with this again.

Christmas was quiet; I mostly talked to friends/family on the phone/online and reread my cards. Thank you again everyone. (And I do hope that at least some of my cards made it on time.) Oddly, nothing really good was on tv so I watched dvds instead. I got a lovely fic for my SeSa prezzie though. :)

As you may have guessed, I have pretty well moved over to dw. I was finally able to import everything from here even though it took two days to do it. Face it, lj is becoming more unstable and I just know that more ddos attacks will be coming soon. It's not that I think dw is perfect by any means but I want to be ready. I've got a lot of stuff here that I don't want to lose since I've been here for... idk... almost seven years? or whatever... (Personally I like insane journal better because you get 100 free icon slots! Yay for more icons! :) Oh and I *finally* got notices that I had lj-gifts, which apparently decided to show up after a nice long party in cyberspace, lol. My apologies for being so late (and a big Thank You) to [personal profile] spiced_wine and to [profile] fuzzy_carpet for the snowman cookies.

My latest project is cleaning out my laundry room since I need to have some plumbing work done in the bathroom. Ugh. So not fun. So now everything is torn up and in a mess but hopefully things will straighten out fast. We'll see. The kitten has been going crazy snooping and generally making a pest of himself, lol. the other cats are all majorly stressed about Things and Boxes being moved around.

I finished my mefa reviews at last. Yes! And I met my goal too. But I'm afraid that very little work has been done on my bb fic. I just seem to be written out right now. I wish I could feel like it will be finished but honestly, it's not looking good. :(

Ok, that's it for now. Ttyl, everyone! *hugs*
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So, what have I been doing? Not much, to be honest. I have been trying to get ready for fall, which is always time-consuming -- especially when the weather does not cooperate. We had high wind warnings/advisories from Wednesday thru Friday, so nothing could get done. It was hard for me to walk, the wind was so strong at times. Sheeesh!

Otoh, I have been writing for the bigbang. Not as much or fast as I hoped since I periodically stop to do some research -- ah yes, research, how I love you! :) But I don't want to have to go back and do it later on, nor inflict some super-obvious mistakes on whoever might beta for me.

Monday was my most productive day since I did a bunch of errands and paid bills. Tuesday was spent outside and then... I was driven inside by the weather. :/ I suppose I should go though more of my clothes and see what will or will not fit and get rid of some of them but... there is a lot of stuff that *almost* fits and I really hate to get rid of it when it is so close to fitting. (I know, I know -- delusional, right?) But if I get rid of them only to have to buy new stuff later on, does that really help? Especially since I don't really travel or go anywhere fancy or do much of anything besides live in cyberspace. I really do need to find at least one other decent pair of jeans though. As it is I only have one that fits me in a way that I like, and I do not want to live in sweats all the time -- though in the winter I tend to do just that. Heh.

I have a very few tomatoes left to harvest; they have done quite nicely for such a late start. But they are yummy! Fresh veggies ftw -- om nom nom! :) :)

No other news for now so I will return to writing. Ttyl!
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Today it was very cool, unusually so. There is talk of frost! Frost! in the middle of September? WTF?? So I covered up my few veggie plants and flowers just in case. Next week it should be nice again though. [And to think that there are people who don't believe in climate change? ::shakes head::]

Running errands was a great plan but ultimately not too good. First, I overslept so the morning got off to a very late start. Then, as I was going to CC to get a duplicate title for the Blazer and register the Camry, I started feeling sick because I forgot to eat on time. So instead of going to the courthouse right away, I went to the local drive-in and ate, which helped a lot. (Note: sweet potato wedges are an *excellent* substitute for fries! Om nom nom!) Though I did stay there over an hour until I could hold my hand steady again. *Then* I went to the courthouse, got all the titles and stuff done... only to realize that I left my checkbook at the accountant's office in Hastings on Monday, so tomorrow I must get up *very early*, get the checkbook, pay for the new plates (which is *expensive*! -- omg!!) and put the plates on, then back to Hastings to pick up Summer and go to GI and get a new "smart" key for the Toyota and have the Toyota dealer program it. *Then* I will be pretty well caught up with everything (except for cleaning out the garage, which is "in progress", lol.)

Oh, and I have a buyer for the Blazer -- they will be here this weekend to get it, and then I will be done. Except to cancel the insurance on it and get a refund on those plates, which I will do first thing next Monday.

And last but hardly least, I have a possible new storage place for the stuff that is in the garage to go so I can get the Camry inside. (Yes, I know most of the stuff needs to be ditched but there is a lot of good stuff mixed in as well, and I do not want people digging through things that are left outside.) So after months(?) of in activity, everything seems to be happening at once -- as always, lol.

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Well, after a longish wait yesterday, the repairman showed. And, good news -- the fridge is fixed. Not sure what it was but apparently nothing serious. But I am playing it smart and have an emergency fund set up. Because if there is one thing I have learned (often learned the hard way, I might add), is that you want to be prepared for the "just-in-case" things that always seem to turn up when least expected.

In other news, it looks like I will finally be getting a new car. No idea what exactly it will be, just something that has working a/c and heater, *please*!

And now, back to writing (or at least the planning of writing...)

And Today

Sep. 1st, 2011 10:26 am
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I *think* my refrigerator just died. As in, just moments ago.*SIGHS* So now it is tine to call the repairman. Well, at least it isn't *officially* the Labor Day weekend....
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So, I have a little time and will now try to play catch-up.

Yesterday I went to the vet to get some flea drops for Lucky. She's been miserable, poor baby -- I also got Capstar (three pills) which is supposed to kill the adult fleas even more quickly, like within a half-hour. And yes, I got enough drops for my other kitty too, though not the pills. She *Is Not* happy about the new pill either. Otoh, she does seem happier and more eager to eat her wet food than is usual. I have been shutting her in the bathroom so she can eat in peace, and without Mama Kitty (aka Fatters, aka Food Thief, or Thief -- my other indoor kitty) stealing it from her. Lucky is in the bathroom now, happily sunning herself and eating as she pleases. Lucky didn't mind the drops too much and I was able to find a skin patch easy enough but Fatters was tricky, because she has the densest fur I have ever seen. She got her drops too, though.

Writing continues. I am taking a brief break since spell and grammar-check can only do so much. My AinA fic is basically finished except for some last minute fine-tuning.

The State Fair opens today. I will probably go next week, preferably on a weekday when it is less crowded and hectic.

And now, back to writing.


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