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Just got word from my cousin Lyn P. that my Aunt Lee (age 102) is now in hospice in Omaha. While this is very sudden, I can't say that it is entirely unexpected.

And just to prove how weird things can get, her last surviving son, Michael -- though she has *many* grand and great-grand children -- is also in hospital. So it looks as if I will be going down *very* soon, or just as soon as I finish some things (i.e., taxes) anyway :(

So if I am not around or answering much, that will be why.

I also called a bunch of my older cousins to let them know, and talked to my cousin Paul B. on the phone.
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This morning has already been insane enough that I need to go back to bed and start over.
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No, not really. But it's still very cool. :)

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I am actually running *early* today since I have a super-early appointment. :/ Motre on that when I get back today, or more likely, when I find out some news.

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Well, lots of stuff. Nothing major just lots of little bits of different stuff. First, the weather has been just gorgeous lately. Walkies are fun! ;)

The night before Christmas Eve, *someone* puked on my keyboard -- and it wasn't me. *sighs* So on Christmas Eve, I was getting a brand new keyboard. Now I need to buy a protective skin because I do not want to deal with this again.

Christmas was quiet; I mostly talked to friends/family on the phone/online and reread my cards. Thank you again everyone. (And I do hope that at least some of my cards made it on time.) Oddly, nothing really good was on tv so I watched dvds instead. I got a lovely fic for my SeSa prezzie though. :)

As you may have guessed, I have pretty well moved over to dw. I was finally able to import everything from here even though it took two days to do it. Face it, lj is becoming more unstable and I just know that more ddos attacks will be coming soon. It's not that I think dw is perfect by any means but I want to be ready. I've got a lot of stuff here that I don't want to lose since I've been here for... idk... almost seven years? or whatever... (Personally I like insane journal better because you get 100 free icon slots! Yay for more icons! :) Oh and I *finally* got notices that I had lj-gifts, which apparently decided to show up after a nice long party in cyberspace, lol. My apologies for being so late (and a big Thank You) to [personal profile] spiced_wine and to [profile] fuzzy_carpet for the snowman cookies.

My latest project is cleaning out my laundry room since I need to have some plumbing work done in the bathroom. Ugh. So not fun. So now everything is torn up and in a mess but hopefully things will straighten out fast. We'll see. The kitten has been going crazy snooping and generally making a pest of himself, lol. the other cats are all majorly stressed about Things and Boxes being moved around.

I finished my mefa reviews at last. Yes! And I met my goal too. But I'm afraid that very little work has been done on my bb fic. I just seem to be written out right now. I wish I could feel like it will be finished but honestly, it's not looking good. :(

Ok, that's it for now. Ttyl, everyone! *hugs*
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As you should know by now. I write. Not a lot, not very fast and maybe not really great writing but decent enough. (Or I should say, I hope it doesn't stink too bad.)

*ANYHOO*, some of my more current works are at the lotrff archive. It was an established archive who was owned by a fan, well thought of, tolerant, and some of my favorite authors posted a lot of their work and spent a lot of time designing their layouts there. I felt safe posting there.

Then yesterday, the site disappeared. An announcement was then made that the site had been sold to a new owner entirely, and one who is in it for the money. (More details will be under the cut.)

To make a long story very short, I am going to be taking my work off lotrff. I hate to do it, but I no longer feel safe and I don't trust what may or may not happen to the site. Since we are almost into a major holiday/three-day weekend, I have decided to remove the stories on 6 July. I know how much it troubles me when people delete things with little warning, which is why I'm trying to allow anyone who wishes a chance to grab my stories if they want. (They're all fairly short, btw -- nothing very long or multi-chaptered.) They'll still be archived, just not there.

And now for more gory details, if you choose to read them... Actually, maybe you should. It might prove important to someone as the new site owner is eager to acquire more fic archives for monetary gain. Just so you can give others a heads up. [Comments are disabled since this is a public post and this is a ultra-sensitive subject.]
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Yesterday and today are (were) full of unexpected spring cleaning in the form of clearing out the deep freeze. It all started last week...

Cut because, yes, it's that long and involved.
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Yesterday and today are (were) full of unexpected spring cleaning in the form of clearing out the deep freeze. It all started last week...

Cut because, yes, it's that long and involved.
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Well, today was a really weird screwed-up day even by my standards.

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Today is actually nicer than I thought it would be, mostly just kinda rainy. However, I pulled a muscle in my back last night (lucky lucky me, eh?) so I am spending most of the day flat on my back to see if that will help.

Rant under the cut. You have been warned.

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I thought I should actually post about what's been happening irl for a change, so here goes.

Still writing, though not much else is getting done. Ideas abound -- I always seem to have "another" idea when it comes to writing.

The furkids are fine. Spoiled rotten, but fine. I am trying to get things ready for winter so hopefully they will not all be camping inside my porch.

I renewed my driver's license and the new pic looks just as awful as the old one. Gah! ::shudders:: Worst of all, my e-sig looks nothing at all like my real sig. I hope that doesn't prove to be a problem down the road but if it does, I'll just find a way to deal, I guess.

My cleaning lady is going on maternity leave at the end of the month, so I won't have any help until just before Thanksgiving or Christmas/New Years at the earliest. :/She says she doesn't want to be out of town when the baby comes, which I understand. Otoh, this is her fourth baby, and it's only a 20 min. drive to the hospital from here, so I hope it's just caution and that there's not some high-risk issue she's not talking about.

I am also trying to get things ready for winter because I just *know* the first frost will be very soon, definitely before the end of the month.

My budget skills are minimal at best. I don't know where the money goes (ok, I do -- you do know what I mean though, right?) So I am basically not going anywhere or doing anything, which means I do not get to go to Bas-con (which I have secretly been hoping to do again for years), or go and visit family for the holidays. No more movies either. Otoh, I haven't been overly impressed by what has been showing locally so in some ways that's no issue. At least living online makes life in general much more bearable.
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Finally the rain seems to be over -- Yay!! :) Though this means that there will be much yard work, especially mowing. First thing though -- laundry! I had a load ready to go right before all this rain started and I had to hold off. So, laundry is tomorrow. And it will be time to de-cat the porch. I love my kittehs but eau de feline is not my favorite smell.

Oh, and I got my haircut today as well. It feels so good to have it trimmed short again. *le sigh*

And of course, I had to deal with more legal stuff, though things are *very slowly* getting straightened out. It's taking *forever* and a small fortune but it's well worth it.

In more pleasant news, writing has continued. Thank goodness! It's saving what little remains of my sanity. I looked at computers today and I am seriously considering a desktop. I love my laptops but if I get a desktop and this one "refurbished", I think I might be able to change out Vista for either XP or 7 -- either would be wonderful. Because I really *seriously* hate to ditch this when it is still essentially new.

Ok, enough for now. I should make it an early night but we'll see.
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Today was busy. As in busy, busy, busy. I did get some things done though -- mostly buying supplies and stuff. I sneaked out without waking my little dog and she is all *WOE! You Abandoned ME!!" Peace is restored however once I give her my needs-to-be washed t-shirt to sleep on. For dogs, happiness is sleeping on dirty laundry (while teh kittehs prefer *clean* laundry, if you please -- or if you don't please. *lesigh*)

Back later on maybe. Or not.
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Today is cool with probable rain later on. ::yawns:: I have stuff to do outside but it can wait since I also have plenty to do *indoors* as well.

I need to get new tires for the Blazer but I am waiting to see if there are any other appointments that come up. I'm sure that there will be *something* -- there always is.

Writing continues. It seems like I am always tinkering with something. What happens is anyone's guess though.

I am also trying to play catch-up with assorted journals and things. With everything that has been going on, it has been really hit and miss. So if I haven't left comments on something, believe me -- I really do plan to get around to it.

Back later on.
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I got the cleaning finished! :D Well, as finished as it will get this year, which is saying a lot. I still have a ton to do, but right now I have a garage again! Or at least enough room so I can get a lawnmower inside (and locked up!) *and* be able to reach garden tools and other good things like that. I am so glad that Summer and Mark actually *came back*; I mean, they showed up for the second day -- because you have absolutely no idea how often I have heard "sure we'll come back to help" only to have it never happen. So tomorrow is clear and free, which makes me happy and relieved. I hate it when people have to work on holidays. So this was a blessing a day early! :)

I also got two batches of laundry done and drying, so this was a very "get things accomplished for a change" day for me.

Once again, my entire body is aching and stiff -- though it did loosen up some. *stretches and yawns* I plan on taking a very long bath tomorrow, and see if that helps. Tonight I was just too tired, plus I took some meds to help keep some of the worst twitching at bay. Besides, the furkids don't mind if I smell as long as the food is on time. XD

Niters everyone!
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Well, it looks like I was successful with yesterday's prank. [vbeg] :;waves:: I am so pleased -- I usually don't manage it.

And a belated Happy Birthday to dear Mel -- such a sweet boy. :)

One of my sibs is expecting (for real and true this time), so everyone please send her positive vibes so that she has her baby this Easter Sunday. O:)

Today I actually had help with cleaning, thanks to Summer and her new husband Mark, so much was accomplished. I have to admit that I am very unused to this; I usually have to try and work alone, which is hard. They are coming back tomorrow and also Sunday afternoon(s), so I might get things done for a change. [I hate to cut into Easter weekend like that but there are times when it can't be helped. :( I honestly do make an attempt to try and keep weekends -- especially religious holidays -- open for family and visiting but that's just how it goes. *sigh*] Meanwhile, I am just so tired from all the outdoor work that it is unreal. Every bone and most of the muscles are now stiff and/or sore, so I am either limping or staggering around the house. Fortunately the furkids are adept at avoiding things that are considerably bigger and clumsier than they are, which is a very good thing. The feeling of accomplishment is great though.

It was nice today but windy, which made the temps about 20 to 30 degrees cooler than yesterday. Sheesh! And working in wind always makes my ears ache too. Ugh.

Back later on, probably.
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I am sneezing like crazy. Meh. Maybe this will finish off that stupid almost-cold I have had for so long now. ::fingers crossed::

Talked to C.; she was fortunate enough to see "Imaginarium". I am wildly, madly envious. [I am hoping she will take pity and adopt me.] I doubt if I will see it -- unless it gets a few nods on Tuesday, it will be gone completely. Damn them for not releasing it more. I am watching 'Matrix' right now. Afterward, I will try and find something else.

The weather is nice and sunny and not as cold as it has been lately. I really should consider visiting Auntie and Uncle but I am not that motivated, nor is it *that* nice out. At least all of teh porch kittehs are soaking up the rays though. [eg]

My cousin Paul had a break-in yesterday? the day before? -- I'm not quite sure when, but he did blog about it. Luckily he wasn't home when it happened but still, not good. I emailed him; hopefully he will write back soon. I would call but he might be busy with insurance or something or maybe even trying to rest. Besides, my phone is iffy at best and I have limited minutes on it.

Writing continues. I am thinking on doing some Rohirrim background.

Gil continues experimenting with chai latte recipes (which are actually one-half hot chocolate, I think. I don't argue, I just sample.)

Back later on probably.
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I went to the funeral today -- the first time I've been anywhere since before Christmas. Yikes! =( [That is to say, anywhere besides just going the few blocks to get mail and groceries.] What should have been a 20 minute drive took over 1 hr. since I couldn't cut across on the gravel roads; instead, I had to go the long way around and stay on the pavement. Plus the pavement was still "cool" enough when I left so that it was still slick in spots -- not fun. But no problems and I have to admit that just getting out of the house probably did me a lot of good. You have to remember that I didn't get out of the house for nearly a week at a time during the recent cold spell.

I was dressed pretty informally for a funeral: blue jeans (with sweats) but I did wear a nice sweater (with a long heavy undershirt under it), and I changed out of my hoodie into my "good" coat before I went in the church. Warmth over fashion, especially with a long drive -- that's my motto. My cousins know what to expect of me clothes-wise by now, and I know that Lucile would have understood.

Afterward, I went to Aurora to get some dry cat/dog food. The local store doesn't have a large selection, and Lucky has a sensitive tummy and if it's "not right", she pukes it up right away. LeeAnn is older too, and needs to have special food as well. And while it isn't *rare*, they don't eat a small sack very quickly and I like the dry food to be fresh. (No canned food for any of them either; I fix that special twice a week.) Yes, they are spoiled rotten and they have me well-trained, lol.

My treat to myself for running errands was a chai latte. (Gil was very happy about this, too. :)

Not surprisingly, I am super-tired and I will probably make this an early night.
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I was planning to go into Hastings and do errands and see "Sherlock Holmes" but that's not going to happen. I don't feel that great -- even though the day is just beautiful out, wouldn't you know? -- and I slept past my leave-by time. *sigh* I don't actually feel ill per se, although my stomach has been off since Saturday morning.

I also know that part of it is that staying home is the only way to curb my compulsive spending, which I know I will do if/when I leave. It's a good thing I don't have plastic anymore or I'd be spending online.

Though I really *do* want to see the movie. Damn. Maybe another day? What really annoys me is that the weather is supposed to be bad again from Wednesday on.
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Today was quiet. No wind, and not too cold. No mail. The city was doing more street cleaning, probably because tomorrow is garbage pick-up. I thought about going into Hastings, but I didn't as the movies will be held over through New Year's weekend. [Also, I tend to be a compulsive shopper, and if I stay home, I don't spend $$$.] Instead, I cleaned out cupboards to see what sort of *unusual* menus I can come up with for next week. Or rather, menus I call unusual and everyone else thinks is *weird*, lol.

According to the news, we will have freezing drizzle tonight and tomorrow. *le sigh*

No other news, so I think I will try and write.


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