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This morning started out as cool and chilly so I could not work in the yard as planned. Instead I thought about doing some baking and then I decided to run errands and try to catch the 1pm matinee for POTC 4.

So, I drove in and arrived on time (yay!), actually a little bit ahead. I priced some new shoes and yikes! the price! =/ I did like them though and I should have a really nice pair for special travel etc. I hesitate to spend nearly $100 on shoes but I think I will invest in a really good pair anyway; as the saying goes: no hoof, no horse. And a lot of my shoes are pretty shabby-looking right now since I use them for hard work. (They've lasted a really long time though.)

Then it was off to see the movie (more on that later, under the cut just in case). From there I went to see if I could manage to get a newer cell phone in case of emergency -- while driving mostly -- since my new telephone is a landline only. That took longer than expected, and I picked up more kitteh nomz at the Evil Empire. A quick supper of fried grease and sugar water, and I came home early.

About the movie:
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Today feels like Sunday, big surprise. I finally motivated myself enough to go and visit Auntie and Uncle at the VA nursing home in GI (room 306, must remember that.) Neil and Mabel R. were there as well, so we all talked for awhile. Then they left and I stayed on for a bit. With all this talk of the 'flu, I'm not really sure when I might get up there again. Of course they wanted me to try and call their cell phone and of course since we were in the same room it rang through. Which I should have made up a fake number to dial so it wouldn't ring there; I might do that anyway, for next time. This way, I just look like a liar. *sigh* [Personally I think that the cell towers screwing up the signal but really, I have no idea. Or they are turning it off unknowingly -- either is possible.]

I left a little after 3pm, and drove back to Hastings, so I decided to see "Inglourious Basterds" -- it was really good and my back didn't hurt too bad from sitting so long either.

It has been a really hard weekend because Donna *always* called every holiday weekend, no matter what. I know she won't be calling anymore but damn I keep thinking of stuff I want to be sure and tell her, and yes my subconscious keeps expecting her call. :(

No other news for now.
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I went in and visited Auntie. Uncle napped all the while. Then I went and ate a sandwich at JimmyJohns -- which is vastly overrated, imho. Dally's is much better, plus it is local.

Then I went to see "Wolverine". It was really good fun and I got to chat with the theatre manager for a few minutes. He said that it will take *four* blockbusters this year to equal TDK. :) Heh heh. I had planned to see "Star Trek" but I'm missed the first matinee and I don't like to be that far out when it's rainy and dark. ::shrugs:: But I am sure it will be around next weekend so I plan to see it then. The theatre already had the promos up for "Terminator: Salvation" up, featuring yet another midnight premiere. I may or may not see it, it just depends but I do know I won't be going to the midnight premiere.

Afterward, I bought groceries and just looked around because I did not want to go home and have to deal with people at the door (It's been that way two nights running. Guess what? Sam doesn't want to come out and play right now. Ugh. That's the down side of living in a small town.)
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Not to worry, this is all about movies prior to this year, so no spoilers.

As most of you know, I love movies. As in *LOVE* them. But I have always had weird things happen to me when I go, and so I thought I would share some of them here. Who knows, maybe one of you can help me turn it into a screenplay, yeah? :) Here I will share a few of the "odder" highlights.
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Ah, TCM! I am now watching "On the Fiddle" (released in the US as "Operation Snafu") with an oh-so-young Sean Connery, right before he became famous as 'James Bond.'
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"Milk" is finally showing in an area theatre. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A major winter storm with a possible nine inches of snow is predicted for late Thursday night through Friday. (If accurate -- which is very probable -- it means I will be snowed in until Monday.) So guess who will probably not be able to see it? *sigh* Damn.
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Well, today was laundry (of course); also I went to Hastings and saw "Defiance". It was very good; definitely worth seeing imvho. I spoke to the manager briefly and said I was sorry that I did not get there to see "Doubt" due to weather (he agreed it would have been nice for it to stay a little longer) and I asked if he knew if they would be getting "Slumdog Millionaire" (he didn't know.) Not much other news though. I am just glad that I got outside a little bit and away from the house; staying inside does not help very much.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl -- depending on the weather, I may or may not go in and visit with my auntie. I will go before noon this time, definitely!

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I did not get to see "Doubt" as planned due to cold weather and because it was not held over. Sadly, it was sharing a screen with "Bride Wars" >.< and "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" was held over as well. >>.<< I understand that decisions regarding bookings are probably made far in advance, but still. I mean, *damn*, people. Otoh, "Defiance" is now playing and I am considering seeing that. I would prefer to wait for "Slumdog Millionaire" though but it's hard to tell if it will come here. There's a chance because movies that get Nominated often do show up. So, we shall see.

The weather has gotten a little bit nicer and tomorrow I might as well go into Hastings. Not sure if I'll go to a movie or not though. Maybe. It all depends.

Family rant below. Sorry. In the meantime, off to bed.
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Well, outside of the fact I have an almost-cold, I feel more or less ok. I went to see "Australia" today, which was really better than I had hoped for, especially since it was so *long*! Over 2 1/2 hrs. is pushing it these days. But it flowed really well and I'm looking forward to seeing it again on dvd/HBO/etc. I have to admit that seeing Hugh Jackman in the lead made me wish that Heath could have managed to play Joker *and* Drover both. (At least I think that's who he was signed to play, I could be mistaken though. So many things are still on the *other* 'puters hds... I was using the ME and the 2000 both, you'll remember.)

As for the weather, it's still *wicked* cold, I mean **nasty**; it's probably why I have an almost-cold tonight.

Last night I did some writing, so at least something creative was accomplished.

I am also finishing up holiday/Christmas cards, so if anyone is interested, there is still time to get a request in.

Ok, time to go and sleep. Niters, all!
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Weirdly enough, it's a movie you'd think I'd avoid -- it's "Frost/Nixon".

[from trailer]
David Frost: Are you really saying the President can do something illegal?
Richard Nixon: I'm saying that when the President does it, that means it's *not* illegal!
David Frost: ...I'm sorry?


Is it just me, or do things seem like they don't change?
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As usual I have the article under the link, just in case the link doesn't work.

Why are there no openly gay leading men in Hollywood?

Gus Van Sant's "Milk" isn't just a mainstream-minded Oscar candidate; it's also a rallying cry.

With Sean Penn starring as Harvey Milk, the openly gay San Francisco supervisor who was gunned down along with Mayor George Moscone in 1978, the movie (which opens Wednesday) makes its message clear: Gay people must be "out" to be counted.

This theme is particularly timely given California's passage of anti-gay-marriage Proposition 8 this month, but there's also a certain irony:

Here's a broadly targeted movie with marquee actors (James Franco, Josh Brolin and Emile Hirsch co-star), yet not only is none of the featured players openly gay, but there isn't one openly gay leading man in all of Hollywood. Even as gay people have become far more prominent and comfortable in culture and everyday life in the 30 years since Milk's death, not a single current A-list movie actor is "out."

Could it be that big movie stars simply don't swing that way? That lead actors defy all percentages and likelihood to remain a strictly heterosexual crowd?

Or is the more logical explanation that while Hollywood preaches openness, it is fearful to practice it?
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Nov. 4th, 2008 06:22 pm
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One of the more interesting musical 'experiments' I discovered tonight is just how well the theme from "Psycho" and "Halloween" go together. [This is what happens when I check out the mp3's at Amazon that use Pepsi points while surfing the tv in an attempt to avoid election coverage.]
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Yes, you read that right. The local museum runs current movies; the "second-run", I think they are called, right before they are released on dvd. So *anyhoo* I decided to go one last time, which I am sure will surprise absolutely no-one on my f-list. The theatre holds 211 people, and about 40 showed up. TDK started at 4:30pm, and it let out at 7:45pm, due to the projector breaking down with only 10 minutes left. Less than a dozen people left and got refunds/free passes because of the breakdown; everyone else decided to stay and hope that the projector to be fixed. I'm not sure but I kinda have the feeling that wouldn't happen with a lot of second-run movies, period -- let alone a movie that nearly everyone has seen more than once and one that has been out since July.

I am home now and relaxing after a very late supper.
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You might want to click on the above link. I didn't add the whole article, just the top movie. And if you'r reading this, you probably know what it is. (Look at the icon I'm using if you need a further clue.)
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Article under the cut, though I don't think anyone could be spoiled by it at this point. But just in case... And there is some discussion of the new HP film as well
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Today I took the Blazer in to get the trunk "door" (which, btw, is essentially the upper half of the rear window) fixed since the arms had apparently rusted shut so that I was totally unable to open it at all, thus making over one-half of the vehicle unusable. Too much rain, snow, etc. from earlier this year. Now I could have tried to force it open but one thing I *have* learned over the course of many years is that if something is stuck so badly it needs to be forced, then if you force it, it will probably break and/or be seriously f'd up and cost you a *lot* more $$$ than if you took it to a repair shop in the first place. Which is a very fancy way of saying 'bye' to $100. *sigh* But at least it works now. (I also learned that on Monday I will be going back to have the engine serviced -- approx. another $60. Oh Yay.)

I also was organized enough to take in a couple of sacks of clothing to Goodwill -- I had intended to drop them off at St. V's (weirdly, the Salvation Army no longer has a store in Hastings and I have no idea where the new SA drop is located.) I am going to try and dig out more clothing etc. and drop it off for Monday. Now that I have my trunk back, I can get more than just two small sacks donated -- or so I hope.

Then I went to GI to do more job apps; it was a decent day and I decided to take the risk. If I have to move (which is at over 60% probability now) I may as well apply as many places as possible and look around at potential rentals when the weather is decent. We'll see.

I am probably going to see TDK again either Friday or over the weekend, when they have matinees and thus lower prices.

Yesterday was a trip to the v-e-t and distemper/parvo boosters for LeeAnn (she had her rabies shot last year and in NE they are good for three years); rabies and boosters both for Lucky. More $$ but at least they are current again. I was definitely on both of their short lists, at least until it was supper time and they managed a few nibbles of people food. Heh heh. Yes, I have no shame. Besides, they don't get *that* much, just literally a few nibbles.

Time for me to go and sleep for a change. It will be nasty-hot these next few days, which means I won't be able to do very much work outside except from just after daybreak to about noon.

Niters all!
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See if you can guess this movie. It's an oldie but goodie and the theme music goes something like this:

Da - dum.

Da - dum.

Da - dum.

Da - dum, da - dum, da - dum, da - dum, da - dum, da - dum....
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