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It's hot again. Ah well, it is July after all.

I got some kitteh food from the vet for Lucky; yesterday's flavor was beef, and omg did she ever chow on it. She just kept coming back and back to it and ate much more than her usual half-can. So I will try and see if that was a fluke or not.

I did a few errands, went to the Y (I have been *very bad* about going I'm afraid) and then it was time for the "sneak peek" at the library book sale. I stood in line for awhile but I was getting much too hot, so I waited in the car until the doors had opened and the main rush was over. I did get quite a few books but not nearly as many as I used to get. Most of what I got will either go to some friends who have been looking for certain books; if they don't want them then I will see if the used bookstore will take them for credit. If not, they will be donated either back to the library or the VA nursing home/hospital. (Though I might see if I can find a place to trade in Omaha next... just have to wait and see I guess.)

Tomorrow I need to do laundry plus back into Hastings again for more groceries.

That's it for now. I need to write some more and maybe make it an early night.

TTYL, everyone.
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It was hot today (no surprise there) but it wasn't quite as hot as it has been, for which I am grateful.

Today was accountant day -- getting bills paid -- plus a few quick errands. Nothing too major; that will have to wait till tomorrow or Thursday.

In other news, I definitely have a cold started. Meh. :/
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It's going to be another crazy-hot day with heat advisories and warnings. Ugh! I just took LeeAnn for her walkies and it's *warm* -- and that is before the sun is really, fully up. I hate to think what my a/c bill will be. ::shudders:: In fact, according to one local newscast, it was hotter in the western part of the state yesterday than it was anywhere else -- even places like Death Valley and Kuwait. O____O

Sleep is almost impossible too. Lucky came and laid on me and purred and purred earlier. So we had a nice little cuddle and chat. She is such a sweetheart but she is old and her health is best described as 'fair-to-frail' and I don't like to think on that too much.

In other news... hmmmm. Well, I know there is other news but I am too hot and tired to think of it. Sitting in front of the a/c helps but all I can think of is the errands I have yet to run, and all of the getting in and out of a/c into a blast furnace. If I don't get a summer cold (at best) or walking pneumonia (at worst) out of this, I will be very surprised.

And now, time for a quick breakfast and start running those errands. Back later on, I hope!
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The weather is supposed to be fairly nice, so today will be Errand Day. I hadn't really planned on it but I have to take the chance and do some basic shopping. Mostly groceries; things are exceptionally tight this month because my new car really increased my insurance *because* it is so new. Eeeek! Oh well. I did change insurance companies, and I am getting a better deal for a little less money. The premiums will be due June 1st and Dec. 1st (instead of July 1st and January 1st, which was awkward.) I hate to think what my gas bill will be; that is going to be *high*. Ugh. But no way around it -- luckily my gas bill is pretty minimal the rest of the year.

Oh and guess what? Late last night I discovered that all of the cards I had addressed and *thought* I sent, were actually still in their bin, all ready to go. ::facepalm:: I am so sorry, everyone. I thought they had been mailed, honest! Because I knew I had them ready to mail weeks ago, I thought they had been sent and I just forgot to make a note of it. So, they will be later than expected but they will still arrive. Just not as soon as I had hoped.
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So what has been happening? Lots and lots of stuff and more to come, as always.

Yesterday the weather was beautiful. Nice and fairly warm, the kind of day where you just want to faff around outside because it is so freakin' gorgeous. I went into Hastings and finally got my hair cut, met with my accountant and did a few other misc. errands. Came home and shared fresh rotisserie chicken with the furkids, which was greatly appreciated, lol. Big surprise, eh?

Today is yet another gorgeous day, even nice than yesterday I think. So I decided I would do whatever yard work might need to be done. I woke up later than planned and missed getting the dumpsters out in time for collection. Though they aren't really full so it's not that big a deal. But still the truck has been coming around later and later, except for today. Today they were way early -- I didn't even hear them. Oh well.

But... I just discovered that my oldest cat, Lucky, has an extremely loose lower left fang... so loose that it is sticking out a decided angle. So I just called the vet and now I have an appointment there at 4:30. *sigh* And it just happened too because I feed her on the computer desk, right next to the screen. Mostly I do this to make sure that she eats and that Fatters does not steal her food so I tend to watch her closely when she eats. Apparently not closely enough though. >.<

Stay tuned...

ETA: Just got back from the vet. Lucky is fine. The root of the tooth (left lower 'fang') was so rotten that all the vet had to do was pull it out by hand. It took him less than a minute, probably. (I was afraid she would have to stay there and have it extracted under anaestic (sic) She did get a shot of antibiotic and I have some antibiotic drops for her to take. I am hoping that this is the reason she has been so picky eating -- she wouldn't let me get near her mouth to really look and if I tried, she would bat me on the hand and disappear until she smelled food cooking lol.
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So, what have I been doing? Not much, to be honest. I have been trying to get ready for fall, which is always time-consuming -- especially when the weather does not cooperate. We had high wind warnings/advisories from Wednesday thru Friday, so nothing could get done. It was hard for me to walk, the wind was so strong at times. Sheeesh!

Otoh, I have been writing for the bigbang. Not as much or fast as I hoped since I periodically stop to do some research -- ah yes, research, how I love you! :) But I don't want to have to go back and do it later on, nor inflict some super-obvious mistakes on whoever might beta for me.

Monday was my most productive day since I did a bunch of errands and paid bills. Tuesday was spent outside and then... I was driven inside by the weather. :/ I suppose I should go though more of my clothes and see what will or will not fit and get rid of some of them but... there is a lot of stuff that *almost* fits and I really hate to get rid of it when it is so close to fitting. (I know, I know -- delusional, right?) But if I get rid of them only to have to buy new stuff later on, does that really help? Especially since I don't really travel or go anywhere fancy or do much of anything besides live in cyberspace. I really do need to find at least one other decent pair of jeans though. As it is I only have one that fits me in a way that I like, and I do not want to live in sweats all the time -- though in the winter I tend to do just that. Heh.

I have a very few tomatoes left to harvest; they have done quite nicely for such a late start. But they are yummy! Fresh veggies ftw -- om nom nom! :) :)

No other news for now so I will return to writing. Ttyl!
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Today it was very cool, unusually so. There is talk of frost! Frost! in the middle of September? WTF?? So I covered up my few veggie plants and flowers just in case. Next week it should be nice again though. [And to think that there are people who don't believe in climate change? ::shakes head::]

Running errands was a great plan but ultimately not too good. First, I overslept so the morning got off to a very late start. Then, as I was going to CC to get a duplicate title for the Blazer and register the Camry, I started feeling sick because I forgot to eat on time. So instead of going to the courthouse right away, I went to the local drive-in and ate, which helped a lot. (Note: sweet potato wedges are an *excellent* substitute for fries! Om nom nom!) Though I did stay there over an hour until I could hold my hand steady again. *Then* I went to the courthouse, got all the titles and stuff done... only to realize that I left my checkbook at the accountant's office in Hastings on Monday, so tomorrow I must get up *very early*, get the checkbook, pay for the new plates (which is *expensive*! -- omg!!) and put the plates on, then back to Hastings to pick up Summer and go to GI and get a new "smart" key for the Toyota and have the Toyota dealer program it. *Then* I will be pretty well caught up with everything (except for cleaning out the garage, which is "in progress", lol.)

Oh, and I have a buyer for the Blazer -- they will be here this weekend to get it, and then I will be done. Except to cancel the insurance on it and get a refund on those plates, which I will do first thing next Monday.

And last but hardly least, I have a possible new storage place for the stuff that is in the garage to go so I can get the Camry inside. (Yes, I know most of the stuff needs to be ditched but there is a lot of good stuff mixed in as well, and I do not want people digging through things that are left outside.) So after months(?) of in activity, everything seems to be happening at once -- as always, lol.

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Surprisingly enough, it actually rained this morning. But after, it was back to more heat warnings. Meh. And unfortunately, I had to do some appointment juggling and thus ended up driving and doing stuff during the hottest part of the day. Gah! So not any fun!

I did get some gray primer for my car, and did a quick job of spraying it. At least, the worst rust is covered now. [g] Now I just have to do the roof tomorrow am, when the engine is cool enough so I can climb on the hood. Actually I plan to get a new one very soon but until then, the Blazer looks *loads* better! ;)

Saturday is my Auntie Lee's 101st birthday party, which will be held in a restaurant. (I already sent her b'day card ahead of time; yes, I actually got something done ahead of time, lol.)

Ok, time to go to sleep now. Ttyl!
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Today was an unexpected "errand day." I had to go into Hastings and even though I went very early (as in just early enough to that the stores would be open, which is to say, 9am), it was still hot and I didn't finish until after noon. Ugh! The heat index is at 106, which is just wicked hot. Everyone is inside with their a/c, I think. I know I am!

One of the things that I did was buy a really *good* new pair of shoes. Perhaps something of an indulgence but I have no more 'nice' shoes left. 2-3 pr. that are more than 10 yr. old, if that. Now to find a good pair of sandals, and I will be all set. (As you can tell, I do not over-indulge in shoes. I've always been kind of easy on them, I guess.)

As for clothing, I have more than enough, lol. Though I do often buy socks, and I have yet to find The Perfect Bra. *sighs* Maybe someday?

No other news for now. I have to sleep a bit now so I can do just basic cleaning, etc. in the morning.

Back later on, probably.
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It was wicked hot and muggy this morning and they were predicting bad storms this afternoon before 5 pm., so I went and did my errands in Hastings early. Paid gas & light bills; then time for more kitteh noms. I had originally planned to go in tomorrow but the weather is supposed to just as bad if not worse.

Sure enough, there have been assorted warnings and watches all afternoon, and now there are storms rolling up kinda fast and very iffy-looking. Ugh. Furkids are a bit hyper -- no surprise there.

And now they are showing some nasty radar scans(?) on tv and sure enough, we are surrounded by a line of nasty shit.

Back later on. Maybe. Shutting down to be safe.

ETA: I need to take my oldest kitty to the vet in Hastings next time. While I was at the accountant's I asked to make sure it would be ok if I left her in her carrier while I get my hair done because it is just too darn hot to leave her in the car. Thankfully they said it would be ok, so she will be getting a long-overdue checkup.

Also, I got your postcard today, [profile] boltonia. Thank you! York looks great! :)
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It's time for the a/c again. It went from cold to iffy to hot. What happened to spring? Sheesh!

Today, I paid bills. Rx, water, telephone and cable. And oh yes, storage too. (Went ahead and paid for July's storage too because the storage people are so freakin' weird, and the bill will be due right over July 4th.) I also got a few more flowers, why I don't know other than they were on sale, lol.

I was actually going to do more errands in Hastings as well but it was just too hot and I had a nasty headache. Of course, I was tired to start with because my kitteh decided to wake me up at 5:30 am for her foodz, 'cause "ZOMG! Mama! I is Starving!" Yeah, right. So I got up to feed her, then tried to get a bit more sleep (need I say unsuccessfully? Nope, didn't think so.)

So I decided to come back home early, and I have been napping off and on ever since. In front of a fan, because I will need some help putting the a/c in the window.

Back later on, probably.
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This morning started out as cool and chilly so I could not work in the yard as planned. Instead I thought about doing some baking and then I decided to run errands and try to catch the 1pm matinee for POTC 4.

So, I drove in and arrived on time (yay!), actually a little bit ahead. I priced some new shoes and yikes! the price! =/ I did like them though and I should have a really nice pair for special travel etc. I hesitate to spend nearly $100 on shoes but I think I will invest in a really good pair anyway; as the saying goes: no hoof, no horse. And a lot of my shoes are pretty shabby-looking right now since I use them for hard work. (They've lasted a really long time though.)

Then it was off to see the movie (more on that later, under the cut just in case). From there I went to see if I could manage to get a newer cell phone in case of emergency -- while driving mostly -- since my new telephone is a landline only. That took longer than expected, and I picked up more kitteh nomz at the Evil Empire. A quick supper of fried grease and sugar water, and I came home early.

About the movie:
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Today was errand day. Went to Hastings and got more kitteh nomz and foodz at the Evil Empire. *le sigh* Considering what a picky eater my old gal is, I feel like I have to indulge her. Well, she is sixteen, which is a good-ish age. Plus, she is far from overweight (I think actually under) so it balances out. She's gotten more demanding to be fed in the morning, so I no longer have to worry about an alarm clock when there is a 6 lb. weight to jump on me and miaow in my ear.

Then I stopped and indulged in a copy of Sims Medieval, plus a help book. I will probably tinker with it later on; maybe get serious about it over memorial Day weekend.

Went to the accountant to pay bills; also saw Summer and talked to her.

I picked up a few other things (mostly food) at Russ's and then I came home. After unloading the car, LeeAnn and I went for walkies.

Now, time to try and write some more. Also, must answer emails and messages etc. Back later on?
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The weather is fair. Not super-nice but not awful either. Just kind-of blah. In other news, my day has gone something like this:

1. Another early dr. appointment, another Rx -- plus yet another follow-up in 2 weeks. Yay.

2. Stopped at accountant's office; paid gas & electric bill plus storage and a couple of other (legal-related) bills.

3. Had Rx filled @ Bert's.

4. Put in order for landline (number is unlisted); did not add long-distance or any of the other "extras."

5. Got groceries @ Russ's; 3 lg. (16+ lbs.) sacks of kitteh foodz and a few other misc. items.

All in all, a very productive day. :) There is still a lot more to do, mainly too finish cleaning out the deep freeze -- and more laundry, lol.
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First, the weather: Gorgeous, simply *gorgeous*. :D

As for the rest of the day, here's what I have done so far...

Cut for listing of my wild and wayward lifestyle, lol. Mel would be proud. ;)
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The weather is just gorgeous outside. Really nice and warm and windy. :)

I met Summer for breakfast @ the Goldenrod Cafe (Hastings) and talked to her about resuming cleaning; she probably will at the end of the month/first of next month. Meantime, this weekend *hopefully* she and her husband can help me move some stuff.

Picked up the audio book cds (Silm) @ Prairie Books and saw my old lit prof Dr. Ll (From HC) there and talked to him a bit; then had an Rx refilled @ Berts. [The cds cost $$ but they will serve as birthday/Christmas gifts to myself for this year and next year. Also, I have not been to any movies yet this year either. Probably won't, now. Oh well.]

Did other errands; got a new 15 slot cubby for the porch. I need to put it together yet but it should help with all of the work/outdoor shoes that tend to clutter up the house. I need to find brackets to anchor it but I know there are some around. Also, I bought a 'new' bookshelf from the thrift store because as everyone who has books knows, you *always* need more shelving -- am I right or what? ;)

Came back home and did laundry; also have LeeAnn "helping" me while I do stuff because she was Not Pleased when I left so early this morning. The little scold has spent the day telling me just how bad and thoughtless I am, *le sigh*.(There were no morning walkies -- quelle horror! Bad hooman!)
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More errands, and another lovely day outside too. Tomorrow will be another quick round for errands, and picking up some things. I tried to call Summer before I left but her phone kept going to voicemail, so I didn't hear from her till I was back home. Pity, that. So I will definitely see her tomorrow and maybe we can make plans about when she will be able to help again.

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Today I went to Hastings and ran errands while it was nice out. Got a few must-haves for T'Day (ex: the local grocery store didn't have any butternut *or* acorn squash, how weird is that?) plus I saved about 50 cents per package by buying kitteh noms from the Evil Empire. *sighs* Yes I know, I know -- I loathe buying there but sometimes there is no other option. I will just have to watch the other stores sales a little closer.

My cold is improving some but not as much as I'd like. Mostly because I didn't have any of my "super-duper cure-all brands" that always make me feel better. (Yes, I know it's probably all in my head but still... I know what works for me, and even if it is nothing more than the placebo effect I'll still go with 'em. ;)

But if it doesn't improve by next week (i.e., Monday), I *maybe* will go to dr. then.

More yakking...
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