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So... I came home to discover that one of the outdoor cats sneaked on the porch and had her kittens -- behind the deep freeze. Of course. *sighs*

Make that *two* cats that had kittens. The second batch is in an old box of cleaning rags. :/
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It is cold. *Freakin'* cold. There was a big cold front just to the north but it didn't come down during the day. No, it waited until tonight to do that. There is a full moon tonight and if it's as bright as it was last night, I won't sleep much at all.

So naturally, the remaining kittens had to go to the vet today (the smallest of the three died last night) w/their mama -- in case the vet needed to check her out for some reason, and also so she wouldn't be freaked by the vet smell on her babies -- and I ended up w/a bottle of vitamin B to give them. They seem a little bit better; certainly they seem more alert and hungry. They are almost two months old; when I turn them out in the kitchen, they should be tearing around, not just napping in the sun. *sigh* So, we shall see what happens next. They are far too weak for their first shots but if I should ever be called on that, I at least have proof they have been seeing a vet. Just as soon as I get my check in December, it's off to the vet I go to get the mama cats fixed. Yes, I know that the males need fixed too but damn! it's the mamas who literally drop their babies at my feet and look at me, saying "Well, come on silly human. Give me a hand here with these kits." Anyway, while I was waiting for the vet, Mama Kitty disappeared as far as she could to the back of the carrier, laser eyes on full blast. Last time she was there, she got a mouthful of medicine which she *did not* like and she was not eager to repeat the experience. But she could hear and see everything being done to her babies, so she was ok with that. Do I lead an exciting life or what?

Time to go and sleep now.
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Yeah, today I broke down and called the vet, making sure to set up "financing" in advance. In other words, they're holding my check until the 23rd. I hated to do it, but the two smallest kittens weakened quite a bit overnight so I decided it was time for extreme measure. Luckily they have no virus, only roundworms and fleas. So a good dose of medicine and flea spray for them -- and their mama too -- means they should improve rapidly. I debated on taking her with me, but since they are still nursing (she hardly has any milk, but the nurturing is just as important) I decided to take her in as well. I was afraid she would reject them if she smelled the vet on them otherwise. I was most pleased with the vet and vet tech, they were very skilled and calm, and so mama and kittens were calm as well. (Then again, there were no shots.) Of course, this meant I had to throughly sterilize their cage when I got home (and probably will again tomorrow, once the worm medicine finishes working. Oh yeah, animal care is nothing if not glamorous.) So anyway... I have a tentative date to have mama spayed in December. She weighs about 7.5 lbs and the kittens weigh: 1 lb. 3 oz., 15 oz., 10 oz., and 5 oz. respectively. The two largest are hers, the smaller ones belong to her sister -- and there is only about a week between them in age. This is the second time I have seen cats willingly adopt another cats kittens. Oh sure, I know that if you "trick" them they do it but this the first time I have seen it when the cats are acting on their own volition.

In other news, I had to run out the Blazer after I got home (I had to bring in a pack of fresh bedding for mama and babies) and I surprised a big opossum snacking on the remains of the dry cat food. I spooked it good; it was so panicked it took several minutes for it to remember to climb *over* the fence instead of trying to run through it. Luckily there was enough light from the house (it was full dark out) so I could see it climb over the fence -- I had zero interest in panicking it so that it might decide to attack if it decided I was too close. I honestly didn't see it at first but I will definitely be on guard from now on. No wonder LeeAnn goes so crazy barking at night.
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It's chilly out. Brrrrr! So, the news. I got kitten formula and a bottle (I hated to get yet another bottle but damn, I can't find the others.) I checked on the kittens a few times but they were snug and warm and *quiet*, so I decided to let them go until tomorrow. If they had been in distress, that would be one thing. But they seem so peaceful... and I was wrong about the first batch of kittens -- they *do not* have their eyes open yet, so they are a little younger than I originally thought.

Secondly, I am working on a fic. Trouble is, I have several ways to go and I can't quite decide which way I want to take -- they are all good, and any of them will work for my purposes. How come I can do this with fic and not RL? (That was a rhetorical question, btw.)

Just caught a puppy team commercial on tv, pitching Viero (sic) wireless cell phones. *so cute...* heeee!

Not much other news, other than I am going to go to bed *early* for a change. For reals. Niters!

Kitten News

Oct. 1st, 2007 12:14 pm
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Yes, it's time that I help the mamas feed their babies. The first batch (the all-dark ones) are big enough it shouldn't be a problem but the second batch of babies are only about a week old and their eyes aren't even open, which is gonna be *iffy*. I had hoped to put it off until they had their eyes open, but no. As long as the mama helps out, I have a chance. And she made her point quite clear when she dropped one of the white ones right beside my computer desk. LeeAnn was right there, ready to kill the "mouse" but luckily I was able to call her off before she could hurt it. She would have killed though, she had that look in her eye. But it's only when they are so tiny and squeak that she's bad; once they grow up and have some size she's ok with them. And I can't quite bring myself to punish her when both Mom and I used to encourage her mousing abilities. *SIGH* So I am off to go and buy some animal bottles and prepare myself for a round of feeding kittens.

Back later on.
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I am more than ready to take a nap right now because I didn't get much sleep last night. I usually sleep with the windows open (I'll be closing the house up for winter soon enough so I want to get all of the fresh air that I can while I can) and last night I ended up listening to the neighbors burros "ONK, ONK" most of time, which mean *something* was on the prowl. Not sure what that *something* was exactly (fox or coyote) but it was busy eating something within hearing range. And yes, my little dog spent a lot of time barking at whatever it was. Yay.

And last but hardly least, Daughter had kittens on the porch last night. Six of 'em, all with tails. One black, two gray, two 'tan' and one white. Sister has her family too, they are about a week old now. Four of them, two w/tails and two w/o tails. That just leaves Mama Kitty... and yes, I know -- enough w/the kittens, fix those mamas! Well yes, I know this but between bills and everything, I didn't get it done. *SIGH* Monster car repair bills and insurance bills ($894 just yesterday) will do that, you know. Not really sure how many - if any - will survive though, just have to wait and see.

Time for lunch, a nap and then to figure out what the hell to do w/the kittens. It would be nice for me to have my bathroom *as* a bathroom and not as a kitten nursery.
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So, it's still icky weather here. Meh.

Aunt is doing ok. She had a whole lot of tests: MRI, CAT, ultrasounds, you name it. Hopefully they will know something from the test results today. She's just lucky her insurance will cover all of this stuff. Sheeesh!

Kittens are all fine and sassy. No other news.
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Time for me to visit my aunt and see if there are any test results back yet. Probably not but maybe so.

Also since I will be in Hastings, I have a good excuse for finally! seeing PotC 3.

The mamas have brought the last three kittens out (the ones that are living in my bedroom) and are clearly needing help feeding them. The babies are almost a month old now, 2 gray and 1 black -- all w/tails. (Grandma Kitty is a full-blood Manx, as you may remember from other posts.) They are fine and fat, clear eyes -- wonderfully healthy-looking. And LeeAnn is having a fit to get to them, remaining firmly convinced that they are "meeses."

Back later on. Looking forward to finally discussing 'Pirates' w/my f-list.
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Wow, big surprise eh? But yeah, there are some serious storms rolling in and we are under flash flood warnings until noon tomorrow. Oh yay.

On a more cheerful note, I saw the *other* set of kittens today. The moms moved them around *again* and now they are half--way under/behind the bed and nightstand. LeeAnn is still having fits to get to them; the poor little thing can barely rest from hearing and sniffing for them. But that's what happens when you have a fully interactive radar screen hardwired in your face. (Ok, I will stop trying to be funny now.)

Oh yeah, I am hoping to see PotC 3 sometime this week. I didn't go this weekend due to family stuff and today they had all sorts of storm warnings out. Maybe tomorrow or the next day? In any case, I definitely want to avoid the kiddie showings as much as is possible.

Logging off early tonight so the 'puter doesn't fry. No other real news since I won't be watching the Finals on tv tonight. Niters all!

EDIT: We are having Severe Weather Updates (McCook is in the eye right now), which is really the main reason I keep the cable tv and watch any of the "regular" channels.

About Cats

May. 18th, 2007 06:07 pm
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I called the vet's office today so I could start setting up appointments for "my" spay/neuter project. I am so going to be paying on this bill for the rest of my life--yikes!!

More under the cut, to spare my poor f-list....
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