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This has been kind-of a strange month. I would give it a kind 'five' and that is being generous.

The first two weeks were so-so. My cleaning lady has faithfully shown up every. single. day. >.< Which is actually great, y'know because I have had stuff sitting around for way too long and I need someone to work with me on it. Otherwise I am just overwhelmed by memories and everything (since a lot of it is family stuff) and it really is the only way for me to make progress. The bad side is: I have not been able to get to the Y at. all., and I am losing way to much time there -- to say nothing of how much exhausted I feel because I am sitting in this same old mess nearly 24/7, which is not good. I am paying for a membership that isn't being used like it should because the classes I take are in the mornings... *sigh* But at the same time, this other needs to be done as well... ::spazzes::
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So, it seems that the laptop had more issues than first thought. No news on what if anything was able to be recovered from the desktop -- and no further word from the repair shop either. I hope that this means they are getting closer to having something fixed but I am not going to bet on it.

Yes, I did manage to see "The Hobbit" last night. :D When I finally get my computer(s) back, I will be posting more about it.

But since my time is almost up on the library computer I am using, I am going to log off.

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The hd on my main computer (the desktop) is in all probablity fried. Basically, everything is gone though there is an extremely small chance some things *might* be salvaged. *Maybe*. But I have to assume that all of my writing is gone.

And my laptop (the infamous Vista) coughed up the dreaded Blue Screen this morning, so it too is back in the shop after less than 24 hrs... ::headdesk headdesk headdesk::

So... I will be back online. Eventually. I just don't know *when*.

Wish me luck.

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This week started out in a not-so-good manner.

Monday, I was working on a gift fic (and doing some beta work) when I realized I had to make a vet run for meds. So I turned off my 'puter, ran the errand (which was after lunch btw) and hurried home so I could get back to writing. (Was any of this backed up anywhere? Why no, of course not. ::is very ashamed::)

And, unsurprisingly by now, my main 'puter (the desktop *and* the one I had been working on) had crashed *yet again*. ::headdesk headdesk headdesk:: So I had to make yet *another* run this time to a *new* computer repair shop since the store I originally bought it from has worked on it *twice* this year and it's still doing the same damned thing. Feh! Hopefully the new shop will be able to fix whatever is wrong with it so that I don't have to keep running back to them because really, this is the third time in one year and that is just way too much.

I decided to take my older laptop (the Vista, remember?) in as well because it is supposed to be my back-up and I had planned to take it in earlier last fall (after my holiday) but that idea was delayed by a plumbing issue. And since things like plumbing tend to pwn any computer issues, well...

So, the good news is that the laptop is fixed and that is what I am using right now. The bad news is that everything I was working on is on the *other* one -- the desktop. With any sort of luck it will be done Friday and I can finish what I was doing.

And in other news...
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Once again, I am having comuter issues. >>.<< No idea why; hopefully I will have it back tomorrow. And since I am on a library computer, I will cut this *very* short and save the rant for later on.

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I finally got the help desk -- who were very nice btw, especially since my phone kept dropping the call [three times, no less ::facepalm::] -- and they are sending a new modem tomorrow. Details to follow then. I cannot *wait* to be back online!

As I said before, I *promise* to answer everyone as soon as possible. I have been trying to reply (and leave fb) but it's just not happening. :(

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Well, I have been able to coax Vista back on -- now if only the techs can figure out what is wrong with the connection itself because whatever it is, is affecting the whole town. ::headdesk:: I finally managed to log on about 9am; then at 11:30 am, the cable went out ... until about 4pm.

So if I haven't responded to you, please be patient. I will reply, honest. It's just going to take some time. And I'm horrendously late w/fb to several people which makes me feel very guilty. *le sigh* I fully expect this to go down between 5-6pm tonight *again*, because that's just how things are going for me now. Plus we are supposed to have a storm system here for until Monday-ish, which means things will be even flakier than they are now.

Also, I think I am getting a cold. Yay. Back eventually.

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Last night the dsl went out around 7pm;of course I thought it was Vista being a hoor again, so this morning I called the tech for help setting up my XP.

*Very* long story short, XP has an on-screen keyboard enabled -- which renders all normal keyboards useless. Do we want to talk about what a *f'n pain* it is using a mouse to point-and-click type this way? No, We Do Not! [and yes, i know that i should be more tolerant and less whiny and stuff but ya know what? i don't f'n care! iwant a regular keyboard again!]

So if anyone has any idea to turn this damned thing off or better yet uninstall it altogether, please *please* let me know!!!
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It took me over three hours to get the Vista computer online -- or rather, I would get online and it would freeze up. *sighs* I am a glutton for punishment, I guess. My old ones are still very iffy as well. *sighs again*

Also, I have a new neighbor. I'm not happy about this. I know what kind of neighbor they will be already, and I am *not* looking forward to living next to them. Feh. Damned city.

I am trying to keep positive though because it is utterly beautiful outside, and I already have three loads of laundry drying on the line. :)

I am trying to catch up w/emails and things but it is hard working with only one window at a time. I will answer, I promise!

Back later on -- or not, depending on the computers whims.
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I am managing to struggle online with the help of my old ME and/or the old XP. It's a struggle though and I can't chat or anything! ::sniffles:: I miss talking to people, you know. Really.

Legal stuff is slowly being resolved which makes me feel a lot better. And eventually I will be not quite so broke. *Someday*.

One of my sibs found a list of "100 Best books" as determined by the Daily Telegraph (UK). I'm including it here, under the cut. It also contains a mini-synopsis of each book (one sentence), so beware of potential spoilers.

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Well, I thought I had things fixed. I don't. >:( It looks like I will definitely be getting a new laptop. If you don't see me around for a few, that's why.
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Still having major issues w/the computer. And until I get this straightened out (if ever) if you happen to see me on one of the messengers, *please* Do Not try to contact me. It seems to make everything freeze up. Yes, I know -- it makes no sense. But then, very little about computers makes sense to me.

Very light snow last night, and it's cold and chilly. *Again*. Gah.
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Well, it looks like I am back for a little while anyway. After a great deal of tinkering and other fun stuff, I think I have things straightened out for my computer. we shall see. I *think* the problem was that a program did not shut down properly. I ran as many tests and diagnostics without doing a re-install; in order to do that, I need to have back-up disks -- which I don't have, of course. But it seems to be working ok for now so I will hope for the best.

Tomorrow I will be offline since I continue to have legla stuff to deal with. *le sigh*

Back later on.
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Major, serious glitches with my computer. Will be offline until further notice.

ETA: I may or may not have things fixed. We'll see what happens tomorrow.
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When I tried to turn the computer on this morning, it was *very slow* to turn on. I could very faintly hear what (if this was a car) sounded like a starter solenoid (sic) not wanting to turn over. It finally did though, so once I log off today, I might have trouble getting back on. >>.<< DNW. I have run diagnostics and checked my virus/firewall/etc. but nothing odd is showing up.

Now I am off to save my assorted wips so that I can continue to work on them elsewhere -- just in case.


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