Feb. 19th, 2017

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Link: ht t p:// icelandmag.visir.is /article/ icelandic-kitten-tv-a-huge-hit-international-media-swoon-over-furry-little-tv-stars

Icelandic kitten TV a huge hit: International media swoon over furry little TV stars
BY STAFF |FEB 17 2017

ICELAND'S MOST ADORABLE AND FURRY TV STARS The four kittens all have their unique personalities, quirks and habits. Photo/Nútíminn

The four kittens of the Kattarshians webcast have become instant celebrities in Iceland, as tens of thousands have tuned in to their Slow TV/Reality TV webcast. The adorable Reality TV stars have even gained international fame, as international media, including the UK newspaper Telegraph and the entertainment website Mashable.

The Kattarshians is a collaboration between the local news site Nútíminn has teamed and the humane society Kattavinafélagið (“The cat-friendship society”). The webcast tracks the exploits and adventures of four nine week old kittens, Guðni, Stubbur, Briet and Ronja who live in a small smartly furnished dollhouse. The adorable little furballs were taken to the shelter Kattholt after having been discovered along with their mother in an industrial area in Reykjavík.

"The ultimate Big Brother show for millenials"
Both the Telegraph and Mashable note the obvious similarity to the reality show Big Brother, Mashable describing the Kattarshians as "the ultimate Big Brother show for millennials." And Icelandic viewers seem to agree! The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service RÚV, which has been streaming the cats on one of its open cable channels, reports that tens of thousands of people have watched the show. According to RÚV most viewers tune in late at night and in the morning.

The kittens have also become superstars on Icelandic social media as people have taken to Facebook and Twitter to share screenshots of adorable moments in the Kattarshian household.

An employee of the local shelter Kattholt, which teamed up with Nútíminn to produce the webcast, told RÚV that they have been flooded with requests to adopt the kittens.


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