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It's hot and humid yet we are not in a heat warning/advisory. How strange -- it must be just under the limit to trigger a warning. So I am sitting inside in front of the a/c and listening to my dogs beg to go out. Meh. They were just outside; they can wait for an hour or so.

I did think about going to a movie but there is nothing that interesting playing around here. How strange is that? I can remember when (and not that long ago either) there used to be several movies I would want to see -- and usually would see -- more than once. But now with the rush to dvd/blu-ray, etc., there far is less to choose from. *sighs*

I finally broke down and got a new tv that would play dvds since there is no way I can use the dvd/blu-ray drive on my computer since it did an update (or *something*, who knows what) and now I keep getting an error message just before it spits the dvd out again. I guess that will show me for thinking I was so smart and upgrading it last January.
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Yesterday, I potted my veggies -- since I am limited to container gardening -- and thought I did quite well getting tomatoes, squash, melons and an assortment of herbs and onions planted. I'd rather plant them in the ground but no-one around seems to have a tiller or anything like that, which is odd.

And then, last night, it rained. And rained, and rained... we must have gotten over a solid inch of rain. Yikes!

So today, I checked on the plants and discovered that they were just standing in water! All of my good dirt I had used was just a slurry of mud. Ugh! :( Apparently, the drain holes were clogged or something so I spent *today* re-potting them in older pots and trying to drill slightly larger holes in the containers.

I also indulged in eating at the new bar for lunch because I was just too tired, dirty and icky to deal with cooking a meal over the hottest part of the day. Besides, they have central air! Yay! (I just have a little window a/c.)
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Yesterday, it snowed. And we had freezing drizzle with it. *sigh* Luckily I take the idea of putting in supplies very seriously. SO I was prepared for it to be worse -- which may or may not happen as winter is far from over. But at least I have plenty of food for the furkids, and a nice stock of bottled water.

So today, I looked out at the snow, saw how cold it was and decided to wait until later (aka noon-ish) before I tried to do any shoveling. I wasn't looking forward to trying to push my gate open either since it only swings out (the grade is just a hair wrong for it to swing in) and I do not need to be wrecking my back or other sensitive parts of my anatomy (in other words, everything lol) by doing something stupid.

Luckily, one of the local farmers swung by with his tractor to take care of the driveway and also my gate/sidewalk. :) He refused my offer to pay, so I will be donating that money to his church and/or the youth group he works with.

Which, in a roundabout way, brings us to the question: Just how Mayberry-ish is my town? The answer is simple: Very. (I will save further explanations for another post. ;)

Ok, time for me to return to hibernation mode! Ttyl!
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My new kitchen cabinet arrived today and I am just thrilled! :) Since my kitchen is very small and my counter space is minimal at best, I have been looking for something like this since... well, not forever but a very long time, believe me!

The pic below was taken by the store that sold it; I need to find my camera, charge it, take pics and then figure out how to upload the pics, lol.
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The weather was just gorgeous. Nice and warm-ish and just plain yummy. Tomorrow should be much like it, so perhaps I will do laundry (or not, as the case may be.) Still busy with house-cleaning and sorting through clothes (and trying said clothes on, gah) and shredding old papers and just trying to get everything set up for winter. I was hoping to be done with this stuff before Halloween but there is only so much I can deal with at a time plus I managed to pull something in my back (I think. Who knows? ::cynical::)

I went to see Thor 2 this afternoon. It was at the "other" theatre, the one that gives me the creeps at night. (Sadly, it never used to but now I won't go alone unless it's day.) I went to the earliest possible showing (2D). There were only about 50 people there (it seats 250) but today there was a Nationally Televised College Football Game (starting about 2 pm, plus other school-related stuff of the non-college/university variety.)

So, the movie. It was good and I had fun. Not great maybe but still. I do love to see movies in the theatre if at all possible because that's how they were filmed and meant to be shown. (Yes, I am something of a snob that way. Though I definitely appreciate the convenience of being able to see things at home. :) I will probably go again and hopefully see it in 3D -- or not. It all depends. It's definitely worth seeing once. And maybe later on I will critique a bit but not right now because I am just too tired.

Niters all!

PS. It's just over a month until "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" opens in theatres! :D
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Today was really nice out. It will probably be one of the last nice days we have, so of course I spent it running on errands. *sighs* Oh well... Yesterday was super-windy and chilly. Needless to say, very little got done at all. Tomorrow will either be rainy or snowy, depending on just how the front moves. We're right on the border though most predictions have the snow staying north of I-80. So we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

On Saturday, I spent a lot of time and $$$ on stocking up on emergency supplies, just in case. Plenty of noms for the fur kids, a new jar of pb (& one of j too ;) a box of crackers, jerky, chips, bottled water, etc. etc. so I am pretty well set now. (My biggest worry is that the rain will turn into ice, which has occasionally happened in the past.

Not much other news. I am looking forward to some *good* movies that are coming up -- you already can guess what they are, right? There was just nothing for so long and now, several are coming up fast. I just hope the weather will be decent so I can see them because I hate driving at night when deer season is so close. The deer are always moving more at night and deer + car = not very good.

The time change always makes me sleepy for about a week (I know, how weird right? Go figure.), so I am going to sign off now. Later!
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Well, it has turned colder and I seriously doubt if it will ever be warmer. Yuck. I am finishing some last bits of clean-up and getting the big dumpster fuller (I seriously doubt if it will be filled) before the company has to come and get it. The only good thing about renting it so late in the year is that there is less demand for the large dumpsters, so they are not as tough on the return as they might be in, say, the middle of construction season.

One thing I have learned through all this cleaning is just why I have such a hard time working with other people who organize. They see books, and they pack *all* books together and fill all available boxes. I, otoh, remain true to my 'training' as a librarian and separate/pack books by category into boxes, even though this means the boxes are not always completely full. But when one is fighting time, well... >>.<< Now that I am starting to unpack, I am finding all sorts of books crammed together (make that *everything* crammed together) but all fully packed.
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Yes, I know -- an update at last! So, what have I been doing? Lots and lots and lots of *stuff* is what I've been doing -- but I'll get to that in a minute or so. First, the weather.
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For some reason, I am not getting responses to my lj posts as fast as I should. *sighs* No idea why, so I apologize if I am late in responding. Hopefully it is sorted out now.

The weather has been fairly decent lately. Today was super-windy though. I am looking forward to spring/summer being more defined tbh.
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Lj seems to have itself under control again, so *hopefully* I can get this posted. If anyone ever needs to find me for whatever reason, you can probably find me over at DW. I know a lot of people don't like it but at least it's another place to contact if needed. (I'm la_samtyr over there btw.) So anyway...

It's finally warmed up but there has been no spring as such -- it feels just like summer now. I am going to have the a/c put in the window this weekend because the heat bothers the furkids more than it does me. The bad part is that we are supposed to have storms this weekend. Grrrr!

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Ok, basically this *will not* be about anything that has already been covered in world/national news -- except for weather. Weather is one of my favorite topics (as you can tell by the tags, lol.)

Last Sunday I decided to go and see Jurassic Park in 3D, just because. It was a lot of fun too. I also noticed there was a movie called "42" playing, and I was wondering how I had missed learning about anything connected to 'Hitchhiker's Guide'. Of course, when I asked what it was about, *then* I learned it was a biopic of Jackie Robinson. ::facepalm:: In my defense, I would like to say that I seldom pay attention to sports movies unless they are about horse racing (Seabiscuit, Secretariat) or hockey (Slapshot, Miracle) and since I no longer have cable, this one slipped by me.

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Well, once again the roads are bad. Last night we were brushed by the edge of an ice storm, and today it is still very nasty out. My car is coated in ice and there is a very thin coat of ice on the wires. :( As you can guess, I am inside for the rest of today and probably some of tomorrow as well. Though I suppose I do need to try and start the car so the engine can get nice and warm. Ah well. I have turned the furnace up a bit because otherwise I am just too chilly even with a heavy sweatshirt. *sigh*

Also, I just heard that I-80 is closed from Kearney west to the CO/WY border due to the weather and also because there are no more hotel rooms left. O__O I mean... just yeah. Weird weather pwns us all.

Now I am back to writing, as usual. Still using the laptop to write on with some things; some of the newer stuff gets roughed out on a private entry till I can get to the laptop, as my cats love nothing better than to dance, prance and flounce over the keyboard. >>.<<

Back later on!
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I finished my BigBang this year! :D It is up at AO3 (under my name of laSamtyr); and it will also be at the OEAM site under my lj name of samtyr. There is mpreg in it, so be warned!

I was actually planning to make a longer 'official' post but I got sidetracked cleaning the kitchen, so maybe I will have the energy to do it tomorrow.

Niters, everyone!
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Well, the worst of the winter weather appears to have gone around us. There was some snow but it soon turned to rain, then heavy flurries and then it got cold enough so I could see icicles forming. So I stayed in and just watched the weather do its thing. We probably got less than 1" of snow yesterday and it was nearly all melted by today. My cousin in Denver, otoh, got around 10" plus of snow yesterday. Heh.

As for personal stuff...
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Well, so far we have missed the worst of the storms, though that could change at any time. (I keep reminding myself of this because otherwise it's too easy to think no storms will come this way.) The snow we did get last week was not too bad, though most local schools were closed Thursday and Friday. We've had a little bit more since then but nothing major. Yesterday a lot of it melted off but today was too cold to do much melting.

Writing continues but slowly. Saturday I got a wireless mouse and I am working on my laptop now, which isn't too bad -- or at least it wouldn't be, if I could keep the cursor from jumping around all over and cutting into the wrong sentences/paragraphs. Nothing is worse than typing along only to discover that half the sentence has gone elsewhere. I am sure it is because I keep hitting the wrong keys on the laptop keyboard but unfortunately, I will just have to shut up and deal. but -- one of the pluses is that I now have spell-check again! :) [Because yes, even though spell-check is supposedly 'on' for my desktop, it isn't registering properly. Go me.] I'm also trying to get back in the overall mood I was in before my desktop decided on the latest tantrum. But there is progress -- just not as much as I had hoped for. And of course I am getting all sorts of ideas for everything but the story I am supposed to be working on. ::dramatic sigh::

One thing I do wish I had was a quick way to add in various names and other words from Tolkien to the dictionary section. All of the umlauts and other accents are hard to add properly. The umlauts are easy to spot but with names like Cirdan and Celebrian, I have a hard time being sure if the 'i' has an accent or not. And yes, I know they do but honestly? it doesn't always look like it.

Ok, time for me to switch computers again and see what sort of progress I can make .


What Next?

Jan. 25th, 2013 09:09 pm
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So, it's been a long-ish day, though really *really* nice, temps in the 40's (zomg!) and I have been in and out with the dogs most of the time. I did take a quick run to get LeeAnn more meds from the vet while it was so nice though because the next week will be kind-of iffy according the the weather forecast. It looks like we might be right on the edge of stuff -- or not. Just wait and see, I guess.

I had forgotten how much and how loud! Chihuahua pups yip and screech for No. Reason. At. All. -- this is helping me to decide to name the little guy Nazgul because oh my poor ears. :/

Anyway, I put the little guy in his crate and the next thing I know, I hear the door of the crate rattle. I try to ignore it but it keeps on, so I turn around and what do I see? A gray *cat paw* rattling the door. >.< It appears that my gray cat Fatters has been sneaking in there for naps, so it looks like I will have to keep the crate door closed in order to *keep the cat out.* ::headdesk::

So now, it is time to return to writing once more.

Once Again

Jan. 9th, 2013 06:26 am
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I am getting a 503 over at the 'other' place. Really? I mean, really? So once again, I am stalled from even trying to read/post/answer, and it is getting to be a *real* f'n pain. Ok, so there was the whole bit about New Year's Eve/Day and even the day after that, but the mess is still cropping up even a week later? Not cool.

IN other news, I have a very sore throat and cough. Ugh.
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I know this is late but -- if anyone would like a card from me, please make sure you PM me or send an email with your current snail addy.

In other news...
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Yes, I am back from vacation. I actually got home early Monday (2 am-ish) and drove straight home. As soon as my key hit the lock, my oldest kitteh Lucky, announced that I had been a *Very Bad Hoomin*, and she kept repeating this all the while I got my stuff inside the door, all the while I was attempting to unpack (of course she sat inside my opened luggage and scolded me, *of course* she did why would I ever think differently?) and logging on to see what had been going on since I left -- and she kept it up. I think I must have fallen asleep with her still fussing, and each time I woke up, she continued her scolding at me (though she was starting to sound a bit hoarse by then.) And even now, she *still* is singing the same aria. ::headdesk:: Enough already, gal. I get the message. (Actually they have all been fussing but Lucky refuses to let go of the subject. Oy.)

However, fussing from furkids aside, I had a really *great* time. I will be posting more about the trip (my cousins place in Chicago 'Metro' and also where we were in the U.P. of Michigan, the copper mining country) a bit later on, once I can figure out how to get the pics uploaded.

I've been trying to play catch-up w/everyone but I know I am probably overlooking quite a bit so if there is anything particular I should know or even if any of you just want to yakk a bit, feel free. Hopefully things will be back to more or less normal soon, so stay tuned. Ttyl! Niters all!
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It rained again in the night. And so I got a late start to the day. I was tempted to sleep in but I wanted to get some fresh veggies etc. and since my cough was better, I just wanted to get out and faff around a bit.
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