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wind chill 930 pm jan5th2017

Not as bad as some places but bad enough. Ugh!
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another way to clear snow

Yes, I am sure there are many of us who feel this way.

Found on my fb page. XD
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temps and wind chills 12-17-16

It's been like this all day long, and probably a lot more of the same tomorrow. :(
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weather update for july 20 2016

Maybe it would be just easier to melt. :/

ETA: Not sure on my conversion tables, but I *think* that means it will be feeling like it's close to 40 Celcius. =/ I could easily be wrong though.
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So how windy is it? Let's take a look... shall we?
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This is actually the report for the coming week...

weather report for this week starting 16 november 15

And just so things don't get *boring*, there is also (currently) a Tornado Watch until 10pm.
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The weather is cooler after last night's rain.


It's very hazy out -- it has been all day -- and there is a definite smell of smoke in the air. Where is it coming from, you may ask? Why, it's coming from the forest fires in Saskatchewan, Canada (which is about 1000 miles north of where I live.) Seriously.

Here's one link I found on fb: https ://www .facebook .com /ntvnews but Google should give you a much wider selection of links.

Some of the states affected are: North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Minnesota, Wisconsin. Nebraska (me!), Kansas and Iowa. There are probably more states being affected though and that's just here in the US. In Canada it is much worse.
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ne storm of 4-5 june 2015

Cool, isn't it?

PS. I don't know what Loki did this time but he sure made Thor mad! XD
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Today's topic: weather

Weather is one of my favorite subjects to write about -- probably because the seasons are so distinct and there is such a wide variety of it from day to day.

Here is one very good example (complete with graphic) reposted from yesterday.
30 nov 2014

As you can tell, yesterday was spent in semi-hibernation while on Saturday (and yes, Friday) I spent the day just goofing off, wandering around the shops and enjoying a variety of calorie-free snacks -- LOL!

You can find the original meme here:
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This Thanksgiving was probably the quietest one I have spent in years.: I basically stayed home and vegged out. My cousin Carol from Chicago called, and we had a nice long visit. The Thanksgiving Day weather was fair-ish but Friday and Saturday were utterly gorgeous.

Or it was until today...
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Last night it was very cold, and tonight will be much the same. Brrrrrr! I hate cold weather like this -- it's at least 3 weeks early. :/ Yesterday was spent bringing in assorted veggie plants and flowers so they wouldn't freeze -- now all I need to do is finish potting them for inside the house. I did do container gardening with my tomatoes, which is about the only veggie that grew. Everything else just failed, and I am sure it was due to the fact that they were in containers and not the ground. Next year, I *will* buy a tiller so I can have my own garden.

I am trying to get the pics I took on vacation organized a bit and I hope to make a preliminary post tomorrow. It won't be a lot but it will be a start. Most of the pics are still on the card in my camera -- and I can't quite remember how to get it out, lol! But I will figure it out eventually. [g] Also, my cousin P. is going to send me some more pictures as well.

Other than that, there is no news to speak of.

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The weather was actually nice for a change. We should be in a cooling-off period for this coming week -- I hope so!
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It's hot and humid yet we are not in a heat warning/advisory. How strange -- it must be just under the limit to trigger a warning. So I am sitting inside in front of the a/c and listening to my dogs beg to go out. Meh. They were just outside; they can wait for an hour or so.

I did think about going to a movie but there is nothing that interesting playing around here. How strange is that? I can remember when (and not that long ago either) there used to be several movies I would want to see -- and usually would see -- more than once. But now with the rush to dvd/blu-ray, etc., there far is less to choose from. *sighs*

I finally broke down and got a new tv that would play dvds since there is no way I can use the dvd/blu-ray drive on my computer since it did an update (or *something*, who knows what) and now I keep getting an error message just before it spits the dvd out again. I guess that will show me for thinking I was so smart and upgrading it last January.
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Storm coming up kinda fast; could be nasty. Offline until later.
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Yeah... just yeah. *SIGHS* Look under the cut if you want because the graphic is probably going to be big.

Ok, make that really big.
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cat weather report

Yeah, that looks about right. :)
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Today was really nice outside and warm for November. Not super-warm but it was nice enough so all I needed was a long-sleeved shirt when I did a bit of yard work. Tomorrow should be nice as well but after that it will become colder. Well, it's almost winter so it's to be expected.

I took my little dog LeeAnn to the vet in the afternoon. She's had a bad coat problem and scratching like mad for the last week, so I finally got an appointment for today. I had just left the house and was about an 1/8th mile from Hwy. 14 when the vet called and said he needed to push the appointment back a half-hour. I said it was fine and decided to go on in early anyway.

On a side note, the fact that I was on a county two-lane and could stop to take a call is one of the rare pluses about living in such a rural area. Yes I know, it's very risky anyway -- but if it hadn't been the vet calling I wouldn't have stopped at all.
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http:// USA/2013/1118/ Midwest-tornado-outbreak-unusually-strong-for-November (Just take the spaces out and the link should work. If not, let me know.)

Midwest tornado outbreak unusually strong for November

Midwest tornadoes hit Illinois hardest Sunday. The event, which spawned at least two EF4 tornadoes, was 'unprecedented' for November, an Illinois official said.

The numbers are historic: 194 tornado warnings have been issued in Illinois in the month of November since 1986; 101 of those warnings were issued Sunday.
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Today was really nice out. It will probably be one of the last nice days we have, so of course I spent it running on errands. *sighs* Oh well... Yesterday was super-windy and chilly. Needless to say, very little got done at all. Tomorrow will either be rainy or snowy, depending on just how the front moves. We're right on the border though most predictions have the snow staying north of I-80. So we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

On Saturday, I spent a lot of time and $$$ on stocking up on emergency supplies, just in case. Plenty of noms for the fur kids, a new jar of pb (& one of j too ;) a box of crackers, jerky, chips, bottled water, etc. etc. so I am pretty well set now. (My biggest worry is that the rain will turn into ice, which has occasionally happened in the past.

Not much other news. I am looking forward to some *good* movies that are coming up -- you already can guess what they are, right? There was just nothing for so long and now, several are coming up fast. I just hope the weather will be decent so I can see them because I hate driving at night when deer season is so close. The deer are always moving more at night and deer + car = not very good.

The time change always makes me sleepy for about a week (I know, how weird right? Go figure.), so I am going to sign off now. Later!
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Well, it has turned colder and I seriously doubt if it will ever be warmer. Yuck. I am finishing some last bits of clean-up and getting the big dumpster fuller (I seriously doubt if it will be filled) before the company has to come and get it. The only good thing about renting it so late in the year is that there is less demand for the large dumpsters, so they are not as tough on the return as they might be in, say, the middle of construction season.

One thing I have learned through all this cleaning is just why I have such a hard time working with other people who organize. They see books, and they pack *all* books together and fill all available boxes. I, otoh, remain true to my 'training' as a librarian and separate/pack books by category into boxes, even though this means the boxes are not always completely full. But when one is fighting time, well... >>.<< Now that I am starting to unpack, I am finding all sorts of books crammed together (make that *everything* crammed together) but all fully packed.
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