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As you all know, I am a cat lady (but not crazy yet.) Last week one of the outdoor kittens began limping, so I took him to a vet. Apparently an adult cat had bitten it; it's a very common thing with cats & kittens. The vet gave it a shot of antibiotic, worm medicine and some antibiotic drops to take home.

So I have been giving him the drops but he wasn't really improving and the limp did not go away. Yesterday, his leg suddenly swelled up and so I took him back to the vet just before closing. The vet thought it was probably a very bad abscess and he would have to keep the kitten for a few days to lance it and give it stronger antibiotics.

The vet called this morning. He said the abscess had been "extremely severe" and worse, it was hiding a fractured femur. While he could amputate, at best it would only give the kitten a few extra days to a couple of weeks and he would always be in pain. He said it would be kinder to put him to sleep, and I agreed.

This makes the third pet I have lost in less than a year and I tell you, I feel absolutely gutted. Lucky and LeeAnn were bad but in a way expected because of very advanced age and general failing health. But this little kitten has really shaken me up (not sure why, just that it did.)

Details of the vet call & diagnosis under the cut, 'cause it's kinda gory. Read at your own risk. You've been warned.
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Today was really nice outside and warm for November. Not super-warm but it was nice enough so all I needed was a long-sleeved shirt when I did a bit of yard work. Tomorrow should be nice as well but after that it will become colder. Well, it's almost winter so it's to be expected.

I took my little dog LeeAnn to the vet in the afternoon. She's had a bad coat problem and scratching like mad for the last week, so I finally got an appointment for today. I had just left the house and was about an 1/8th mile from Hwy. 14 when the vet called and said he needed to push the appointment back a half-hour. I said it was fine and decided to go on in early anyway.

On a side note, the fact that I was on a county two-lane and could stop to take a call is one of the rare pluses about living in such a rural area. Yes I know, it's very risky anyway -- but if it hadn't been the vet calling I wouldn't have stopped at all.
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We are under a *tornado watch*. =( This sort of thing never happens here in February -- at least until today. I heard that there was a tornado that touched down very briefly out by Broken Bow/North Platte earlier so... now it is a lot of "wait and see." *sighs*

Thia has been something of a long day anyway. I had to take LeeAnn to the vet because she seemed to be walking "funny" but apparently, it is nothing serious or lasting. (She does have luxating patellas [sic] but that is very common in small breeds and it doesn't seem to bother her, and her vet is all about "if it doesn't bother and she's not in pain and happy, leave it be". Which is really sensible because vet surgery is iffy enough at the best of times, no matter what they say.)

After coming home, I went into Hastings to the Y and worked out for a bit there. Not too long though because the machines were full and the weather was supposed to get iffy about noon. I didn't get there until almost 11 am, so I only had time for the cross-trainer (which I love) and then the new bike (which I am having trouble with and don't like very well -- I need to change to a different one, or the older model.) The treadmills were all full, and I missed getting one by literally one minute. But the bikes do seem oddly hard and I need to focus more on the treadmill.

Then I went and bought a pizza, came home to eat it -- and share a bit w/LeeAnn -- and surf a bit online -- and then I took a much-needed nap.

And now? Now I am shutting down because the wind is howling and I need to focus on weather updates. Later everyone!
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So what has been happening? Lots and lots of stuff and more to come, as always.

Yesterday the weather was beautiful. Nice and fairly warm, the kind of day where you just want to faff around outside because it is so freakin' gorgeous. I went into Hastings and finally got my hair cut, met with my accountant and did a few other misc. errands. Came home and shared fresh rotisserie chicken with the furkids, which was greatly appreciated, lol. Big surprise, eh?

Today is yet another gorgeous day, even nice than yesterday I think. So I decided I would do whatever yard work might need to be done. I woke up later than planned and missed getting the dumpsters out in time for collection. Though they aren't really full so it's not that big a deal. But still the truck has been coming around later and later, except for today. Today they were way early -- I didn't even hear them. Oh well.

But... I just discovered that my oldest cat, Lucky, has an extremely loose lower left fang... so loose that it is sticking out a decided angle. So I just called the vet and now I have an appointment there at 4:30. *sigh* And it just happened too because I feed her on the computer desk, right next to the screen. Mostly I do this to make sure that she eats and that Fatters does not steal her food so I tend to watch her closely when she eats. Apparently not closely enough though. >.<

Stay tuned...

ETA: Just got back from the vet. Lucky is fine. The root of the tooth (left lower 'fang') was so rotten that all the vet had to do was pull it out by hand. It took him less than a minute, probably. (I was afraid she would have to stay there and have it extracted under anaestic (sic) She did get a shot of antibiotic and I have some antibiotic drops for her to take. I am hoping that this is the reason she has been so picky eating -- she wouldn't let me get near her mouth to really look and if I tried, she would bat me on the hand and disappear until she smelled food cooking lol.
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Today I took LeeAnn to the vet so she could get her 3 mo. flea treatment, and she also gets a quick once over too: eye/ear/teeth check, listen to heart & breathing and the always enjoyable "taking her temp." Oy. Or to hear LeeAnn's version, I woke her from her nice relaxing nap and took her away from home to be tortured. ::eye roll:: But all was forgiven once we left, and now she is asleep in my arms whileI attempt to type with one finger.

The weather is just gorgeous today, nice and just a teeny bit warm and it's supposed to stay that way for the next few days so perhaps I will get some yard work done after all.
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Today I took LeeAnn to the vet so she could get her 3 mo. flea treatment, and she also gets a quick once over too: eye/ear/teeth check, listen to heart & breathing and the always enjoyable "taking her temp." Oy. Or to hear LeeAnn's version, I woke her from her nice relaxing nap and took her away from home to be tortured. ::eye roll:: But all was forgiven once we left, and now she is asleep in my arms whileI attempt to type with one finger.

The weather is just gorgeous today, nice and just a teeny bit warm and it's supposed to stay that way for the next few days so perhaps I will get some yard work done after all.
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Yes, I haven't done one of these for a long time. After July's heatwave, everything has been -- well, more or less normal weather-wise. Tonight though we have an interesting storm system moving up from the south. Lots of sharp, streaky lightning (my little dog was demanding walkies but I took one look at that and said no way) which is cool to look at but not so fun to be out in.

I took LeeAnn to the vet on Monday for flea drops. Of course, I could have done it myself but (a) I didn't have any on hand and (b) I don't want her to think every vet visit equals a shot or something of that sort. So we went and she was very happy that she didn't get a shot. She was rather sulky going up and refused to look at me (instead curling up and staring at the passenger door, lol) since last time -- only a couple of weeks ago -- she ended up having dental work done. She definitely was warmer toward on the trip home though still a bit miffed that I had upset her morning routine (*and* made her worry about getting a shot, which is really unforgivable, amiright? ;)

Writing continues. I am working on a couple of fics -- one due the 27th (AinA), and the other... whenever, I guess. Another will start probably over Labor Day weekend.

Back later on tomorrow, probably.
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I took my oldest kitteh, Lucky to the vet today. She's been a little "off', nothing really definite because at 16, she's old for a cat. Anyway, I went in *really* early, so that I could miss the worst of the heat (my car has no a/c, of course) and get back home quick before she got too stressed from everything.

Vet visit details under the cut.
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Today was actually nice, weather-wise. Hot, of course. But there was a stray breeze or two which made it bearable. *AND* I got my a/c put in -- yes!!! Normally I am a fan-person but when the heat index is over 100 (supposedly 105 or better for the next few days... ugh!), that is the time for a/c. So now I am enjoying my *new* a/c, and making plans to stay inside for the next few days.

The morning was busy since I took LeeAnn to the vet for a check-up. She's still been "eh-eh-eh-ing" and her breathing has seemed labored. Otoh, she still has a very heavy coat, and w/the fans not cooling things down that much (though they have been a help), I decided it was better to be safe, especially with the weather predictions for next week. Driving up, she enjoyed sitting on my left leg in order to check out the scenery (I am so thankful to have an automatic, lol) and it was all good. Happily she checked out ok (lungs and heart sounded good), though she did get a shot of general antibiotic just to be safe. She was *not* pleased about that and screamed to the waiting room that she was being tortured. Driving back, she laid in the passenger seat with her back turned and wouldn't even look at me. I was most definitely persona non grata! However, with a nice treat of carefully chosen people foods, with many hugs and skritches, all was forgiven. [g]

So, with lots of nommy stuff on hand, I am prepared for the upcoming heat wave.

Niters all.
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The heat index is over 100. Bleeech. So I am hiding inside until after the sun goes down -- then maybe I can get some yard work done. *Maybe*. Though with the sun still out, it's not likely.

Today I took LeeAnn to the vet so she could get her flea treatment and her current rabies shot. Luckily we got it done before the hottest part of the day!

I am still learning my way around the new computer (Win 7). It's a lot different from Vista (better, imho) but I have to admit that I miss using my ME online. That was a sweet baby and I still use it for writing.

Off now to cool in front of a fan.
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I forgot to mention that yesterday was Baby's last vet visit. The vet was pleased with her recovery, though it wasn't quite what he had hoped for. Still, her back paw is no longer "knuckling" under and the small abrasion on it is healing nicely. He said that even with surgery her back leg would never be quite right again, and there was no sense in continuing visits that were little more than check-ups (especially since gas is $2.50/gal here). If Baby had been an indoor kitty -- but she wasn't, and that is that. She is now though, and soon she will reside on the porch which should make her much happier. The others are very unhappy about being banished from the porch but I simply cannot keep 6-10 cats on a very small porch during summer! I Can Not Do It! They still get food and water, and there is shelter to be had outside. [With any sort of luck I can fix up a nice area in the garage for this winter.] I've already spent $$$ on the furkids already, and I still need to set up an appointment for my little dog with *her* vet for shots and teeth cleaning. ::winces:: Owwie! But has to be done, and that is that.
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I took Baby in for her check-up. She is improving a little but the leg still wants to turn under "knuckling" even with the splint. (Her weight is now at 6.2 lbs, btw.) So she got another steroid injection and we go back on Tuesday, June 2nd. She was most upset this time, very nearly biting and almost clawing me. I can't say that I blame her though, she's been surprisingly tolerant of everything that's been done. I am still keeping her in the bathroom; hopefully soon I can let her on the porch again.

The other day I went to Kmart and picked up a couple of dvds and looked around some. Nearly all dvds are phased out now and everything is on blu-ray but I went ahead and got a copy of "Elizabethtown" for $9.99 and "Matrix Reloaded" for $5. They also have copies of the 25th anniversary edition of "The Last Unicorn"; I plan to get that so I have it. It seems that Kmart will soon close or maybe move, not sure which. Everything has moved out on Hwy. 281, which is a plus for the downtown area but not so good for other places. So there must be plans to either sell the mall entirely or do a major rebuild, though I can't see that happening either. Even so, with the new middle school just a few blocks away, there must be something in the works. Oh well, it doesn't really affect me at this point. But I do miss the "old mall" -- it was so much nicer than all of the new strip malls that have been built along 281... Ok, shutting up.

No other news for now. Back later on.

Oh, and it seems that my "Gil" muse may have opened a vein. I can't seem to stop writing Gil. Go figure.
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Today was much cooler, only in the 50's at the most. I woke up because the little wrens were having an argument with another couple just outside my window. Heeee. I got to watch it all from my bed. They were most entertaining, though I can see how it might drive some people crazy with all that chirping, tweeting and wing-fluttering. For me, it is a way of life; how better to know what is right/wrong in the world outside my door.

I took Baby to the vet and he was pleased with her progress (she weighs 6 lbs. now :), gave her another steroid shot and put a very light splint on her leg as she was still bending the lower part of the toes and had a small abrasion worn there. She was not happy with either procedure but she proved how active she was by running and leaping quite nicely. So she is to wear the splint until Friday, when we go back *again* to see how things are progressing. Unless she manages to remove it before then -- we shall see.

Then I went to get a haircut, though I had to leave her in the car. Luckily the place I go is mostly walk-ins and there was no-one else there, so that was quick. Though the stylist was horrified when she saw the way I had chopped off my hair in the back -- I had told her the last time I had a haircut was from the same store and she was "Who did that?". I then explained that I had done it a few days ago, because it was just too unbearably hot on my neck. Gah. She asked me how I wanted it cut and I told her: "Just however you can make it look nice, as long as it's short." Which is rather unhelpful when it comes to hairdressers, I know -- but I wasn't sure what I *had* done when I was snipping away the other evening -- and no, I was not drunk. [Maybe I should have told her I was but she probably thought that anyway, lol.] So she did some cutting and trimming and it ended up quite nice.

It started raining about 8pm and there is still some very very light rain out.

Not much other news for now. Niters.
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Well, there is some good news, some bad news and so-so news but it's all more-or-less ok news.

The bad news is that since Baby is an indoor/outdoor kitty, this is a "sort-of" recent injury. There is nerve damage to the leg already, so there's not really a lot that can be done. Since she had her new shots less than two months ago and the limp is pronounced enough that it would have been noticed at that time, it probably happened shortly after she had those shots. *sigh* But at least she is current on shots, so we had something of a baseline to go by, which is all good. No real temp, though she had lost a bit of weight (down to 5.2 lbs from from 5.4 lbs), so she got a shot of antibiotic and dewormed. The shot was not as bad as the worm medicine was -- the claws came out full strength for that, and since she spit about half of it out the first time, we had to have a second go.

So now I have to keep her caged until next Tuesday, when she has another check-up. She has settled in nicely in the bathroom, in her cage and is eating well. [The cage, btw, is designed for a 40-50 lb. dog, so she has a lot of room to move around in.] I also let her out whenever I am in the bathroom -- the door is firmly closed, much to the annoyance of the other furkids, who remain convinced that closed bathroom door means Scotty is going to beam me up at any moment. So all in all, life goes on.

At least the bill wasn't horrendous -- only $55.
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Well, Lucky is back and feeling ok, if still a bit skittish. The vet always makes sure they are fully "awake" and out of the anesetic (sic) before letting the family see them and take them home. Which is a good thing really because I know I tend worry *a lot*. The good news is that there was no abscess or infection; what they did find was a tiny piece of root that needed to be removed. A couple of other teeth were removed during the cleaning as they were so loose they were about ready to fall out. They also took a second x-ray to check an "iffy" shadow but all turned out to be well. Her blood work came back very good too, considering she is 14.

So what did I do with my day while waiting for my furbaby? I traded a few more books (and yes, I got a few more as well), unloaded the dog house and bookcase I bought yesterday, and got a few groceries. I also checked prices on sheet rock (at Menards, Ace and Home Depot) and other things needed to finish the living room; then I talked with a guy who might be able to help get the place ready to live in (as in making sure the water and lights are ok.) The roof and foundation are ok and so are a lot of other things, mostly it is just cosmetic stuff that needs to be done. So that is a *big* relief. (It's all just a question of being able to get things done before the family shows up again in June...)

Ok, time for me to have a nice long nap.
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I just got back from the vet with Lucky. She *did not* appreciate being cat-napped from her comfortable routine of eat, sleep and lay-beside-the-computer-when-not-sitting-on-the-computer-mouse and she meowed all the way up there, in the waiting room, during the check-up and all the way home. Not a *yowl* mind you, just this pitiful "mow, mow". The good news is, she's in good shape. The bad news is, they want her to have "dental work" done on Monday. *sigh* Goodbye $200. And I have to have her there at 7:30am. [That's prime sleeping time for me since I don't fall asleep until about 3am but oh well.]

Now I am off to nap and other important things.
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Today I took the Blazer in to get the trunk "door" (which, btw, is essentially the upper half of the rear window) fixed since the arms had apparently rusted shut so that I was totally unable to open it at all, thus making over one-half of the vehicle unusable. Too much rain, snow, etc. from earlier this year. Now I could have tried to force it open but one thing I *have* learned over the course of many years is that if something is stuck so badly it needs to be forced, then if you force it, it will probably break and/or be seriously f'd up and cost you a *lot* more $$$ than if you took it to a repair shop in the first place. Which is a very fancy way of saying 'bye' to $100. *sigh* But at least it works now. (I also learned that on Monday I will be going back to have the engine serviced -- approx. another $60. Oh Yay.)

I also was organized enough to take in a couple of sacks of clothing to Goodwill -- I had intended to drop them off at St. V's (weirdly, the Salvation Army no longer has a store in Hastings and I have no idea where the new SA drop is located.) I am going to try and dig out more clothing etc. and drop it off for Monday. Now that I have my trunk back, I can get more than just two small sacks donated -- or so I hope.

Then I went to GI to do more job apps; it was a decent day and I decided to take the risk. If I have to move (which is at over 60% probability now) I may as well apply as many places as possible and look around at potential rentals when the weather is decent. We'll see.

I am probably going to see TDK again either Friday or over the weekend, when they have matinees and thus lower prices.

Yesterday was a trip to the v-e-t and distemper/parvo boosters for LeeAnn (she had her rabies shot last year and in NE they are good for three years); rabies and boosters both for Lucky. More $$ but at least they are current again. I was definitely on both of their short lists, at least until it was supper time and they managed a few nibbles of people food. Heh heh. Yes, I have no shame. Besides, they don't get *that* much, just literally a few nibbles.

Time for me to go and sleep for a change. It will be nasty-hot these next few days, which means I won't be able to do very much work outside except from just after daybreak to about noon.

Niters all!
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It is cold. *Freakin'* cold. There was a big cold front just to the north but it didn't come down during the day. No, it waited until tonight to do that. There is a full moon tonight and if it's as bright as it was last night, I won't sleep much at all.

So naturally, the remaining kittens had to go to the vet today (the smallest of the three died last night) w/their mama -- in case the vet needed to check her out for some reason, and also so she wouldn't be freaked by the vet smell on her babies -- and I ended up w/a bottle of vitamin B to give them. They seem a little bit better; certainly they seem more alert and hungry. They are almost two months old; when I turn them out in the kitchen, they should be tearing around, not just napping in the sun. *sigh* So, we shall see what happens next. They are far too weak for their first shots but if I should ever be called on that, I at least have proof they have been seeing a vet. Just as soon as I get my check in December, it's off to the vet I go to get the mama cats fixed. Yes, I know that the males need fixed too but damn! it's the mamas who literally drop their babies at my feet and look at me, saying "Well, come on silly human. Give me a hand here with these kits." Anyway, while I was waiting for the vet, Mama Kitty disappeared as far as she could to the back of the carrier, laser eyes on full blast. Last time she was there, she got a mouthful of medicine which she *did not* like and she was not eager to repeat the experience. But she could hear and see everything being done to her babies, so she was ok with that. Do I lead an exciting life or what?

Time to go and sleep now.


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