Joker Vid

Jan. 5th, 2009 12:17 pm
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This is one of *the best* vids I have ever seen. Period. Check it out...

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Yes, you read that right. The local museum runs current movies; the "second-run", I think they are called, right before they are released on dvd. So *anyhoo* I decided to go one last time, which I am sure will surprise absolutely no-one on my f-list. The theatre holds 211 people, and about 40 showed up. TDK started at 4:30pm, and it let out at 7:45pm, due to the projector breaking down with only 10 minutes left. Less than a dozen people left and got refunds/free passes because of the breakdown; everyone else decided to stay and hope that the projector to be fixed. I'm not sure but I kinda have the feeling that wouldn't happen with a lot of second-run movies, period -- let alone a movie that nearly everyone has seen more than once and one that has been out since July.

I am home now and relaxing after a very late supper.

TDK #11

Sep. 12th, 2008 12:06 am
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Last night I saw TDK for its last showing at "my" theatre for a total of eleven times. The manager said, "Come for the last show?" and I just said, "Oh yeah, I had to." ::happy sigh:: Such a nice man, I mean that in the best sort of way. There were hardly any people, maybe a dozen total, in a 200 seat theatre. I was pleased that they carried the Art Noveau/Deco-ish theme for this second screen as well. I am going to miss it very much, even though there is talk of a re-release in January.

I would write more but I am too tired (maybe write more tomorrow am?) -- now to go and sleep. Niters all!
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And my server is still wonky as ever. I was online for literally about ten minutes this morning and I have been on intermittently ever since. Yay. So for everyone who usually hears from me and hasn't (often in the form of fb), that's why. I'll honestly try and catch up as soon as possible.

Last night I saw TDK for the seventh time.

My aunt and uncle are once again making noises about going into assisted living but I doubt if they will do it. Pity, because I am very much afraid that one day they are going to be forced into due to declining health, and then all hell will break loose.

More later on. I'm off to play catch-up w/fic and everything else. Take care everyone. Niters!
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Yes, I am still here and yes, I still have intermittent internet access. Right now I am so far behind w/fics and fb that it is pitiful. So, if you're wondering why I have not left fb on a fic (or fics, as the case may be) that's the reason.

This comes from a sports sib. Obviously, we can rest easy that as long as there are professional athletes, there will be *ahem* new and unusual words showing up in the language. This from Joel Zumaya (MLB, Detroit Tigers): When talking about the shoulder tightness he experienced was due to dehydration and ... FATIGUENESS. (I wonder if he studied rocket surgery as well.)

Meanwhile, I am continuing to try and write. Someday I might be able to finish one of my fics again. Keep your fingers crossed ok?

The cousins from LA will be here sometime tomorrow, if my auntie got things right. I am hoping they will want to see TDK because I have minimal interest in any other movie right now. [Though "Mummy 3" does look as if it has some possibilities... oh well, perhaps later. And "Hellboy 2" has the elves...]

The engine tune up cost $140 as opposed to the $60 I thought it would. Actually, I planned for $100 but not the extra $40. F'n hell. That's damn near $300 in less than a week, and not counting the gas either. F'n bloody hell again. Hopefully it won't need anything more for awhile.
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Article under the cut, though I don't think anyone could be spoiled by it at this point. But just in case... And there is some discussion of the new HP film as well
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Jun. 17th, 2008 08:04 am
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Never did I think I would be making back2back baseball posts here, but.

Is there a weirder way for a team to fire a manager? Way to go Mets. Grow a spine, ya bums.

Also, why I am seeing the TDK promos on ESPN2 as opposed to the regular network tv? ::ponders the symbolism::

Coffee. Need... coffee....


May. 7th, 2008 08:57 pm
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Well, as usual nothing much -- and yet everything -- seems to happen. It rained big time last night, just *poured* down. Lots of interesting thunder and lightning too but no bad storms.

Sunday I went to see the TDK trailer, which just... WOW. Go see "Iron Man" or almost any other movie so you can see that trailer ok? It is made of Awesome and it F'N ROCKS!!!!!!
More about my Sunday at the movies below, along with personal stuff.
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