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Well, there is some good news, some bad news and so-so news but it's all more-or-less ok news.

The bad news is that since Baby is an indoor/outdoor kitty, this is a "sort-of" recent injury. There is nerve damage to the leg already, so there's not really a lot that can be done. Since she had her new shots less than two months ago and the limp is pronounced enough that it would have been noticed at that time, it probably happened shortly after she had those shots. *sigh* But at least she is current on shots, so we had something of a baseline to go by, which is all good. No real temp, though she had lost a bit of weight (down to 5.2 lbs from from 5.4 lbs), so she got a shot of antibiotic and dewormed. The shot was not as bad as the worm medicine was -- the claws came out full strength for that, and since she spit about half of it out the first time, we had to have a second go.

So now I have to keep her caged until next Tuesday, when she has another check-up. She has settled in nicely in the bathroom, in her cage and is eating well. [The cage, btw, is designed for a 40-50 lb. dog, so she has a lot of room to move around in.] I also let her out whenever I am in the bathroom -- the door is firmly closed, much to the annoyance of the other furkids, who remain convinced that closed bathroom door means Scotty is going to beam me up at any moment. So all in all, life goes on.

At least the bill wasn't horrendous -- only $55.
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Today I slept in really *really* late as I stayed up till 3am chatting ::looks around guiltily:: so I slept in till about 11 am. I had to go down to the store and get cereal though, as I was totally and completely out. So a very late "brunch" -- if you can call it that -- and then it was time to try and regain consciousness. I did manage to wake up fully by 3pm though :)

I am still tired though so I may or may not take another nap before my next tv show comes on, lol.

Earlier I watched "Blue Hawaii" and found myself thinking about how undeveloped it looked the beaches looked, compared to what they must look like now. Kind of sad, in a way. Sometimes I think I love the old movies because they are such a fascinating window into the past.

Off to go and see what else is happening online *if* I can stay awake that long.
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Rain and thunderstorms this morning, and then 30 mph winds after that. Joy. I had intended to go to Hastings but my plans changed really fast with the weather. The grass is growing like *crazy*, it's nearly knee-high. *sigh* Damn but I wish I had a horse to graze it down some.

Not much other news today. Paid bills -- my electric bill is really high, so I need to check and see if there was a rate hike or what. I unplugged things as much as I could, and it still went up instead of down. Meh. Since my furnace is gas, plus I essentially turned it off until October or so... well, we shall see, I guess. There isn't an outside plug-in either, so no-one can be hooking up and stealing that way. I just have no idea why the lights were so blasted high -- it really bugs me.

Off to bed, I guess. Niters!
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I did paperwork re: pivot in Clay Center at SCPPD. They're not used to handling anything other than residential accounts. *sigh* Well, at least I didn't have to drive to Nelson.

Gas is now at $2.02/gal. Of course it is -- Mother's Day, graduations and Memorial Day are coming up fast. Feh.

I came home and did laundry and yard work because it is supposed to be rainy for the next week. ::eye roll:: Oh well, it's to be expected. Wrote some but not much.
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Or preferably, three or four. [Actually if this was the weekend, I would be getting myself *drunk*. Yeah.] Turns out there was one last little bit of weirdness from the legal hassle I was in earlier that popped up. And because it was an out-of-court settlement, I can't go into any more detail than that. But I just had to vent a little -- because, you know? (>_<)
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Wet. And cold. Just icky enough to be dull. Stayed home instead of going anywhere. Wrote some. Must start walkies w/the fur princess very soon or buy more large clothes. Meh.
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Yes, I changed the icon for this post because nothing bad happened during (or after) the Kentucky Derby today. No, I did not watch it on tv; the last few years have been to freakin' stressful for me to ever watch it again.

So what did I do? I wrote. And cleaned. And did laundry. Other than that, not very much. Oh, and last night I actually got a little bit of healing sleep -- my eyes no longer look totally bruised, as if I lost a bar room brawl.

I saw the new tv promo for "Terminator: Salvation" about a dozen or more times today and I swear that it sounds nearly identical to the TDK theme as well. Unfortunately I couldn't find a copy of it online that sounded right. Feh. If anyone does happen to know how to find the commercial I'm talking about, please send me a link ok?

Off to bed since tomorrow I go and visit Auntie and Uncle. Niters all!
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Nothing much new. I slept in a little, then I went and did a little yard work. *However*, it was cool and damp, and it rained a little bit this afternoon. I also picked up some packing boxes from the store so I can get some things moved around.

Tomorrow is supposed to be mostly rainy in the morning and last until afternoon. No wonder my bones ache. :/

Lucky is fine and busy begging for pettins, skritches and head rubs, when she isn't rubbing her face on my arm. She cuddled with me on the couch earlier and I rubbed her chest and her throat which makes her purr. (She has a very quiet purr though. Some cats sound like outboard motors, but not these two.) Right now she is napping some place.

Time for me to check my f-list and then write some.

ETA: My cats are thoroughly investigating each box. I am sure that whatever I put in the boxes will soon be coated in fur.
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There was a thunderstorm that moved in last night and woke me up about 2 am. Gah.

I went into Hastings today so I could snoop at Goodwill a bit. I was lucky -- I found a heavy plastic dog-house that I can use for an outside kitty shelter and a small two-shelf 'bookcase' that I will take back into Hastings and put at the other house. I need to start getting some organizing done there, especially if I am going to be doing any sort of cleaning or I have to wait there for any length of time. If nothing else, I need a place to stack phone books and things. [I also need to check at the utility company and see how much they charge just for turning on the electricity.]

Tomorrow I will to have Lucky at the vet by 7:30 am, I need be up about 6am -- which means an early early night for me. Hopefully I can catch her without any trouble.

I stopped to visit Auntie and Uncle today. They seemed happy enough which is good. Even better is the fact that their furniture has been rearranged so they have more space to move. The old "two twin beds side by side" just did not work, especially once their recliners, her wheel chair and O2 machine were added in. Someone also put up a few pictures and things so that it doesn't look quite so horrendously bare.

No other news for now. I am off to bed. (I really *really* hope I can sleep now and not have bad nightmares.)
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Nothing special today, except that it is *windy*. Wind warnings until tomorrow I guess.
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It's been cold *again*. Spring officially begins in a little more than two weeks though, and I welcome it.

Got the new muffler today, stopped at Hastings PD (formerly St. Michael's elementary school) to get it checked so I could send in the fix-it.

The dr. is not sure if I have bronchitis or what. I get to see her again Monday. Joy.

Tomorrow I see the lawyer *again* to go over the new contract *again* -- and hopefully I can get it signed so I can have $$$$ *again*. (And to really make the day great, it looks like my boss managed to con me out of yet another $%K, on top of the $25K that he already owes. Just f'n great.)

Someone was pounding on the door and ringing the bell, so I am going to go take a nap until 10pm or so. Oh yes, they can tell if I'm up by looking for the light from the tv shining through the windows (and probably the light from the computer screen as well, damned snoops.)
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As usual, everything seems to be happening at once. The good news is, a lot of the unresolved things are slowly being resolved. Which means I will soon have a new 'job', such as it is, and I will *maybe* get the money that is long owed me. But at least I have a new contract in the works, and that alone is a tremendous relief.

To celebrate, I indulged in a cheap 1g mp3 player. If and when things are ever straightened out, I intend to get a good one, like say, an 8g though probably *not* an iPod. But for now this works just fine as a backup and I am slowly transferring mp3s and things from the other laptop to this one. Now all I need to do is figure out how to get the iTunes transferred from there to here... ::ponders:: I am sure once I am rested I will be able to understand what it is that I need to do.

More about the auction, and other family stuff...
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Well, as you all know by now I survived the auction and all the family visiting that goes along with it. Fun, but sad all the same -- and very tiring as well.

Due to the large amount of *old* family photos, I am planning to scan them and set up a photobucket or maybe flickr account. Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions or preferences as to which of these is preferable? I know a lot of you have such accounts already, which is why I am asking.

I am tired so I will probably go to bed early.
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Today I actually got quite a bit done. Got a couple of bills paid, went to the auction preview and talked to family, went to lawyer, got my hair trimmed a bit (should have gotten more of a cut, maybe another time), got a few groceries, then visited w/aunt and uncle, and last of all, went out to eat at Hunan's w/Carol, Paul, and Paul II (which is why you should never name a child Junior, unless you are prepared to call said child Junior forever). It started snowing just as we went in to eat and when we came out, there was quite a lot on the ground, maybe two inches or so. So I came straight home instead of hanging out longer with them as I had intended. It's still snowing too.

So. About family...
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Well, it turned cold. Meh. Today, I was able to pay some more bills so I am essentially caught up for now. Or at least until after the first of next month.

So, my aunt and uncle are having their auction Saturday. *sigh* I am really pissed for a lot of reasons but mostly because I won't be able to get hardly anything at all. Most of the stuff will go high, plus I'll probably be bidding against family for it anyway, so just... meh. Worst, some of the things I really wanted I know I won't be able to afford. The cousins will start coming in tomorrow (some are probably here tonight though), so I will probably be mostly offline until sometime Sunday.

Oh and did I mention the fast-moving snowstorm that is headed our way? Yeah. Just better and better, always.
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Cats and cleaning do not go well together. I know this. Even so, cleaning must be done. Laundry must be done. Today, I decided to do a thorough cleaning of my bedroom. As in, stripping the bed, turning the mattress and pulling up the box spring in order to make sure I can properly clean everything and that the cats have not done anything destructive or dumb that I cannot see. (All is good, btw.) So, after all this I have a nice clean bedroom and a freshly made bed. Ok, I *did* have a freshly made bed. Unfortunately for me, the cat(s) decided that *now* was the proper time to barf all over the clean bedding. Sheets, pillowcases and duvet, for good measure. To say that I am not pleased is a massive understatement, as it is my last clean set of sheets, etc. since everything else is either in the wash and/or drying. [And yes, *now* the bedroom door is closed.]

Right now I am seriously considering having roast feline for my next meal. (Not to worry though, it's Lent. They got lucky.) By Easter I will probably have calmed down and be able to laugh at this post. Maybe. But not right now.

Housekeeping tip of the day: oversize t-shirts make acceptable pillowcases.

About Today

Feb. 8th, 2009 08:50 pm
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Not a whole lot new. Went back to Hastings to stock up on groceries again -- they have some hella good deals at one store (*not* the EvilEmpire btw), I got a lot of canned goods for about half of what they would cost regularly, so that was all good. Label names too, they were actually cheaper than the store brand was (believe me, I check the expiration date and comparison shop like crazy before buying oh yeah.) Prices are high here like you would not believe. I don't need to buy very much more now, which is good though I will probably go in anyway and get a few more things.

And of course afterwards, I decided to go to a movie. Today's choice was "Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans" which was good fun. I considered "Taken" and "Gran Torino" but after seeing "Defiance" last weekend, I needed something not real life (having my very own mini-marathon of "Das Boot", "Battleship Potemkin", "K-19: The Widowmaker" were not exactly the right things to watch in order to relax either. Why do I do this to myself?) And "Lycans" was good -- as you know by now, I have a fondness for most vampires and werewolves and other were-creatures -- as long as they don't *sparkle*. Yes, ok, shutting up now.

No other news to speak of, I guess.
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Today was actually *beautiful* out, so I went outside and read part of "The Silmarillion" in the sunshine and had some green tea as opposed to vegging out in front of the tube and/or 'puter. How exciting! :) I'm sure my life sounds boring but believe me, today was very close to as perfect a day as I am going to have for awhile.

I went into Hastings this afternoon to do some quick grocery shopping. Stopped at the Auditorium to check out the garage sale first, then groceries. Next was a visit with Vicky L., and getting a few more things at SunMart. Then I went to visit Aunt Arlene and Uncle Joe. I had just arrived when Fred and Pat Drummond came as well, so I didn't get to talk very privately. Aunt Arlene wanted me to stay but it was almost 5pm (I usually get home around 4pm so I can unload stuff without tripping over cats in the dark, especially when I has foodz.)

Afterwards, naptime since I didn't get to sleep until 3am. Again. I seriously need a better schedule.
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Yes, it's me. :) Today was really gorgeous outside, so of course I had all sorts of meetings with attorneys, which meant I was inside. Meh. Nearly everyone found a reason to be outside today though, even if it was just for a little bit. Coffee breaks outside were especially popular. Tomorrow should be just as nice too, and maybe even Saturday. After that though -- who knows? Possible rain/snow mix but then again, maybe not. And tomorrow I get to spend in discussion with my banker. Looks like a bedtime of 3am or so again for me. Oh yay.

So because I can't talk about things that I need to talk about, I will instead do a little ranting and rambling about TwiLite. Though really, it's almost not fair since anything TwiLite = fish in barrel.
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Well, there is not a lot. First, this is late because I stayed up late (2am) chatting on IM, then I worked on one of my three prezzie fics. By the time I realised that I really should try and sleep, it was about 3:30am, so I slept till about 10:30am. This is not a sensible schedule but oh well.

I have also been avoiding calls from My Cousin Donna(tm) because I am still in no mood to talk to her but if I don't answer soon, she'll start freaking out. I just need to think of a really good lie. ::thinks:: I am supposed to be a writer; surely I can think of something plausible.

No other news for now.


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