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I'm not going to be discussing the movie in any depth -- that will be in a later post -- so this is essentially spoiler-free. Most of this is about what I was doing while I was waiting in line, etc. before it started. I'm using a cut for length, because I tend to ramble (i.e., natter) on and on. But if you've read this at all, you already know that. Anyway, here goes.
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Well, it started off pretty good. I went to the local library sale and found (among other things) a pb copy of "10 Things I Hate About You". It should be kind of interesting to see if Patrick's background shows up at all. I found it over in the YA section while looking for something else entirely, so if you ever have a chance to look around at a used book store, or big library sale or *something*, don't forget to check the YA section -- you never know what you might find.

I then went to Vicki L.'s garage sale and talked to her about a lot of the personal stuff I have mentioned here, usually in rgeard to my mom, my former brother and other such things. It's nice to be able to talk to someone who understands this whole freakin' mess from the get-go. *However*, I did manage to score some nice purple and lime green nail polish I found there. (Her grandson got them for her; unfortunately he is color-blind. Since they are colors she will *never, ever* wear she decided to sell them.) And yes, I am going to wear the polish -- alternating colors, probably -- for the 17th. Though I will probably strip the polish right off afterwards because I swear the polish *itches*.

The only drawback is that somehow, my keychain broke and now I have to find a replacement. Which isn't hard to do, just that it's weird. Even weirder is that I have no idea, when where or how it broke, so unless I get really lucky I'll never find it so it can be repaired. Damn, and grrrr.

No other news so I am off to bed.
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Even though I am w/o a firewall and minimal protection, I thought I would check in. Right now I am watching "The Wicker Man" (1973) which is the *good* version of the film -- much like "The Hitcher" (1986) is far superior to the remake. But I digress. The XP still does not want to log on, nor will it accept the keyboard. Yay. I have tried calling My Cousin Donna(tm) the last few days, but no answer. I hope this doesn't mean that she is on her way her but at the same time, I am worried about her just on general principles. I am also tinkering w/fic. No other news except to say that the weather is nice for a little while *I Hope*!! Back eventually... enjoy the meme. [vbeg] Oh, and on the meme? I lied about my age. No way I am gonna tell anyone *that* one. XD
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[personal profile] candygramme ! :) I got your postcard today -- Thank You! And I hope you had (are having?) a good visit home. TTYL!

In other news, it rained last night and it will rain/storm more today. Goody.

Also, I went to bed at 4am because I stayed up to watch "Candy".

Back later on.
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Tonight I'm not doing much of anything besides vegging out in front of the tube. Watching "Prince of Thieves" which at least has Alan Rickman and Morgan Freeman; good enough reason to watch it despite Costner as the lead. Ah well, that's life.

Which leads to another question: if you had the chance to recast a movie --
1) What movie(s) would it be?
2) Who would you recast, and why?

Back later on, probably.

EDIT: I really hate the arrow-in-the-hand scene because an arrow can do a hell of a lot of damage -- and in a hand? With all of the fine bones, tendons, muscles, etc.? It would be permanently crippled at best -- definitely so in this time period anyway. Assuming that the hand was save-able in the first place. At least that is my opinion.
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"I'm Not There" arrived today! I will be watching it just as soon as I have enough free time to enjoy it properly. It makes me sad though because there are only two more movies left. :'(

For some reason, I keep dreaming about the film festival. It's kind of weirding me out just a bit because I seldom (if ever) remember dreams, let alone dreams that are so specific and consistent. It's the same setting and I keep getting stuck in line for the next showing. It drives me nuts 'cause I keep missing getting in by just a few minutes.... grrrrr! But at least I get a chance to visit with the other people waiting in line with me. As I said before, there are at least six other films that are being shown -- I can see the posters and everything but I can't remember them once I wake up. [For some reason, I am convinced they were made after "queen's Gambit" -- at least in the dream reality.] In fact, when I wake up, I have my hand clenched as if I were holding a ticket... if I ever wake up holding a ticket though, I'm going to be seriously weirded out.
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So My Cousin Donna(tm) called and she is ok. But her phone keeps cutting out, so she will probably call again later on. If she had a computer, it would be much easier to keep in touch.

Also, more not-good news from Omaha.

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May. 7th, 2008 08:57 pm
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Well, as usual nothing much -- and yet everything -- seems to happen. It rained big time last night, just *poured* down. Lots of interesting thunder and lightning too but no bad storms.

Sunday I went to see the TDK trailer, which just... WOW. Go see "Iron Man" or almost any other movie so you can see that trailer ok? It is made of Awesome and it F'N ROCKS!!!!!!
More about my Sunday at the movies below, along with personal stuff.
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In which I rant about My Cousin Donna (tm), who was kind enough to ring me on the phone and wake me up at 3 freakin' am! Gah!!!
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And still living out of a suitcase. Went to the dr. yesterday and discovered that the reason my shoulder hurts is because I have very nearly dislocated it. Oh joy. I was hoping for a pulled muscle, or something. Damn.

And just so you know -- I don't have my computer with me; at least, not until I can be sure it will be safe and secure. So if you don't see many posts or see me online, that is why. Commuting is so not an option here -- we have *zero* mass transit and I don't want to put my entire check (such as it is) in the gas tank. Feh. No, instead I will put it in the grocery cart... :p
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Yes, I know. I should be in bed and at least trying to sleep. But no, I am wide awake and just snooping around just in case I might find a "can't-do-without" bargain on eBay. And instead of doing something constructive, like actually *finishing* a fic, I have (instead) started a new one. *le sigh* Figures.
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So, I have finally had to start to close things up here and start *the move*. Which is really the last thing I want but with gas officially at $3.50+ here, I have no choice. Trouble is, I still have to wait for the Master Plumber to get the new water meter in so that I can officially move in. [Well, make that "kinda/sorta" officially move in because right now I have minimal confidence in any sort of job security.] So, until there is water, I can't get the drywall up, nor paint nor do much of anything else at the other house. Damn!!! I am busy making lists of stuff that will need to be moved around -- mostly the little stuff that I can handle myself. The big stuff, like dressers, etc. will need to wait for a weekend when I can find someone w/a pickup *and* a trailer so I can move everything almost at once. *Plus* get some new security doors on the place since I don't trust my former brother or his little bitch of a daughter *not* to try and break in and steal me blind. So -- new doors, security system ... oh yeah, this is going to be so much fun. And let's not forget all of the other stuff that needs to be done, like painting, new glass in windows, new plumbing fixtures, etc. etc. And as for the furkids -- Yikes! What a mess! I knew it was going to end up like this. I just *knew* it!

Ok, I'm off to read fic (yes, I am still reading) and try and get caught up w/fb. I am so far behind that it's ridiculous but I can at least try. Please don't think you're being ignored, I'll catch up eventually... I think! Back later on.
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Well, I cat-napped a little bit. Plus paid a humongous amount to the insurance company for Mom's place -- worst of all, it's only for six months. I simply must try and change that as soon as I can get it looking better on the outside at least. *sigh*

Since it was nice out, I tried to do some cleaning. At least the porch is on it's way to being "de-catted" because all of the little monsters were camping there this winter and while I love them dearly, there were just way too many in a small space. They are mostly outside now though but they still sneak in when possible.
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Oh wow, I did not sleep at all last night? Why? I kept dreaming I was watching "The Dark Knight" trailer -- not that that is a bad thing by any means but it is *not* conductive to sleep, heh heh. Hearing 'The Joker' laugh does not inspire sleep either, believe me. I think I need a nap, like right now.

And yes, I know -- I need a life.
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I *was* asleep. For real. However, My Cousin Donna(tm) decided to call me a little bit ago which woke me up. ::growls:: I do not enjoy being woken up out of an almost-sleep especially when I have a lot of things to do tomorrow.

The question: what did she want?
The answer: I have no freakin' clue. She was out of it (*again*) and not making much sense (*again*), yapping on and on about some damn thing or other and I finally told her the phone battery was dead and that we would have to talk later on. Feh. If only she wouldn't call at weird hours -- and I really truly hope that she isn't going to come to the reunion. I am very much afraid though that she will, so I really need to put my alternate plan(s) into action. If only I didn't need a visa...

So now I am just enough awake to not be able to go to sleep very damn soon and too sleepy to put in a tape or dvd and be able to watch it through.

Yesterday (Sunday) was nice out but windy. I was going to go and see a movie or at least go into Hastings but I really hate fighting the wind. Especially when all of those darn traffic cones are rolling around the road construction on 6. So I will be going in later on this next week, probably.
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From my Brokie sibs:

#1) I ask truly *weird* questions at times.

#2) I am a *devoted shopper* (aka 'sucker') on eBay and Amazon.

#3) I don't like video games because the flashy lights and noises give me a headache.

#4) I love going to hockey games; unfortunately I didn't get to go to any this Season.

#5) I like to watch the same movies over and over again (Same with rereading books or listening to certain songs.)

#6) I am mostly computer illiterate. There is way too much basic stuff I still don't know/understand.

#7) I hate having to drive everywhere but there is no mass transit here. Zero, zip, nada.

#8) I should have been born ten years earlier than my actual birth year.

#9) I love playing trivia games.

#10) I have dyscalculia.
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Yes, I am still around. The last two days have been cold, wet and windy. Ick. No, I haven't been working on fic. More about life in the middle of nowhere under the cut.
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It's nice and warm out but windy. So much for getting caught up w/laundry, I don't want to be chasing everything for blocks.

My back still hurts so I took a brief nap. Wonderful dream though, I was back at the film festival again but I still didn't get in. :( I wonder if I ever do get in, that it will be the equivalent of waking up when you dream you fall off a cliff. I rather hope so. I want to see these movies so *bad*!

I did get a few letters written and bills paid. Also a new insurance card for the Omni; I had to use a "real" phone co I could call my aunt because my cell wouldn't work, it kept dropping the call. Weird, because I test called a few people and they were able to call me back even with no problems.

Oh yeah, and Robb said he got things straightened out w/the Upper Big Blue NRD, so that is taken care of now. Whew!

Back later on, or maybe not. Depends on my back.


Apr. 13th, 2008 09:58 pm
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As always, under the cut. Fairly accurate, especially the honesty part. Read more about my ideas regarding honesty at the end of this. Or not...
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So, I go into Hastings and managed to be late for lunch (I was distracted by a documentary on tv (commonly known as LotR) and when the Rohirrim appeared on tv, I decided want to vacation in Rohan with my missing family for July 4th -- someone help me book it please?)

Family stuff to follow:
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