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Some of you who are interested in MCU might find this of interest. Please note that the three singers are using a triplet (?) form for the song. (I'm not sure what to call it, exactly. But I find it interesting and much more listen-able than various metal versions. Sorry, but metal just gives me a headache anymore. Getting old will do that, I guess.)

Ch.: And together we will sing into the distant Ages
Wisdom older than Odin's runes
And if we need, we'll borrow mead from Bragi's Hall
And weave our Eddas and in them truth

A duet between Odin and Loki.

Note: In the myths, Odin and Loki swear a blood oath to be brothers (No, they are not adoptive father and son. That's Marvel-verse only.)
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Hope you enjoy!
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So what have I been doing? Not much. Last week turned cold, wet and chilly and sure enough, I caught a chill, a cold or *something* anyway.Ugh. I hate feeling like this. And the cold part isn't too bad except for sneezing. It's the cough that gets to me. I don't think my dr. will be in today, so I have to wait until tomorrow. *sighs*

Anyhoo, Monday I did laundry. Long overdue, because I have to line dry things. *If* I can manage it, I might have a dryer this winter. Just because I love clean, warm sheets, lol.

Tuesday was errand day, so I went into Hastings and paid bills (gas, lights and car insurance) so I should be caught up for this month. I also got special vet food my old gal Lucky and went to the Evil Empire to faff around. Picked up some necessary things, and went a few other places as well.

Yesterday was spent catching up on things here at home. I was going to work outside but I felt to chilled to do so. I made the Chicken-Barley Chili, which is yummy! Also, I had most of the things on hand already, which was a big plus too. [g] Plus, I wrote more for the bigbang. :)

Today I plan to go through some of the stuff in the garage so I can hopefully get the car inside *soon*. This is a priority, believe me.

And for those of you who are musically inclined and might want to save things in musical notation form, there is this free software:

I haven't used it personally but it looks easy to work with. Maybe one day?

My Dreams

Aug. 10th, 2011 09:51 am
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Anyone feel like some dream interpretation? This is almost exactly what I dreamed about last night. Surfing, and surf music. And no, I did not go to sleep watching "The Endless Summer" on ESPN2.

To be honest, I've seldom felt so free or relaxed after a dream. I really hated waking up.
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Today's question:

Happy, happy, joy, joy

Which song makes you happy every time you hear it, and why?

I can't say why, other than 'just because' ok? And I have *eclectic* musical tastes.
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Whatever gets you thru the night

What is your favorite John Lennon song, and why?

--Actually, I already answered this in the 30-Day meme but I'll go ahead and repeat myself. It's: "Watching The Wheels."

As for why, I don't know -- it just really seems to sum up the attitude a lot of people -- in other words, my family -- seem to hold about me (and my attitude toward them.)
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In Search of Lost Sounds
Why you've never really heard the "Moonlight" Sonata.
By Jan Swafford
Posted Tuesday, March 2, 2010, at 7:06 AM ET

You find the denizens sitting silently and waiting in the old library. They look lonely, huddled against the midwinter chill, until they start to speak. All of them are old. Some of them were once noted for their voice and personality, but now they are remembered mainly in obscure pages of history. Some of them are spindly and whispery, others burly and assertive. They used to be companions of famous people. Their intimates included Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, and Debussy. Which is to say: This library is filled with the pianos great composers wrote for. Instruments like these were etched in the composers' consciousness; they were co-creators of splendid music. Their retirement home lies in a little town in central Massachusetts. They aren't allowed to molder, however—their supervisors keep them active.

In 1976, Michael Frederick, once an East Asian history major and a harpsichord buff, and his musical wife, Patricia, bought an old piano, a British Stodart built around 1830. It needed major restoration, and because Michael had been building harpsichords as a hobby since his college days he decided to work on it himself. Then they bought another 19th-century piano, and another, and so on. You know how it is with obsessions.
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Oct. 4th, 2009 10:41 pm
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Today we have a nice classical selection for our Halloween music. Enjoy.

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I seem to be "in a mood", I guess. It's hard to realise just how completely this world has disappeared. Were we ever really that young, or innocent? Those were the days when idols had Talent. ::wistful sigh::

And just out of curiosity, I always wonder if any of my sibs have ever seen themselves or friend or relative in any of the old newsreels?

Meme Time 6

Jan. 7th, 2009 10:53 pm
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Yoinked from a PotC sib: "Think of a favorite person/character that you write (or read if you're not a writer *g*) and the ONE song that fits them."

Ok, I already did this one but in case you missed it, here's the link. Enjoy!

PS. Btw, what do you have to share?

Joker Vid

Jan. 5th, 2009 12:17 pm
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This is one of *the best* vids I have ever seen. Period. Check it out...

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Because I can't resist posting a less serious one as well. :)

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Going to play it "serious" now; medieval music is a special favorite of mine and has been for a very long time. It's in Latin and some info about the song -- and the lyrics (Latin and English translation) -- are under the cut.

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No, it's not my idea (I wish!), I just gakked it from one of my Brokie sibs. Starting today (and running straight through December the 25th) I will be posting some of my all-time favorite Christmas songs/videos here to help get you in the Holiday spirit. And if you know me ( do know me, don't you?) then you know exactly what to expect from this point don't say I didn't warn you! *ahem*


Nov. 4th, 2008 06:22 pm
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One of the more interesting musical 'experiments' I discovered tonight is just how well the theme from "Psycho" and "Halloween" go together. [This is what happens when I check out the mp3's at Amazon that use Pepsi points while surfing the tv in an attempt to avoid election coverage.]


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