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This Thanksgiving was probably the quietest one I have spent in years.: I basically stayed home and vegged out. My cousin Carol from Chicago called, and we had a nice long visit. The Thanksgiving Day weather was fair-ish but Friday and Saturday were utterly gorgeous.

Or it was until today...
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Last night it was very cold, and tonight will be much the same. Brrrrrr! I hate cold weather like this -- it's at least 3 weeks early. :/ Yesterday was spent bringing in assorted veggie plants and flowers so they wouldn't freeze -- now all I need to do is finish potting them for inside the house. I did do container gardening with my tomatoes, which is about the only veggie that grew. Everything else just failed, and I am sure it was due to the fact that they were in containers and not the ground. Next year, I *will* buy a tiller so I can have my own garden.

I am trying to get the pics I took on vacation organized a bit and I hope to make a preliminary post tomorrow. It won't be a lot but it will be a start. Most of the pics are still on the card in my camera -- and I can't quite remember how to get it out, lol! But I will figure it out eventually. [g] Also, my cousin P. is going to send me some more pictures as well.

Other than that, there is no news to speak of.

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Well, it has turned colder and I seriously doubt if it will ever be warmer. Yuck. I am finishing some last bits of clean-up and getting the big dumpster fuller (I seriously doubt if it will be filled) before the company has to come and get it. The only good thing about renting it so late in the year is that there is less demand for the large dumpsters, so they are not as tough on the return as they might be in, say, the middle of construction season.

One thing I have learned through all this cleaning is just why I have such a hard time working with other people who organize. They see books, and they pack *all* books together and fill all available boxes. I, otoh, remain true to my 'training' as a librarian and separate/pack books by category into boxes, even though this means the boxes are not always completely full. But when one is fighting time, well... >>.<< Now that I am starting to unpack, I am finding all sorts of books crammed together (make that *everything* crammed together) but all fully packed.
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wrong about hobby

This pretty much sums up the attitude my furkids have of me now, ever since I was going through stuff and I found a bunch of old baby/doll clothes. The cats are less than thrilled (and btw, no -- that is not a pic of either one of my cats) but Naz is quite willing to put up with an absurd amount of such nonsense, provided there are enough treats, pettins, and talk of: "what a good little man! see how handsome he is? good boy! good little man!" Yup, works every time. XD
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It rained again in the night. And so I got a late start to the day. I was tempted to sleep in but I wanted to get some fresh veggies etc. and since my cough was better, I just wanted to get out and faff around a bit.
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So, after being kinda-sorta offline since Wednesday, I thought I would try to play catch-up.

Thursday, I went to the dr. And since my regular dr. is on vacation, I saw another. He prescribed an Rx (which is actually what my regular would have done) and suggested I try that and "see what happens." This is fine by me, especially since the Rx is generic and that means I can afford it, lol. I think it's helped already but technically it's early to tell much of anything.

The roofers are mostly done though, except for a little clean-up, which is good. I have the feeling that fall/winter will be here very fast and I want to be ready for it.

So, what else have I been doing? Not a lot, because I also have a nasty headache. And I am trying to finish a writing assignment as well.

Back later on.
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As you should know by now. I write. Not a lot, not very fast and maybe not really great writing but decent enough. (Or I should say, I hope it doesn't stink too bad.)

*ANYHOO*, some of my more current works are at the lotrff archive. It was an established archive who was owned by a fan, well thought of, tolerant, and some of my favorite authors posted a lot of their work and spent a lot of time designing their layouts there. I felt safe posting there.

Then yesterday, the site disappeared. An announcement was then made that the site had been sold to a new owner entirely, and one who is in it for the money. (More details will be under the cut.)

To make a long story very short, I am going to be taking my work off lotrff. I hate to do it, but I no longer feel safe and I don't trust what may or may not happen to the site. Since we are almost into a major holiday/three-day weekend, I have decided to remove the stories on 6 July. I know how much it troubles me when people delete things with little warning, which is why I'm trying to allow anyone who wishes a chance to grab my stories if they want. (They're all fairly short, btw -- nothing very long or multi-chaptered.) They'll still be archived, just not there.

And now for more gory details, if you choose to read them... Actually, maybe you should. It might prove important to someone as the new site owner is eager to acquire more fic archives for monetary gain. Just so you can give others a heads up. [Comments are disabled since this is a public post and this is a ultra-sensitive subject.]
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Well, I had a guy who was supposed to help me do some heavy lifting over at my mom's today. We went over there and I showed him where the attic was (and the attic door, a trap ceiling really) was partly down. So he goes in the room, looks up there -- and just about knocks me over when he hears 'hissing' in the attic.

Yeah, it appears we either have raccoons or opossums (or both, *shudder*) up there. I guess I should have told him to bring along a 22, eh? Because seriously, I am not going to deal with damned varmints like that -- no freakin' way. And while I can use a 22, the attic space is very hot, dark and *damned* tight quarters, so I will probably have to hire some sort of exterminator to come in. *SIGHS* Yet something else I did not need to deal with, and I blame the people who kept refusing to give me a serious bid of any sort on roof repair. >:(

So, after he gave me a ride to Hastings and back (so I could get some needed supplies out of storage), I ened up doing more yard work/gardening/re-potting plants. I also got a wee bit too hot as well but at least the mosquitoes weren't too bad. Otoh, it was midday when they are usually less active, so... we shall see...

Back later on.
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This morning started out as cool and chilly so I could not work in the yard as planned. Instead I thought about doing some baking and then I decided to run errands and try to catch the 1pm matinee for POTC 4.

So, I drove in and arrived on time (yay!), actually a little bit ahead. I priced some new shoes and yikes! the price! =/ I did like them though and I should have a really nice pair for special travel etc. I hesitate to spend nearly $100 on shoes but I think I will invest in a really good pair anyway; as the saying goes: no hoof, no horse. And a lot of my shoes are pretty shabby-looking right now since I use them for hard work. (They've lasted a really long time though.)

Then it was off to see the movie (more on that later, under the cut just in case). From there I went to see if I could manage to get a newer cell phone in case of emergency -- while driving mostly -- since my new telephone is a landline only. That took longer than expected, and I picked up more kitteh nomz at the Evil Empire. A quick supper of fried grease and sugar water, and I came home early.

About the movie:
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Today was errand day. Went to Hastings and got more kitteh nomz and foodz at the Evil Empire. *le sigh* Considering what a picky eater my old gal is, I feel like I have to indulge her. Well, she is sixteen, which is a good-ish age. Plus, she is far from overweight (I think actually under) so it balances out. She's gotten more demanding to be fed in the morning, so I no longer have to worry about an alarm clock when there is a 6 lb. weight to jump on me and miaow in my ear.

Then I stopped and indulged in a copy of Sims Medieval, plus a help book. I will probably tinker with it later on; maybe get serious about it over memorial Day weekend.

Went to the accountant to pay bills; also saw Summer and talked to her.

I picked up a few other things (mostly food) at Russ's and then I came home. After unloading the car, LeeAnn and I went for walkies.

Now, time to try and write some more. Also, must answer emails and messages etc. Back later on?
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Today is actually hot. Whew! I am really sweating; I should have gotten a shorter haircut. Much busy work to do as well -- what fun eh? I have done some light vacuuming but I need to get the windows open too. Also, I need to get the mail, stop at the recycle bin -- and probably top off the tank before gas gets higher. Feh.

Oh, and I should do some laundry too. I think I can safely put my sweatpants away now and dig out my tank tops and shorts now. Never mind what I look like in them, I am a firm believer in comfort first -- and horrifying the neighbors at the same time. [vbeg]

ETA: The heat broke (or tied) some long-standing records today, like over 70+ years -- yikes. So there was a lot of outside work that will have to be done early tomorrow. ::shrugs::Of course, I knew it was super hot because the cats stretched themselves out to nearly 6 ft. long (well, it sure *seemed* like they were 6 ft. long whenever I tripped/stepped on them) whenever they weren't laying in the sink or tub. *sigh* Oh well... I did get a lot of house cleaning done, more than I expected. And I have a lot more to recycle as well, mostly old newspapers. [Junk mail will need to be burned though but that can wait until later on in the summer.]

Ok, that's all for now. Ttyl!
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Another really nice day, though the sun was slow in coming out. But it was so nice and warm when it did! :)

Yesterday, I was finally able to get some help just barely in time for clean-up day. A couple of young college guys stopped by and spent about 4 hours cleaning stuff up -- the 'grunt' kind of stuff, like cutting down some small trees and other heavy yard work. They brought a chainsaw, yay!! [I can do a lot of work, just not super-heavy stuff anymore as my back is iffy enough. And while my ankle is much better too, it still does twinge a bit. Ah well.] I have to admit that the yard hasn't looked this good in years.

The indoor cats and my little dog were most upset though I imagine it was due to all the noise and hearing people walking around the house. I did not tell them my plans! This was unauthorized! How dare I disrupt things like that! But all was forgiven once the noms came out, lol. And the outdoor cats basically disappeared until it started getting late afternoon/early evening because they don't want to miss last call for food.

So today I have been limping around, stiff and sore but feeling much better now that *something* was finally done! Whew! It will probably be an early night then, so I will be around more tomorrow.

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I twisted my right ankle this morning. Bad. I've doing the whole RICE (Rest, ice, compression, and elevation) bit but it isn't helping much. Yet. As it is, I can hardly move; lucky I don't have any stairs. Well, other than the step outside the door but that's it. Hopefully it will improve by tomorrow, as I have to meet w/my accountant, and they are on the second floor -- with no elevator. (Which now that I think about it seems very weird. Oh well. Maybe I am just not noticing it? Hmmmm...)

I've hardly been able to sit at the computer for more than 10 min. at a time so the meme will resume later. And hopefully I will be able to catch up on my reading too.
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The weather is just gorgeous outside. Really nice and warm and windy. :)

I met Summer for breakfast @ the Goldenrod Cafe (Hastings) and talked to her about resuming cleaning; she probably will at the end of the month/first of next month. Meantime, this weekend *hopefully* she and her husband can help me move some stuff.

Picked up the audio book cds (Silm) @ Prairie Books and saw my old lit prof Dr. Ll (From HC) there and talked to him a bit; then had an Rx refilled @ Berts. [The cds cost $$ but they will serve as birthday/Christmas gifts to myself for this year and next year. Also, I have not been to any movies yet this year either. Probably won't, now. Oh well.]

Did other errands; got a new 15 slot cubby for the porch. I need to put it together yet but it should help with all of the work/outdoor shoes that tend to clutter up the house. I need to find brackets to anchor it but I know there are some around. Also, I bought a 'new' bookshelf from the thrift store because as everyone who has books knows, you *always* need more shelving -- am I right or what? ;)

Came back home and did laundry; also have LeeAnn "helping" me while I do stuff because she was Not Pleased when I left so early this morning. The little scold has spent the day telling me just how bad and thoughtless I am, *le sigh*.(There were no morning walkies -- quelle horror! Bad hooman!)
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Today was cool and chilly. When I changed clocks last night, I managed to turn off the alarm, so guess who overslept. ::blushes:: Uh-huh, you got it in one.

So I didn't do much at all, just did some cleaning and stuff. Mostly cleaned the fridge, which actually has all sorts of current goodies; very few mysteries in there anymore, lol.

LeeAnn was all "let me in/let me out"; the last time she came in, it looked like some very fine snow or maybe sleet on her fur. So finally, she is content to stay in.
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I finally got my Blazer back last Wednesday. So I am mobile once more, yay!

Well basically, since Christmas Eve I have just been sick (again!) most of the time. Probably yet another of the yearly "colds" I get, especially when there is cold weather out. And believe me when I say the weather has been cold and clear but also raw and bitterly cold out, even with heavy clothing. Just a little bit of cold weather, and I seem to automatically go into hibernation mode. The worst of it is, I don't feel bad enough to go to dr. (again), so I hope this stays less nasty than what I had over Thanksgiving. And though I did go online, the screen gave me such a massive headache (on top of everything else, mostly a wretched stomach) that I had to log off almost instantly. Which means I will be horrendously late replying to people and I'll probably miss even more but I still hope that everyone had a good day.

Here, Christmas was very quiet though I did talk to some of my cousins on the phone. Boxing Day, Summer came over and brought me a plate of goodies, so that was nice of her. We chatted a bit but she didn't stay, as she had the baby with her and it was *cold*.

Today sounds like the last nice day weather-wise until after Jan. 1st, so I might go to Hastings and faff around a bit, just because. I haven't done any real shopping to speak of, and now that Christmas things are being heavily discounted, I should see if there is anything that I "need", lol.

I'll try to post more later, we'll see.
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No car, which is a pain and damned awkward. Walked down to get mail which is good for my health and all but not so good when I need to do some serious grocery shopping. Maybe if I buy a wagon? Hell, I know there used to be wagons around when I was a kid but they probably all disappeared *if* Mom didn't decide to "loan" them to someone. Of course if they weren't loaned they would have been stolen, so it's kind of the same thing. At least LeeAnn enjoys her walkies. ;)

The Buffalo/Ottawa game did not turn out as I had hoped. Damn. I watched it too; well at least until they finished regulation and then cut away to the Preakness. All I can think of is: Yeah, no wonder hockey doesn't have a bigger following in the US. Why the hell NBC had to carry the playoffs *and* the Triple Crown I will never know. If only some other network was carrying the Triple Crown... but then they would have cut away from the OT to show some golf or poker tournament. Tomorrow... I just hope that tomorrow's game doesn't go into OT. If it does, I will be seriously pissed. The bad thing is the Hastings cable company carries Versus but this one doesn't, not even with their upgrade package. However...
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