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Leaving aside the national and international news, this has been a bad week for me personally.

Most of you know I live in a very small town (or village) where basically everyone knows everyone, grew up knowing their kids -- and are often distantly related in some way to a lot more people. And if not related, then the families are close in the way that certain rural and/or isolated communities tend to be. More of a "Mayberry" vibe than anything else, y'know?
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So, there have been several fires in the area lately.

The first one was on the 14th(?) in Grand Island, which wiped out two businesses. (They had an adjoining wall.) The cause was judged to be electrical in nature, which can happen.

Then -- there was a second fire was reported just after midnight today (the 22nd) in Fairfield.

And now, just as I am checking the newsfeed before I turn in, I see that there is a fire in Gibbon.

All of this seems weird -- it's far above the average for the year (or at least imho) and it makes me wonder if something more is going on. A firebug maybe? I sure hope not!
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Yesterday, it snowed. And we had freezing drizzle with it. *sigh* Luckily I take the idea of putting in supplies very seriously. SO I was prepared for it to be worse -- which may or may not happen as winter is far from over. But at least I have plenty of food for the furkids, and a nice stock of bottled water.

So today, I looked out at the snow, saw how cold it was and decided to wait until later (aka noon-ish) before I tried to do any shoveling. I wasn't looking forward to trying to push my gate open either since it only swings out (the grade is just a hair wrong for it to swing in) and I do not need to be wrecking my back or other sensitive parts of my anatomy (in other words, everything lol) by doing something stupid.

Luckily, one of the local farmers swung by with his tractor to take care of the driveway and also my gate/sidewalk. :) He refused my offer to pay, so I will be donating that money to his church and/or the youth group he works with.

Which, in a roundabout way, brings us to the question: Just how Mayberry-ish is my town? The answer is simple: Very. (I will save further explanations for another post. ;)

Ok, time for me to return to hibernation mode! Ttyl!
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Today it was so nice out that I decided to stay home and do laundry. Well, more like took laundry to the laundromat and brought it home to dry on the line. But I got *four* loads done! AT once! And I have enough clean clothes to last more than a day or two now, lol! Seriously though, it had piled up -- and yes I was slack not doing it before but when the temps were so freakin' hot, no way was I going to be in a laundromat. I still have another big bunch to do but that can wait just awhile.

Tomorrow I plan on going to the Y, now that I have nice clean towels again. (In other words, nothing I would hate losing.) Though I am going to have to darn socks pretty soon and do some other hand mending, mostly t-shirts.

Other than that, the day has been pretty quiet. And so it goes.
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Today the city had its annual clean-up day and I had a whole lot of cut down trees and brush gotten rid of. Also a few odd bits of other stuff but mostly trees etc.

I was planning to write more but I hear thunder and we are in a tornado warning area. Well, practically the whole state is but you know, *still*. And the furkids are a little nervous too. :/

My little car is still without a garage, mostly because of all the other junk that is piled in there and that I have not been able to clear out. Maybe next week? Perhaps.

Ok, logging off for now. I'll try to keep this updated.
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Ir's been a mixed sort-of week. It started out fairly quiet but then it got busy all at once. So anyway....
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Today I took LeeAnn to the vet so she could get her 3 mo. flea treatment, and she also gets a quick once over too: eye/ear/teeth check, listen to heart & breathing and the always enjoyable "taking her temp." Oy. Or to hear LeeAnn's version, I woke her from her nice relaxing nap and took her away from home to be tortured. ::eye roll:: But all was forgiven once we left, and now she is asleep in my arms whileI attempt to type with one finger.

The weather is just gorgeous today, nice and just a teeny bit warm and it's supposed to stay that way for the next few days so perhaps I will get some yard work done after all.
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Today I took LeeAnn to the vet so she could get her 3 mo. flea treatment, and she also gets a quick once over too: eye/ear/teeth check, listen to heart & breathing and the always enjoyable "taking her temp." Oy. Or to hear LeeAnn's version, I woke her from her nice relaxing nap and took her away from home to be tortured. ::eye roll:: But all was forgiven once we left, and now she is asleep in my arms whileI attempt to type with one finger.

The weather is just gorgeous today, nice and just a teeny bit warm and it's supposed to stay that way for the next few days so perhaps I will get some yard work done after all.
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Well, I tried to get some yard work done yesterday and all that happened was that I got chewed to bits by mosquitoes. Ugh! I have bites all over; sprays seem to have no effect on them at all. So I spent most of the night trying to keep the itch down so I could sleep. :/

Since the weather cooled, I have the a/c turned off. (Yes, it's been that cool.) Also, I have discovered a serious drawback to the window a/c's (living room, kitchen and a window fan in the bedroom) I have -- the cats have only one window to sun in -- in other words, a screened window that they can lie in the sill and get 'fresh air' -- and of course there are many bitter arguments over who gets the window. *le sigh* I am sure if I had central air and opened every window in the house, they would still argue over the same window. ::head desk:: (And yes, I could open more windows but I would have to close them up again, especially when it rains at night.)

Yes, it rained last night. Again. *sighs* The lawn is going nuts growing and I need to seriously mow it before the city does and nails me with another huge bill. I wish I had a horse or something to eat this much lawn down. Because seriously, it is high enough to cut and bale. Small square bales to be sure, but still.

Oh and someone finally came around to plow up a bit of ground for the garden. It will be a very late garden w/o too much I can plant but the point is, the ground has been broken so that next year will be easier.
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Guess what? I hear thunder... loud thunder. And it is *dark* outside. Yesterday it was very light until around 8 pm. Yes, there are storms in the area yet again. Big surprise, eh?

Today was busy. I got some flowers on sale at Orscheln's (sic.) I spoke to Nikki W., who asked me about the house on S. Lincoln (which btw, is the one I had to let go.) She's very nice and I told her to tell everyone hi for me. Oh, and along with the flowers, I got big sacks of cedar shavings. (The pine shavings I have tried using in the litter boxes just do nothing to get rid of the 'eau de feline' -- phew! ::gags:: So it is back to cedar!)

Then I snagged a rotisserie chicken, plus a couple of other things at Russ's. The furkids are always happy when they smell rotisserie chicken, believe me. Forgiveness is guaranteed (for we hoomans make many many errors, such as no walkies or rides! Quelle horror!)

No movie (i.e., POTC 4) tonight because of the stormy weather. :(

And now, it is time to get busy with writing again. Back later on. Though maybe I'd better log off just to be safe even if the furkids are pretty cool about everything for now.

PS. I might go back to Orscheln's and get a few more plants/flowers later in the week; they have a really good sale, plus nice plants. The difference in price between it and some of the other stores is pretty miminal so I might as well go there as anywhere else.
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It's raining. *Again*. ::head desk:: My lawn is so long already and this is just going to make it grow even more, and faster! Yikes!! At least I have already made arrangements for a local farmer to bring in a shredder to knock it down because seriously, it must be a good 10-12" high already, which is much too high for most mowers, even a rider. Now if it will just stay dry long enough to get some serious roof repairs done -- please!

Little was accomplished yesterday since I woke up way too early thanks to my senior kitteh gal, and then I ended up going back to bed and literally sleeping till noon. One thing that did get done was cleaning on the porch, something that has been long overdue.

Also, Mike H. came over and helped me set up a compost bin (consisting only of wire.) That is one small project finished! I have begun filling it, so we shall see how it does. Mike also knows of someone who might be able to plow up the garden spot I have planned. It's a bit late, true, but I still have time to get a decent garden in.

Ok, back later on. Ttyl!
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First, the weather: Gorgeous, simply *gorgeous*. :D

As for the rest of the day, here's what I have done so far...

Cut for listing of my wild and wayward lifestyle, lol. Mel would be proud. ;)
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Well, not much was accomplished today since I still have a cold. I thought about errands but the morning was dark and chilly so I stayed home instead. *sigh*

So then this afternoon, the sun came out for awhile. (I didn't bother doing errands though. If it's not nice by noon, I try and avoid it completely. Otherwise it's just too much headache driving etc. any distance for just one hour. Besides, I can't afford it with gas as high as it is.)
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Continued from yesterday's post:

**Become gainfully employed:
I think it was about age three. Yes, *three*. I was a working child, for real. And now for the rest of the story...

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Yesterday was spent doing a few errands, plus I met Summer for lunch then I went over to her place to chat for awhile. It was nice, actually talking to real-life people for a little while.

I had to get some special cat chow for my old gal Lucky because she is 16, and she is something of a picky eater and at 16 I can cut her some slack. (It's the real reason I did errands too; I never buy too much of the special food in advance and the store here doesn't carry it. Well, they carry the brand; they just don't carry that formula. It used to be that pet food was just one brand -- and formula -- for all; now they have about a bazillion formulas... *sighs*)

Then I looked at a few bikes since my old bike's tires and rims rotted away *sigh* because where it was stored got messed up. {tl;dr} To replace tires and rims would cost about the same as a new bike, so I went and looked around. Unfortunately, my top choice came in only one color -- hot Barbie-doll pink, with darker pink stripes and bubble designs. Gah! Which would be ok, I suppose -- if I were a tween but I am not. What the company was thinking when they sent out adult-sized bikes (26") in this color, I have no idea. None. I talked with the manager to see if there was a very small chance that they had a different color in the back room but alas, all of the bikes are that same wretched color. I told the manager that the bike was my first pick (brand, style, design) but that the color was the deal-breaker. So I will go with a different brand where I can get a bike that has a color I can live with. And it's not that I hate pink -- I certainly have enough pink shirts and even a lightweight jacket that is pink, but a pink bike? Uh-uh. No way. DNW!!! Once I get my refund in a couple of weeks, I will go back and buy the other bike -- a very dark purple that is a 'new' brand (and my 3rd choice since it is a new brand) but at least I will not be cringing at the color whenever I think of it.
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Well, not much news. As for the weather -- yesterday was just lovely, nice and warm-ish with a high in the mid-30's. Lots and lots of melting, so I took LeeAnn for walkies and she had a blast. Plus I ordered some GS cookies from Maggie H. (Her mom and dad, Mike and Lisa, have been friends of the family for ages so I figured I should order them from her and at least make an attempt to show some community spirit.)

Today the temps barely made it into the teens and now, we have some light snow. Again. No winds yet though. *sighs* So it looks like I will be going into Hastings for errands, either Th or F; it all depends on the weather. I hate to think of what my gas bill will be. =/

Writing continues. I just had a new idea and I can't wait to explore it. No other news for now.
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Today was a little nicer since there were fewer below zero temps. Some wind chills remain though not quite as bad as they were. The weather is still about 15 (F) lower than it should be (which would be about 32 (F) or 0 (C), lol!

Someone was nice enough to bring a Bobcat and clean out my driveway and sidewalk yesterday, so I swept off the Blazer and let it run for awhile. Today I started it again, and then it was time to get mail and a few extra groceries. LeeAnn rode with me, and had a wonderful time. [g]

The outdoor cats camped on my porch during the worst of the weather but I shooed them off because (1) they are semi-feral and (2) I don't really have extra cat litter *or* the litter boxes needed to allow them to stay there. [Only my indoor-outdoor boy is allowed on the porch because I have a litter allowance for him, and he is tame enough to handle.]

Other than that, no news. Writing continues.

Back later on, I suppose.
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Yesterday was a lot of fun but I never realized just how many dishes I got dirty and how much washing I had to do, even just for me. Ah well. So, where to start? As is necessary for any holiday meal, the cook-in-charge must be blooded before full preparations can begin, and so it was. Oh well, it didn't put things off schedule and after a nice meal, it was nap time. [g]

The wind picked up just after noon and [big surprise] I lost my internet connection and didn't get it back until just now. It did help my writing though.

But things didn't get interesting until 7:30, when I discovered that Baby had managed to get the adjustable part of her collar in her mouth somehow, and that part included the 'snap' portion. I tried to check it further but the claws flashed out when I did, so the next thing I did was to call S and asked if he had anything to cut through a thin nylon collar. One good thing about guys who work construction is that they have all sorts of interesting stuff that can cut through stuff, so he brought one of his odd work pliers/clippers over and two clicks later, goodbye nylon collar. Baby was not too thrilled by this; she grew from normal cat size to lynx size within moments, complete with claw expansion. But she settled down instantly once the collar was off, and all is now well and good with her again. I should add that Lucky and Fatters, who are indoor-only kittehs, do not wear collars (except for rare photo ops) but Baby, being an indoor-outdoor kitteh, *did* wear one so that she would not be mistaken for a stray.

So that was my T-Day. Now I am off to catch up with my f-list again. :)
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The weather the last few days has been totally utterly gorgeous, so I have been trying to finish very last minute stuff outside -- easier said than done.

Saturday, S. came by and helped me put a new storm door on the porch. The old one was ok and in fair shape, but there was no extra window to cover the screen part anymore. So I saved it and maybe in the spring I will use it when building a potting shed. We shall see. Meantime, the new door opens on the left, while the old one opened on the right. That will take some getting used to again.

Sunday I spent around the house as well. TCM ran the new restored version of "Metropolis", so I made sure to watch that. Fascinating, and the extra scenes in the film copy discovered in Argentina in '08, it made things a lot clearer. Then I watched a documentary on the '08 rediscovery, which again was utterly fascinating. Or at least it is if you are a silent film geek. :) The next movie was another Lang film, "Spies" but I am afraid by that time I was sliding out of the chair, so I went to sleep watching it. Regrettably, I missed "M" -- I do wish that TCM would show some of these older films a little earlier -- 3am showings are just a bit much for me anymore (especially considering I hadn't slept in about 3 days. *sigh*)

Yesterday, there was a lot of napping and I went to bed early (before 10pm) and totally forgot about syfy's "Manga Mondays". :/

Other than that... not much has been going on. And now for another early night.


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