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Jan. 9th, 2013 06:26 am
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I am getting a 503 over at the 'other' place. Really? I mean, really? So once again, I am stalled from even trying to read/post/answer, and it is getting to be a *real* f'n pain. Ok, so there was the whole bit about New Year's Eve/Day and even the day after that, but the mess is still cropping up even a week later? Not cool.

IN other news, I have a very sore throat and cough. Ugh.
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... and as an added bonus, I have a rotten cold. If I'm lucky, maybe it'll turn out to be the flu despite a flu shot. So looks like I still won't be around much.

Fwiww, I did get to see The Hobbit though. Looks like that might be the high point of my month.

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Another nasty-hot day. Ugh. It was more or less ok early, before noon, but that soon changed. It's mostly the humidity that does it. Just heat isn't quite as bad but once you add in high humidity and/or dewpoints -- ugh ugh ugh.

I think I am almost over the cold -- at least I hope so. Things are starting to pile up, and it's not pretty. :/ Mostly laundry and general cleaning since I do dishes by hand and I don't really have that much garbage to speak of (I recycle as much as possible.) Also, the errand list is getting longer. :p

Details about today's dr. visit are under the cut.
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Yes, I'm still here. I have spent 97% of the last four days -- was my last post *really*on last Thursday? Yikes! -- sleeping (when not taking meds, drinking hot tea or eating chicken soup, crackers, etc.) in an attempt to get rid of this blasted cold. So far the results are.. fair. I still feel pretty rotten but I see the dr. on Wed., 1 Aug., so maybe he will have something else to suggest since right now I have another *bitch* of a headache. Ugh. Hopefully he will give me stronger cough medicine? I really do not enjoy taking antibiotics that much, please no more of them.

The weather of the weekend was so nice -- and I had to stay in for the most part except for walkies. It was actually about normal for this time of year tbh. Last night we even had a light rain which was wonderful.

As for other news: there isn't much. Not much writing is getting done or anything else for that matter. I either sit at my computer desk or sleep in bed because the couch is full of boxes to be gone through/sorted/donated etc. (a major project I started right before my aunt's b'day) and I simply do not feel up to dragging all of that off the couch and setting it up someplace else.

Also, I have fallen way behind on my Y workout schedule. Hopefully I can get back to it soon -- I can feel the lbs. climbing back on. :/

No other news for now. TTYL!
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Well, so far so good. It's arguably a bit cooler today but you can't prove it by me. Still blistering hot outside.

Last night I laid awake and coughed nearly the whole time. I didn't want to risk any cough syrup because of the CAT scan, so by the time it was morning I was already exhausted and feeling even more rotten.


(Cut for medical stuff)
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It's still hot, though we are under a severe thunderstorm watch. I don't think anything will happen though you can never tell.

My cold is on full force, and I feel *rotten*. Ugh. Worst of all is the cough -- I hate coughing.

LeeAnn caught her back claw in her hair between ear and neck. It was very traumatic! Seriously, it was. Luckily I keep a pair of super-sharp scissors on hand for just such an occasion. She needs to go to the groomers but I have to make an appointment first. (And since I just missed one, they probably won't be too pleased for me asking for another.)

More news tomorrow, I imagine. Niters all!
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Today was kinda/sorta hot and humid, because we have storms. Big surprise, eh? So far most of them are to the north and east of here so we are getting mostly wind.

I did a few errands but that's a whole other story, and a long one. In fact, I need to update about my whole week but I am afraid that the weather will make me lose my connection before I can post and so... just yeah. MTC but later on.

However, my cold is much improved though my cough holds on -- as always.

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I was going to back up my recent posts from elJ but while I was importing I went to double-check a few other things. Of course when I switched back, I hit the start new import button, which buggered everything up. Now I cannot import *anything* from there; I keep getting a reading of 'aborted' when I look to see if it has loaded. Feh. So until -- and if -- I can ever figure anything out again, I will probably be posting here only.

Of course, I can do it by hand but JFC.

And one last thing: I never have figured out how to import my comms from there to her. Just sayin'. I probably should leave stuff alone until I know what I'm doing but since there is no one trustworthy enough (i.e., slash-tolerant, I've given up on slash-friendly) where I live offline, I have to muck around and hope for the best.

In other news, my cold is better and hopefully my cough will soon follow.
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I thought I had better post while I was able to get online. The weather plays utter havoc with my connection; I have spent the whole T'Day holiday offline more than on. Of course this would happen on a major holiday, *Of Course*.

There are still high wind warnings out and we are just seeing the first flakes of snow come down. I had planned to go to dr. this am but I decided to play it smart and stay inside. Though I probably will get the mail and stuff, if only so I can get the Blazer warmed up good.

So yeah, I'm not doing much other than Christmas cards and drinking loads of hot tea.

Oh, and I still need a beta. Anyone? Please?

Back later on. *Maybe*.
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I still have enough of a cold to be miserable and the cold weather isn't helping either. But I *did* manage to find some good cough syrup, which has helped some. And I found some taffy to nibble at when I feel hungry for sweets too -- bonus! But since I can't sleep (or rather, I could sleep if Fatters would stop trying to use my head for a pillow...) Right now I am watching yet another silent movie on TCM:

The Viking (1928)
Color, b/w
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