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The weather was actually nice for a change. We should be in a cooling-off period for this coming week -- I hope so!
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Lj seems to have itself under control again, so *hopefully* I can get this posted. If anyone ever needs to find me for whatever reason, you can probably find me over at DW. I know a lot of people don't like it but at least it's another place to contact if needed. (I'm la_samtyr over there btw.) So anyway...

It's finally warmed up but there has been no spring as such -- it feels just like summer now. I am going to have the a/c put in the window this weekend because the heat bothers the furkids more than it does me. The bad part is that we are supposed to have storms this weekend. Grrrr!

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Ok, basically this *will not* be about anything that has already been covered in world/national news -- except for weather. Weather is one of my favorite topics (as you can tell by the tags, lol.)

Last Sunday I decided to go and see Jurassic Park in 3D, just because. It was a lot of fun too. I also noticed there was a movie called "42" playing, and I was wondering how I had missed learning about anything connected to 'Hitchhiker's Guide'. Of course, when I asked what it was about, *then* I learned it was a biopic of Jackie Robinson. ::facepalm:: In my defense, I would like to say that I seldom pay attention to sports movies unless they are about horse racing (Seabiscuit, Secretariat) or hockey (Slapshot, Miracle) and since I no longer have cable, this one slipped by me.

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Well, once again the roads are bad. Last night we were brushed by the edge of an ice storm, and today it is still very nasty out. My car is coated in ice and there is a very thin coat of ice on the wires. :( As you can guess, I am inside for the rest of today and probably some of tomorrow as well. Though I suppose I do need to try and start the car so the engine can get nice and warm. Ah well. I have turned the furnace up a bit because otherwise I am just too chilly even with a heavy sweatshirt. *sigh*

Also, I just heard that I-80 is closed from Kearney west to the CO/WY border due to the weather and also because there are no more hotel rooms left. O__O I mean... just yeah. Weird weather pwns us all.

Now I am back to writing, as usual. Still using the laptop to write on with some things; some of the newer stuff gets roughed out on a private entry till I can get to the laptop, as my cats love nothing better than to dance, prance and flounce over the keyboard. >>.<<

Back later on!

What Next?

Jan. 25th, 2013 09:09 pm
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So, it's been a long-ish day, though really *really* nice, temps in the 40's (zomg!) and I have been in and out with the dogs most of the time. I did take a quick run to get LeeAnn more meds from the vet while it was so nice though because the next week will be kind-of iffy according the the weather forecast. It looks like we might be right on the edge of stuff -- or not. Just wait and see, I guess.

I had forgotten how much and how loud! Chihuahua pups yip and screech for No. Reason. At. All. -- this is helping me to decide to name the little guy Nazgul because oh my poor ears. :/

Anyway, I put the little guy in his crate and the next thing I know, I hear the door of the crate rattle. I try to ignore it but it keeps on, so I turn around and what do I see? A gray *cat paw* rattling the door. >.< It appears that my gray cat Fatters has been sneaking in there for naps, so it looks like I will have to keep the crate door closed in order to *keep the cat out.* ::headdesk::

So now, it is time to return to writing once more.
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Actually, I snagged this pic somewhere online, but it's a pretty close match. And the pic is under the cut because I am not sure just how large it will show up. There will be official pics to come, just as soon as I figure out how to use my camera...
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This week started out in a not-so-good manner.

Monday, I was working on a gift fic (and doing some beta work) when I realized I had to make a vet run for meds. So I turned off my 'puter, ran the errand (which was after lunch btw) and hurried home so I could get back to writing. (Was any of this backed up anywhere? Why no, of course not. ::is very ashamed::)

And, unsurprisingly by now, my main 'puter (the desktop *and* the one I had been working on) had crashed *yet again*. ::headdesk headdesk headdesk:: So I had to make yet *another* run this time to a *new* computer repair shop since the store I originally bought it from has worked on it *twice* this year and it's still doing the same damned thing. Feh! Hopefully the new shop will be able to fix whatever is wrong with it so that I don't have to keep running back to them because really, this is the third time in one year and that is just way too much.

I decided to take my older laptop (the Vista, remember?) in as well because it is supposed to be my back-up and I had planned to take it in earlier last fall (after my holiday) but that idea was delayed by a plumbing issue. And since things like plumbing tend to pwn any computer issues, well...

So, the good news is that the laptop is fixed and that is what I am using right now. The bad news is that everything I was working on is on the *other* one -- the desktop. With any sort of luck it will be done Friday and I can finish what I was doing.

And in other news...
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I know this is late but -- if anyone would like a card from me, please make sure you PM me or send an email with your current snail addy.

In other news...
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My oldest kitty, Lucky, informed me at 3:17 am that Starvation Is Imminent!

So now I am *still* awake, and very very tired. That is all.
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Yes, I am back from vacation. I actually got home early Monday (2 am-ish) and drove straight home. As soon as my key hit the lock, my oldest kitteh Lucky, announced that I had been a *Very Bad Hoomin*, and she kept repeating this all the while I got my stuff inside the door, all the while I was attempting to unpack (of course she sat inside my opened luggage and scolded me, *of course* she did why would I ever think differently?) and logging on to see what had been going on since I left -- and she kept it up. I think I must have fallen asleep with her still fussing, and each time I woke up, she continued her scolding at me (though she was starting to sound a bit hoarse by then.) And even now, she *still* is singing the same aria. ::headdesk:: Enough already, gal. I get the message. (Actually they have all been fussing but Lucky refuses to let go of the subject. Oy.)

However, fussing from furkids aside, I had a really *great* time. I will be posting more about the trip (my cousins place in Chicago 'Metro' and also where we were in the U.P. of Michigan, the copper mining country) a bit later on, once I can figure out how to get the pics uploaded.

I've been trying to play catch-up w/everyone but I know I am probably overlooking quite a bit so if there is anything particular I should know or even if any of you just want to yakk a bit, feel free. Hopefully things will be back to more or less normal soon, so stay tuned. Ttyl! Niters all!
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It's still hot, though we are under a severe thunderstorm watch. I don't think anything will happen though you can never tell.

My cold is on full force, and I feel *rotten*. Ugh. Worst of all is the cough -- I hate coughing.

LeeAnn caught her back claw in her hair between ear and neck. It was very traumatic! Seriously, it was. Luckily I keep a pair of super-sharp scissors on hand for just such an occasion. She needs to go to the groomers but I have to make an appointment first. (And since I just missed one, they probably won't be too pleased for me asking for another.)

More news tomorrow, I imagine. Niters all!
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It's going to be another crazy-hot day with heat advisories and warnings. Ugh! I just took LeeAnn for her walkies and it's *warm* -- and that is before the sun is really, fully up. I hate to think what my a/c bill will be. ::shudders:: In fact, according to one local newscast, it was hotter in the western part of the state yesterday than it was anywhere else -- even places like Death Valley and Kuwait. O____O

Sleep is almost impossible too. Lucky came and laid on me and purred and purred earlier. So we had a nice little cuddle and chat. She is such a sweetheart but she is old and her health is best described as 'fair-to-frail' and I don't like to think on that too much.

In other news... hmmmm. Well, I know there is other news but I am too hot and tired to think of it. Sitting in front of the a/c helps but all I can think of is the errands I have yet to run, and all of the getting in and out of a/c into a blast furnace. If I don't get a summer cold (at best) or walking pneumonia (at worst) out of this, I will be very surprised.

And now, time for a quick breakfast and start running those errands. Back later on, I hope!

My Day

May. 31st, 2012 08:06 pm
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Excuse me, make that "my life" is basically this. [g]

funny cat pictures - hello, hooman. remember me?
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Last night we had a big storm roll in about 4 am. Extremely loud thunder and there was at least one lightning strike that made the night look day! O___O It looked like something out of a movie!

Of course it scared my little dog (the cats heard it and disappeared under the bed probably) who shook like a leaf and pressed up next to me as tightly as she could. I really feel sorry for the animals because they are (imho) built like a Nth gen Doppler radar system or something of the sort.

Best of all though, I finally got my little window a/c put in! :) Yes! I turned it on so that it could help get rid of some the humidity and then I laid right down for a nap... and slept for about three hours. Then up for lunch, and another lengthy nap. I finally feel a bit rested now but it will definitely be an early night.

As for the weather forecast? So far it's quiet, and probably will be quiet all night. Yay! :)
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Well, lots of stuff. Nothing major just lots of little bits of different stuff. First, the weather has been just gorgeous lately. Walkies are fun! ;)

The night before Christmas Eve, *someone* puked on my keyboard -- and it wasn't me. *sighs* So on Christmas Eve, I was getting a brand new keyboard. Now I need to buy a protective skin because I do not want to deal with this again.

Christmas was quiet; I mostly talked to friends/family on the phone/online and reread my cards. Thank you again everyone. (And I do hope that at least some of my cards made it on time.) Oddly, nothing really good was on tv so I watched dvds instead. I got a lovely fic for my SeSa prezzie though. :)

As you may have guessed, I have pretty well moved over to dw. I was finally able to import everything from here even though it took two days to do it. Face it, lj is becoming more unstable and I just know that more ddos attacks will be coming soon. It's not that I think dw is perfect by any means but I want to be ready. I've got a lot of stuff here that I don't want to lose since I've been here for... idk... almost seven years? or whatever... (Personally I like insane journal better because you get 100 free icon slots! Yay for more icons! :) Oh and I *finally* got notices that I had lj-gifts, which apparently decided to show up after a nice long party in cyberspace, lol. My apologies for being so late (and a big Thank You) to [personal profile] spiced_wine and to [profile] fuzzy_carpet for the snowman cookies.

My latest project is cleaning out my laundry room since I need to have some plumbing work done in the bathroom. Ugh. So not fun. So now everything is torn up and in a mess but hopefully things will straighten out fast. We'll see. The kitten has been going crazy snooping and generally making a pest of himself, lol. the other cats are all majorly stressed about Things and Boxes being moved around.

I finished my mefa reviews at last. Yes! And I met my goal too. But I'm afraid that very little work has been done on my bb fic. I just seem to be written out right now. I wish I could feel like it will be finished but honestly, it's not looking good. :(

Ok, that's it for now. Ttyl, everyone! *hugs*
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So what has been happening? Lots and lots of stuff and more to come, as always.

Yesterday the weather was beautiful. Nice and fairly warm, the kind of day where you just want to faff around outside because it is so freakin' gorgeous. I went into Hastings and finally got my hair cut, met with my accountant and did a few other misc. errands. Came home and shared fresh rotisserie chicken with the furkids, which was greatly appreciated, lol. Big surprise, eh?

Today is yet another gorgeous day, even nice than yesterday I think. So I decided I would do whatever yard work might need to be done. I woke up later than planned and missed getting the dumpsters out in time for collection. Though they aren't really full so it's not that big a deal. But still the truck has been coming around later and later, except for today. Today they were way early -- I didn't even hear them. Oh well.

But... I just discovered that my oldest cat, Lucky, has an extremely loose lower left fang... so loose that it is sticking out a decided angle. So I just called the vet and now I have an appointment there at 4:30. *sigh* And it just happened too because I feed her on the computer desk, right next to the screen. Mostly I do this to make sure that she eats and that Fatters does not steal her food so I tend to watch her closely when she eats. Apparently not closely enough though. >.<

Stay tuned...

ETA: Just got back from the vet. Lucky is fine. The root of the tooth (left lower 'fang') was so rotten that all the vet had to do was pull it out by hand. It took him less than a minute, probably. (I was afraid she would have to stay there and have it extracted under anaestic (sic) She did get a shot of antibiotic and I have some antibiotic drops for her to take. I am hoping that this is the reason she has been so picky eating -- she wouldn't let me get near her mouth to really look and if I tried, she would bat me on the hand and disappear until she smelled food cooking lol.
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So, why am I awake and posting at this time of night?

Because after going to bed about 7pm last, I woke up.

Why did I go to bed so *early*? Was I sick, or something?

Not sick, just cold. Yes, it was that freakin' *cold* last night, as the temps went down into the "zomg! I am f'n *freezing*" range. So I went to bed, zipping up the sleeping bag and putting a heavy blanket over that as well. So I slept nice and sound until I had to get up, and when I did *that*, the animals all woke up.

Thus, I went from being kinda/sorta sleepy and dozy to wide awake.

And now?

The cats have all been fed treatz, the little kitten got to eat some gooshy food and play on the floor a bit (I had forgotten just how wide-awake and playful a kitten can be in the middle-of-the-night--oi), and the dog has had a quick run inside the fence.

And now, I will probably be going back to bed.
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So, I have a little time and will now try to play catch-up.

Yesterday I went to the vet to get some flea drops for Lucky. She's been miserable, poor baby -- I also got Capstar (three pills) which is supposed to kill the adult fleas even more quickly, like within a half-hour. And yes, I got enough drops for my other kitty too, though not the pills. She *Is Not* happy about the new pill either. Otoh, she does seem happier and more eager to eat her wet food than is usual. I have been shutting her in the bathroom so she can eat in peace, and without Mama Kitty (aka Fatters, aka Food Thief, or Thief -- my other indoor kitty) stealing it from her. Lucky is in the bathroom now, happily sunning herself and eating as she pleases. Lucky didn't mind the drops too much and I was able to find a skin patch easy enough but Fatters was tricky, because she has the densest fur I have ever seen. She got her drops too, though.

Writing continues. I am taking a brief break since spell and grammar-check can only do so much. My AinA fic is basically finished except for some last minute fine-tuning.

The State Fair opens today. I will probably go next week, preferably on a weekday when it is less crowded and hectic.

And now, back to writing.
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Well, storms. There are assorted warnings out, and I heard thunder a little earlier. :/ So, we shall see.

My little dog does not seem to be quite well. I'm not sure what, only that she seems a bit 'off'. I hate taking her back so soon to the vet but I might do it anyway. I gave her some wet food (she has all the dry she wants) tonight which seems to have helped. She does get other wet food but not a lot, as she has a little tummy. She's been fussier than usual too, so we have been going on walkies at night when it is cooler.Not too far but it does seem to help her settle down. (Unfortunately this has been a distraction from my writing, which is not good.)

The roofing continues, which is all good. (I shudder to think of the bill but it *must* be done.)

No other news for now. Back later on, if the weather is ok.
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It rained this morning, so I decided to do some rearranging in the living room. Without the furkids approval, of course.

and... ZOMG! TEH DRAH_MA! I dared to *Move Things Around!!* And... *and* I VACUUMED!!! One of *the* cardinal sins in the eyes (or should I say ears?) of teh furkids. ::shakes head:: There was much barking, whining, miaowing, stomping, flouncing and general spazzing... you name it, and they did it. *sighs*

After the weather cleared, it was a little too late to do laundry so I did some yard work -- and promptly got nommed by mosquitoes. :/

And that was pretty much my whole day.

Now time to write. Maybe.


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