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Well, the worst of the winter weather appears to have gone around us. There was some snow but it soon turned to rain, then heavy flurries and then it got cold enough so I could see icicles forming. So I stayed in and just watched the weather do its thing. We probably got less than 1" of snow yesterday and it was nearly all melted by today. My cousin in Denver, otoh, got around 10" plus of snow yesterday. Heh.

As for personal stuff...
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Just got word from my cousin Lyn P. that my Aunt Lee (age 102) is now in hospice in Omaha. While this is very sudden, I can't say that it is entirely unexpected.

And just to prove how weird things can get, her last surviving son, Michael -- though she has *many* grand and great-grand children -- is also in hospital. So it looks as if I will be going down *very* soon, or just as soon as I finish some things (i.e., taxes) anyway :(

So if I am not around or answering much, that will be why.

I also called a bunch of my older cousins to let them know, and talked to my cousin Paul B. on the phone.

Home Again

Jul. 23rd, 2012 06:18 pm
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Yes, *finally*! It has been *so long* since I have been able to really be online that it is pathetic.

My Aunt L.'s 102nd birthday party went off just fine, no hitches to speak of. The only real drawback was the 100+ weather, which was just... well, *hot*. But there was lots of food and visiting with people. (My aunt does get a bit more tired than she'd like to admit but she wouldn't miss it for anything.) Driving there was a bit of a headache since nearly all of I-80 is torn up with construction (or as I call it, wasting the taxpayers $$$$$$$) from my usual route through to Omaha. Not fun. So coming back I took the York exit and hit Hwy. 81 until I got to Hwy. 6, and then it was easy driving back home. And so much more relaxing, lol!

And now, I am off for an early night. I will post more later on.

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Well, I am sure that everyone has heard about the 'Batman' shooting in CO. So far, I don't think that anyone on my flist was there, though I can't be 100% positive since I have yet to hear back from a few people. This is just so heartbreaking. :( I suppose I will have more to say later on, once I am more collected and such. But right now I am jsut exhausted.

Sunday will be my Aunt L.'s 102nd birthday, and I am definitely going to that. :D I had planned to go down early but I got too sidetracked plus my shoulder and back are giving me fits.

So it's an early night for me, and probably an early morning as well.

Oh, and my little garden (such as it is) looks pretty well done for. The zuchinnis are finished, and most of the squash too whcih I hate. I love them! The peppers and tomatoes are hanging on plus some eggplant (I think). But it's just way too much heat, and next week the temps will be in the triple digits. Ugh! I am not looking forward to it!

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I haven't made a proper post for... oh, way too long. First I went to Auntie's b'day party and was gone -- only to discover by the time I got back, that el J was down -- and remained down for way too long. Then I got sidetracked with writing (or trying to) and then it was time to take this in and get the new 'safety' program installed. So anyway, here goes. And under a cut as usual because you all know how much I can ramble on. ;)

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I finally went to the dr. today. The good news is that I have bronchitis (sic), which means I got some antibiotics and strong cough syrup, which should get things straightened out fast.

The awkward news (not bad, mind you -- just awkward) is that my Auntie A. must have called nearly the entire family with news that I was sick, so my inbox was choked full, the phone went crazy ringing and I even had a couple of local people stop by the house (a *real* rarity!) to see if I needed help, because *they* had been called by some of my older cousins (who had been called first by Auntie A., remember?) ::boggles:: So yeah, that is how things go sometimes.

The weather must have decided to take pity on me, because it was *beautiful* out today. Temps in the 50's, sunny and *no wind*. ::happy sigh:: It was so nice for me to go out and to not be half-frozen by the wind chills. So I went and bout the cheaper kitteh nomz at the Evil Empire again (it's about 50 cents cheaper than here), and I indulged in a heated throw (aka mini-blanket) as well, just because. Though I am sure my kittehs and goggie will soon be fighting for possession of it as soon as it is unwrapped and laid on my bed -- with luck they will permit me to share it too, lol.

When I went downtown to pick up my meds, I stopped in at the used book store and managed to score three (!) Gregory Maguire books: 'Wicked', 'Son of a Witch', and 'Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister'. So all in all, today was a pretty darn good day! :)
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Today is actually nicer than I thought it would be, mostly just kinda rainy. However, I pulled a muscle in my back last night (lucky lucky me, eh?) so I am spending most of the day flat on my back to see if that will help.

Rant under the cut. You have been warned.

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Here are a couple of pics from my Auntie L's 100th b'day:

The birthday girl on her 100th birthday :)

The birthday girl with her newest great-great-granddaughter (age: 5 days)

No, I did not take the pics. I snagged them from my cousin K.H.

Still Hot

Jul. 17th, 2010 08:27 pm
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There was a very brief thundershower this morning but not enough to make any kind of difference. It is still *HOT*, and I am still melting. Ugh. Not fun. There are assorted storm warnings this evening too. Meh.

The worst of it is, I can't do hardly *anything* outside unless it's just before daybreak. ::eye roll::

In slightly better news, I got to see Lyn, Auntie L. and Auntie and Uncle. Lyn arrived about a minute before I did, and then we had lunch with Auntie. Or rather, they had lunch while I sat and drank water because I was so hot that even the sight of food made me feel sick. Afterward we had a quick 2 hr. visit before Lyn and Auntie L. had to go to Little Pat's place (yet another hour drive) where they are staying; they will stop again in GI to visit Auntie and Uncle (Monday am) on their way back to Omaha. I, however, won't be there because Summer had to switch days and will be here Monday afternoon instead of Wednesday morning. Oh well, I will see them in a few days at the birthday party.

As always, there was a slight downside as I had to stop at the Aurora interchange truck stop to eat something because I was feeling so hot and stressed. Arguably I could have made it home but it was so freakin' hot -- did I mention there is no a/c in the Blazer either? -- and I desperately needed to cool off. So I bought a cheap meal of fried grease and iced tea because as long as you buy a meal, places won't give you too much hassle. (Plus I told them I didn't feel good from the heat, just in case, y'know.) So after getting a refill on the iced tea and reading a couple chapters in my book, I felt ready to make it the whole 20 miles (or whatever) back home. I shared the fried grease with the furkids, and I have been parked in front of the fan ever since.
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Auntie called earlier; Uncle is not well. He doesn't recognize her now but she says it's because his blood sugar is spiking so badly (up to 600, which sounds wrong -- otoh, if it's right...)

So I have been busy w/emails and such with the cousins. :(

Very little writing is getting done. :/
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Hot muggy weather today. Meh. I will have to try and mow the lawn early in the morning because it is just too hot otherwise. I have opened up the windows as much as possible to get some fresh air, and the cats are enjoying themselves immensely.

My cousin Lyn P. is sick. She is back in the hospital for tests; hopefully they will find out what is wrong soon. I hope it is nothing major as she is my age, and I am still upset about Donna from last year. [I miss Donna terribly, even now.] As usual, I am not telling the Aunties or Uncle about this. Maybe it's lying by omission but I can't see that there is any point in worrying them when nothing is known.

Now I must try and get work done on some fic. I did some writing last night but it didn't save properly. >:( So it is back to square one, I guess.
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First, the weather. More rain, which lasted until roughly 6 pm. Will it stop now, and *not rain* tomorrow? Wait and see, I guess. ::please please please!::

Legal stuff this afternoon. It looks like I will be getting new tires next Thursday, which will be nice. Very nice since the tires I have are... *very* *dangerously* *old*. Can we say 'almost bald, with wires showing through'? Yup, we can. ::shudders:: So, new tires -- Yay!

After that, I went to talk to Marilyn G. She's an older lady of 80, and she knows my 'story'. Which is to say, she knows a lot of my family background, having known me for many years. More to the point, she grew up in the area and thus understands a lot of little... nuances, I guess. I know I've put some of my family history and other stuff on here but in some ways, it's only touching the surface. Because obviously, there's (a) a certain limit to what I feel comfortable posting online and (b) it's hard to know exactly *what* may or may not be relevant. Anyway... we had a nice long talk and I do feel better about certain things.

Then I went to do some grocery shopping. Unfortunately I hit the rush hour for the store, and I got trapped in. I tried for over 15 minutes to back out, and I kept getting 'horned'. So finally I gave up, went back in and told customer service what had happened and that I was leaving but would be back. Which is how I ended up calling Summer and taking her out to the Blue Moon for coffee. We talked for awhile, then went next door to the book store and looked around. Then she took me back to my car, and at long last I managed to leave. Next time I will park on the side, where there is less traffic coming in.

Ok, it's been a long day and I still have groceries to unload. Luckily most of it is non perishable but I still want to get it inside.

Back later on.
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So, Auntie told me that Uncle wasn't doing well a few days ago. I emailed some of the family, and now *everyone* is either calling or emailing me to find out how they are. ::head desk:: Proof that no good deed goes unpunished. Apparently I should be doing more (oh really? really?) and I admit I have been avoiding them but you know, I am just so worn out from dealing with mom and dad for years that I just don't really care. [I could go into a lot more detail but I will just shut up for now. More ranting to come later, I'm sure.]

Result: I will probably be doing "family stuff" for the next few days so if I'm not around much, that's why.
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Most of the cousins have been getting in touch with me because they can't get Auntie A. on her cell phone. Uncle is not well. *sighs* The reasons (which I am not telling them, btw) is because she either doesn't charge the phone properly or she can't reach it (she's pretty much chair-bound now, it's sad). So I have been giving them the number of the main desk, which will connect them. Eventually. Maybe this will force them to get a better phone set-up.

In other news, the Cubs game on WGN ran over-long, so they did *not* re-run the "LotS" ep that I was expecting. >:( Such things are *not* to be tolerated! So now I will watch a re-run of today's ep on another station at 10:30pm instead. It's not a bad ep, but believe me, last week was total WIN!

In other news, I continue writing.

Oh, and the weather is "fair." Meh.
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Yesterday and today well dull, dark and rainy. Yuck. It's supposed to be nice later on in the week though. ::hopes:: The furnace seems to run constantly. I am writing some and trying to finish a few things.

My little dog is not feeling well (see under the cut for animal care details.) Talked to Auntie; she is ok, and so is Uncle. Maybe next week I will be able to go and see them for awhile.

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Auntie called me this morning; she had the idea I had called her over the weekend. I hadn't, because I have to go through the switchboard instead of dialing the direct. Cellphones, feh. But I am stuck with this one since it is the only one she can hear me on. I do miss a regular phone; I never had so much trouble with calls then. Apparently some of the cousins want to come and 'visit' for Easter. This should be fun -- there are major construction projects going on in Hastings and GI is preparing for the State Fair to open there this fall, so to say that hotels are at a premium is an understatement. There is also construction going on in Kearney. Oh, and any smaller towns that happen to have hotel/motels are filling up fast too. Good luck getting rooms! So anyway... it snowed last night and most of yesterday. *le sigh* I am tired of all the cold weather already. I need a nap aga
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I am sneezing like crazy. Meh. Maybe this will finish off that stupid almost-cold I have had for so long now. ::fingers crossed::

Talked to C.; she was fortunate enough to see "Imaginarium". I am wildly, madly envious. [I am hoping she will take pity and adopt me.] I doubt if I will see it -- unless it gets a few nods on Tuesday, it will be gone completely. Damn them for not releasing it more. I am watching 'Matrix' right now. Afterward, I will try and find something else.

The weather is nice and sunny and not as cold as it has been lately. I really should consider visiting Auntie and Uncle but I am not that motivated, nor is it *that* nice out. At least all of teh porch kittehs are soaking up the rays though. [eg]

My cousin Paul had a break-in yesterday? the day before? -- I'm not quite sure when, but he did blog about it. Luckily he wasn't home when it happened but still, not good. I emailed him; hopefully he will write back soon. I would call but he might be busy with insurance or something or maybe even trying to rest. Besides, my phone is iffy at best and I have limited minutes on it.

Writing continues. I am thinking on doing some Rohirrim background.

Gil continues experimenting with chai latte recipes (which are actually one-half hot chocolate, I think. I don't argue, I just sample.)

Back later on probably.
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Another nice day. I know, I am getting boring right? But it is supposed to stay nice like this until Monday, so I am making the most of it.

I had planned to do laundry but Donna's former boyfriend called and talked for about an hour, which cut right into the time I set aside for that. *sigh* I definitely need a different phone because this one doesn't hold a charge very well but it's getting old. [It's also the only phone my aunt can hear me on, which is a real pain. >.< ] Otoh, I usually don't talk so long. Afterward, I had to recharge the phone, which seemed to take a very long time. I am thinking I will have to look into the recent Windstream promotion that has dsl and a phone for just over $50/month. But I hate to do it because I am afraid I will get charged for long distance to nearby towns and I hate being charged for that. And I *hate* talking on the phone!! Really!!

And in other news... hmmmm, no other news, I guess. Back later on.
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Hi everyone! I hope that you are enjoying the day -- take care! :)
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It was *gorgeous* outside today, simply *gorgeous*! ::dreamy sigh:: So of course I went in to Hastings to stock up on food since they are still predicting a bad storm for Wednesday to last through... however long, IDK.

I also went to see "Avatar" because I have no idea if I will get another chance to see it if the weather turns bad. I am a wimp when it comes to bad weather in the winter. I did enjoy it a lot; I am not sure if it will be as revolutionary as they claim, though I can appreciate the jump forward in technology. More than that I will not say for fear of spoiling someone who hasn't seen it.

Tomorrow I might go and visit Auntie and Uncle if the weather holds up enough. We'll see. I'm not that keen on going but I should stop by since I doubt if I get up there if I don't make time now. *sigh*

No other news for now. I may or may not make an early night of it.



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