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Well, when the weather is nice, I am busy doing stuff outside. Slow, but sure. Also very iffy since the weather has been weird.

I have to admit I miss my aunt and uncle a lot. However, I still have one aunt left (on my mom's side) who is making plans for her 101st birthday in July. Her son, Mick, just rolls his eyes at the idea of another huge b'day party for her especially since his youngest daughter is getting remarried for the second (or third?) time this June. XD Love it! And I have an aunt and uncle (my dad's older brother and older sister) who are also 90+. (A lot of people just stare at me when I tell them this, like they think I'm playing some elaborate practical joke. Why, I don't know. Go figure.)

Today is also nice, so I will probably be back in a little while. Lots and lots of serious cleaning to do, and very little time to do it in. Also, I need to decide where I am going to plant the garden, and other flowers because spring is only a few weeks away.

Oh, and I really need to get that new bike! Exercise awaits!
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I just found out that my Uncle J. (Auntie A's husband) passed away. He was 91. I'm not surprised; he wasn't well and he was lost without Aunt A. I know he is much better off too, but it still hurts. :(
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Well, yesterday was an incredibly *long* day, so I am going to a cut now. Also **a lot** about funerals and funeral customs and a bit of dark humor, so be warned.
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First of all, a big thank you and hugs to everyone who has offered condolences. It means so much to me, really it does. I promise I will get back to you in a day or so.

As for everything else, here's a rundown of yesterday (??), and probably for tomorrow as well.
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Sad News

Dec. 14th, 2010 10:57 am
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I just found out that my Auntie A. passed away. She was 97. I know she is much better off now, but it still hurts.
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More errands, and another lovely day outside too. Tomorrow will be another quick round for errands, and picking up some things. I tried to call Summer before I left but her phone kept going to voicemail, so I didn't hear from her till I was back home. Pity, that. So I will definitely see her tomorrow and maybe we can make plans about when she will be able to help again.

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Yet another insanely hot day. Ugh! The heat index could reach over 105F. :/

In other news, things are nuts around here. *sighs* Plans are changing every hour and I have zero idea when anyone will come by or I am to meet them or what. My cousins will be here *sometime today* (no idea when, of course) but maybe I can meet them for supper? We'll see.

I had intended to go down to my aunt's tomorrow and then come back on Monday but I don't know if I will do that or not. *Maybe*. We'll see. Mostly because my aunt will be at a wedding shower for her great-granddaughter most of Saturday and my cleaning lady's OB changed appointments on her, and now the only time she can come is Monday morning. So all of my original plans? Shot to f'n hell, as usual. [And then people wonder why I make no plans and just drift through life? Gee I wonder!]

I almost had a window a/c put in yesterday but the guy who helped me is going to have to cut the brackets off because the window is just barely high enough to fit it in. ::headdesk::

Back later on with more whining.
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Went to Hastings to meet cousins from Chicago and visit Auntie and Uncle. More on that tomorrow though, I need to get to sleep because they are leaving early tomorrow.

Talked to beta about fic; JD gave me requests for three more fics. XD Yes, *three* more! So, we shall see what happens with those ideas. I've already made a few preliminary notes, just to be safe. ;)
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And my server is still wonky as ever. I was online for literally about ten minutes this morning and I have been on intermittently ever since. Yay. So for everyone who usually hears from me and hasn't (often in the form of fb), that's why. I'll honestly try and catch up as soon as possible.

Last night I saw TDK for the seventh time.

My aunt and uncle are once again making noises about going into assisted living but I doubt if they will do it. Pity, because I am very much afraid that one day they are going to be forced into due to declining health, and then all hell will break loose.

More later on. I'm off to play catch-up w/fic and everything else. Take care everyone. Niters!
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Yes, I am still here and yes, I still have intermittent internet access. Right now I am so far behind w/fics and fb that it is pitiful. So, if you're wondering why I have not left fb on a fic (or fics, as the case may be) that's the reason.

This comes from a sports sib. Obviously, we can rest easy that as long as there are professional athletes, there will be *ahem* new and unusual words showing up in the language. This from Joel Zumaya (MLB, Detroit Tigers): When talking about the shoulder tightness he experienced was due to dehydration and ... FATIGUENESS. (I wonder if he studied rocket surgery as well.)

Meanwhile, I am continuing to try and write. Someday I might be able to finish one of my fics again. Keep your fingers crossed ok?

The cousins from LA will be here sometime tomorrow, if my auntie got things right. I am hoping they will want to see TDK because I have minimal interest in any other movie right now. [Though "Mummy 3" does look as if it has some possibilities... oh well, perhaps later. And "Hellboy 2" has the elves...]

The engine tune up cost $140 as opposed to the $60 I thought it would. Actually, I planned for $100 but not the extra $40. F'n hell. That's damn near $300 in less than a week, and not counting the gas either. F'n bloody hell again. Hopefully it won't need anything more for awhile.
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So My Cousin Donna(tm) called and she is ok. But her phone keeps cutting out, so she will probably call again later on. If she had a computer, it would be much easier to keep in touch.

Also, more not-good news from Omaha.

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In which I rant about My Cousin Donna (tm), who was kind enough to ring me on the phone and wake me up at 3 freakin' am! Gah!!!
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My sore throat is about the same; not improved but not worse either. The snow didn't last too long since it melted before noon. At least around here it did; I'm not sure what happened outside the area.

Talked to my aunt last night and it sounds like my cousin Lyn is going to be bringing my other aunt (her grandma) out for an overnight visit Friday -- I'm just not sure *which* Friday it is. Oh well, I'll find out soon enough. I just hope Lyn doesn't show up here. Highly unlikely I admit, but vaguely possible.

In other news, I am back to writing my "poison" fic. Ugh. If I was smart, I'd change some names so I could sell it to Hollywood and make some $$$$. [There can never be too many $$$$.] Or I could actually *finish* one of the fics I have over 90% completed. Or I could start work on the fic that is being inspired by the phrase "in a valley lit by the moon" -- yes, I know, you probably have a 98% idea of where that one will be going, right? Right.

Off to take a nap since I am so blasted tired. I am not sleeping very much, which is not good. Back later on.
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So, it's still icky weather here. Meh.

Aunt is doing ok. She had a whole lot of tests: MRI, CAT, ultrasounds, you name it. Hopefully they will know something from the test results today. She's just lucky her insurance will cover all of this stuff. Sheeesh!

Kittens are all fine and sassy. No other news.
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Time for me to visit my aunt and see if there are any test results back yet. Probably not but maybe so.

Also since I will be in Hastings, I have a good excuse for finally! seeing PotC 3.

The mamas have brought the last three kittens out (the ones that are living in my bedroom) and are clearly needing help feeding them. The babies are almost a month old now, 2 gray and 1 black -- all w/tails. (Grandma Kitty is a full-blood Manx, as you may remember from other posts.) They are fine and fat, clear eyes -- wonderfully healthy-looking. And LeeAnn is having a fit to get to them, remaining firmly convinced that they are "meeses."

Back later on. Looking forward to finally discussing 'Pirates' w/my f-list.
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It seems that there is something of an exodus from l-j, so I have now set up an account at G-J as well as this one. I'm pretty sure that the "change" in policy here is being driven by the recent My--Space crackdown though. I'm going to play it safe though. Look for akasamtyr

My aunt is back in the hospital. Not sure what is wrong now, just that we have to wait till tomorrow for more tests (MRI?) to be done. She is awake and alert, it's just that her good leg went "bad" and she can't stand/walk on it. So we shall see.


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