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My little Hermione came back tonight -- just about an hour ago. She really chowed down on some food and drank quite a bit, so now I am wondering if she happened to get locked in a storage shed or something. I don't think she'd be quite so hungry if she'd just been out and about, so... but she's fine and ready for lots of pettins, skritches and cuddles.

I am so relieved! Only another pet lover can truly understand how I feel right now. Even though I have family/friends on various social media, they just don't 'get it' (that is, understand) about things like this.

Now I can relax once more and enjoy a good night's sleep!
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So today I was getting ready to leave on errands when my oldest kitty, Lucky, began acting weird and miaowing funny at me. So I hurried and called the vet, completely forgetting that they closed early today. After talking to the receptionist, I managed an appointment for Monday @ 10:15 am.

All the while, she is waltzing back and forth, miaowing at me and staring at her food dishes. (She already had fresh water; that's one of the first things I do in the morning while I get teh foodz ready.) Finally she begins to push one dish of nice, very finely diced food toward the edge of the desk, and it finally dawns on me that maybe, just *maybe*, that something is wrong with the food. So I scrape it out and put in an outdoor dish for the outdoor cats, where it is inhaled at something just under warp speed. So, nothing wrong with the can, it would seem. So I open a fresh can for her, this time a pate (sic), dump it in her dish -- and she promptly faceplants and gobbles it down. After she finishes, she daintily cleans her face and whiskers, jumps off the desk and goes into my bedroom for a very well-deserved nap!

And I just sit at my desk, facepalming as I realize I have just been pwned by my cat.

PS. I am half-way tempted to cancel the appointment now but I suppose I will keep it instead. Maybe?
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Today was: windy + low temps = wind chills. Again. Not bad but I already have a cough, so... I stayed in and did a bit of straightening up and went through some more clothes yet another sack to donate, plus a few other things too. Then I got laundry ready for my trip to the laundromat tomorrow. Thrilling, eh?

I am also working on a meme, which will probably get posted tomorrow.

The cats remain camped on the porch. *sigh* I will be so glad when the weather is nice again so they will stay outside.

No other news for now. Maybe I will feel more motivated tomorrow?

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Funny Pictures - The Cat House, Charlottesville, VA
see more Lolcats and funny pictures, and check out our Socially Awkward Penguin lolz!

Click on the pic to read more. :)
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Nope, not me or my kitteh but the photo itself is quite accurate.

funny pictures - how bout now?  do u see me now?
see more Lolcats and funny pictures, and check out our Socially Awkward Penguin lolz!
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It's definitely cooler than it was; last night it very nearly froze if it didn't actually freeze. Brrrrrr. It is definitely fall, with what I believe will be an early winter. Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think so. We'll see. Tomorrow *might* be a bit warmer though. ::fingers crossed::

So what have I been doing? Getting ready for winter mostly. I have yet to get my car in the garage, which bothers me a great deal. :( I had thought surely I would get at least that much done but apparently not. The worst of it is stuff that there is just *so much* to go through. Yikes. And I don't want to pay out $$ for people to move it yet again to another storage but I might not have much choice. I am getting plastic over all the windows, and caulking as much as I can. I still haven't gotten anything done about the basement though. The summer just went too fast -- in large part due to the heat wave when no-one wanted to go down and work in a stuffy basement -- and also, I have to move a lot of things around on the porch before I can get to the door (the door is a part of the floor, which is very common around here.)

On to more cheerful news.

Mike H. stopped by with a young kitten he found wandering and lost. I feel sure it is someone's pet because it is clearly well-cared for and very tame and friendly. So I will be watching the lost and found ads to see if I can locate the owner. Mike said he will watch too; I am sure someone is missing it. Right now I have it sleeping in a carrier after a nice meal of gooshy food and water. (I can't keep it in my bathroom because (a) the bathroom is too small and (b) it is where one of the litter boxes is kept.) My little dog has spent most of the morning barking at the poor thing though it doesn't seem to mind -- she (LeeAnn) remains firm in her belief that small kittens are actually mice, and therefore to be hunted. *sigh* She cannot be trusted at all until kittens reach a larger size, then everything is fine. My other two cats have been doing the traditional smell-and-hiss checking-out of the stranger, and throwing their own tantrums.

And so it goes. Now I need to write a little bit.
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Today was errand day, and I did a lot of running around and getting misc. things that yes, very absolutely needed. Like pillows I can wash and that are non-allergenic because all of this a/c and everything else make my allergies play up, and there is much sneezing.

Also, I went and got more special food for my kitteh -- if only the other was not such a snot about stealing it! Gah! I might have to start locking her in the bathroom so she can nibble away as much as she needs but I really hate to do that. Still, I don't think that I have any choice. At least not until she gains some weight...

Tomorrow is the library book sale, so I will be going in very early so that I can get there on time.

MTC... Niters, all!
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Things have improved; I am now able to give my kitteh her pill simply by opening her mouth and dropping it inside. I can see that she swallows it because (1) I don't find any bits spit around and (2) she seems to be gaining some weight, or at least her flanks do not look quite so drawn and gaunt. Any weight gain though will probably be slow. As for the food: she will eat approximately 1/2 can if it is freshly opened (and given time to first chow, and then return to nibble several times) but still not very happy w/the microwaving bit. She really chows on the dry food though. I think she likes the tiny bits. My only problem is that my other kitteh tries to steal her food -- and *she* does not need special diet food (or at least not quite yet, puh-leeze). I keep the food on the keyboard shelf so that it is out of the way but easy to grab when my old gal shows upon the desk and miaows.

The weather has been iffy; lots of rain. *sigh* Please to quit raining so roof repairs can be done, *please*!

The local library sale will be this weekend: Friday - Sunday, so I will be going to see what, if anything, I can find this year. :)

Also, I have writing to do. Back later on, if the weather will permit.

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Last night a storm rolled through just after midnight, so I did not sleep very well. I finally fell asleep about 2:30 - 3 am, I guess but I was up at 7 because my kitteh was demanding her food. However, she does not seem to like the beef flavor, which is what I tried today. I only gave her about 1/4 of a can, and she sniffed at it for several hours before eating *some*, and then it was just nibbling. No chowing down as I had hoped. But she will be getting the same for the next three days because it's a 5.5 oz can of Science Diet, and that is *pricey*! (Her new dry food is Hills Rx k/d (kidney) formula, and was over $15 for 4 lbs. Egad!) But as long as it makes her better, I can manage it.

As for the pill-giving: I decided to try it 'plain', as in open the jaw and put it inside. I think -- I hope she swallowed it but she ran and hid right after, so I am hoping for the best. There were lots of firecrackers early this morning too, so she was even more nervous than usual. She spent most of the day hiding, and I never did get the ear drops in because she hid too well during the day and there is just too much noise tonight. Oh well, it can wait for a day or so. But starting Tuesday it will be quite a different matter!

I also did some vacuuming today and light cleaning. Not sure if I will do any laundry tomorrow or not; it will certainly be hot enough and I have some heavy blankets that need washed and aired. So we shall see, I guess.

Ok, time to go to bed and try to sleep.
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Today I had mixed results. Because I did not want to deal with another round of watching her dance the pill on her tongue, I decided to put it in her gooshy food. Which was not the best idea either because she did not want to eat her gooshy food either -- maybe because I had to microwave it after being in the fridge? maybe she doesn't like microwaved food? No idea, but I think it melted -- but she did get some of it, I hope. I really can't tell but I am assuming that if it melted she might have gotten *some* because she did eat a little bit but only after faffing around quite a bit. *SIGH*

The ear mite drops were not met with approval either. Neither of my kittehs liked them, and there was much flouncing, scowling and head-shaking afterward. At least I only have to do the ears on a daily basis until next Tuesday; then I only have to do it every other week.

Stay tuned for more thrilling news of my madcap life...

Kitteh News

Jul. 1st, 2011 07:11 pm
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I had to start pilling my kitty today, and it is mind-boggling how she can keep one-half a teeny-tiny pill *just* out of her mouth! She balanced it on the tip of her tongue, managed to lick *all* of the gooshy food from around it and balance it inside her lip... all under the fascinated gaze of my little ChiPom, who was more than eager to take the cat's medicine for her, lol. I *think* she finally swallowed it because it disappeared into her maw and she was in a state of pissoff for a time but all seems to be forgiven now. But as this is medicine for her kidneys and needs to be a daily event, we shall see...
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I took my oldest kitteh, Lucky to the vet today. She's been a little "off', nothing really definite because at 16, she's old for a cat. Anyway, I went in *really* early, so that I could miss the worst of the heat (my car has no a/c, of course) and get back home quick before she got too stressed from everything.

Vet visit details under the cut.
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Yesterday was spent doing a few errands, plus I met Summer for lunch then I went over to her place to chat for awhile. It was nice, actually talking to real-life people for a little while.

I had to get some special cat chow for my old gal Lucky because she is 16, and she is something of a picky eater and at 16 I can cut her some slack. (It's the real reason I did errands too; I never buy too much of the special food in advance and the store here doesn't carry it. Well, they carry the brand; they just don't carry that formula. It used to be that pet food was just one brand -- and formula -- for all; now they have about a bazillion formulas... *sighs*)

Then I looked at a few bikes since my old bike's tires and rims rotted away *sigh* because where it was stored got messed up. {tl;dr} To replace tires and rims would cost about the same as a new bike, so I went and looked around. Unfortunately, my top choice came in only one color -- hot Barbie-doll pink, with darker pink stripes and bubble designs. Gah! Which would be ok, I suppose -- if I were a tween but I am not. What the company was thinking when they sent out adult-sized bikes (26") in this color, I have no idea. None. I talked with the manager to see if there was a very small chance that they had a different color in the back room but alas, all of the bikes are that same wretched color. I told the manager that the bike was my first pick (brand, style, design) but that the color was the deal-breaker. So I will go with a different brand where I can get a bike that has a color I can live with. And it's not that I hate pink -- I certainly have enough pink shirts and even a lightweight jacket that is pink, but a pink bike? Uh-uh. No way. DNW!!! Once I get my refund in a couple of weeks, I will go back and buy the other bike -- a very dark purple that is a 'new' brand (and my 3rd choice since it is a new brand) but at least I will not be cringing at the color whenever I think of it.

Jury Duty

Jan. 20th, 2011 04:11 pm
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Sal the Cat summoned for jury service... and court rules he 'must attend'

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 8:03 PM on 18th January 2011

A pet cat has been summoned for jury duty - and has been told by courts he 'must attend'.

Despite owner Anna Esposito's protestations that a mistake has been made, a jury commissioner has ruled that Sal must attend the court.
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Yesterday was a lot of fun but I never realized just how many dishes I got dirty and how much washing I had to do, even just for me. Ah well. So, where to start? As is necessary for any holiday meal, the cook-in-charge must be blooded before full preparations can begin, and so it was. Oh well, it didn't put things off schedule and after a nice meal, it was nap time. [g]

The wind picked up just after noon and [big surprise] I lost my internet connection and didn't get it back until just now. It did help my writing though.

But things didn't get interesting until 7:30, when I discovered that Baby had managed to get the adjustable part of her collar in her mouth somehow, and that part included the 'snap' portion. I tried to check it further but the claws flashed out when I did, so the next thing I did was to call S and asked if he had anything to cut through a thin nylon collar. One good thing about guys who work construction is that they have all sorts of interesting stuff that can cut through stuff, so he brought one of his odd work pliers/clippers over and two clicks later, goodbye nylon collar. Baby was not too thrilled by this; she grew from normal cat size to lynx size within moments, complete with claw expansion. But she settled down instantly once the collar was off, and all is now well and good with her again. I should add that Lucky and Fatters, who are indoor-only kittehs, do not wear collars (except for rare photo ops) but Baby, being an indoor-outdoor kitteh, *did* wear one so that she would not be mistaken for a stray.

So that was my T-Day. Now I am off to catch up with my f-list again. :)
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There were no storms. I was happily chatting on IM, enjoying being back online for a change, while my furkids decided to "relax" from several days of hiding from the thunder and lightning by tearing around the house. This included a wild dash-n-chase across the computer desk, where my laptop sits.

Yup, you guessed it. They crashed over the keyboard and hit the power button, turning it off. But that's not all.

Some of you may or may not know that my cats have claws -- and claws can get underneath computer keys, and pry them loose. >>.<< Yes. In addition to turning off the 'puter, they managed to scatter a few keys as well. I just... ::headdesk::

So, the rest of the evening was spent taping the keys back on the keyboard, and then I went to bed. I was tired. [My laptop has a decidedly battered look to it now, but it does work.]

Hopefully if I log on to a.IM tonight, I will actually be able to chat -- assuming that the cats agree.
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I woke up early because one of the porch cats decided to make a night of it and didn't come when I called. Instead, I heard claws on the window screen and piteous meowing before *daybreak* (of course.) So I get up and call the wretched creature, only to have to walk around outside and find her and *pick her up and carry her in*, because she is too little to that by herself, don't you know. (Oh, and she is spayed btw so no kitten worries.)

The day has been windy and humid. Feh. We have some serious weather brewing so I probably will be offline the rest of tonight.

Tonight I will be watching "Monster" on SyFy (and do I ever hate that stupid spelling -- Gah!)
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In which I discover that cats are not birds, and cannot fly. However, they can move at something approaching warp speed when a can of tuna is opened, thus giving the appearance of flight.
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Today is quiet. S. stopped by last night and unfortunately he did not properly close the porch door, which meant all of the cats got outside. Which is no big problem, I'm trying to keep most of them off the porch as much as possible. But [You knew this was coming, didn't you?] two of them, Baby and Buddy, were definitely *not* supposed to get out. *Sigh* He apologised and all but people simply do not understand that the screen door essentially has no latch, and it doesn't take much of a breeze to push the inner door open.

Baby came straight back when I called but Buddy... idk. I am very much afraid he won't be back. There are a lot of not-friendly-to-cats people around here, and I have the feeling something happened to him. He had a cold and I was giving him medicine for it. Just a general 'scrip but still -- and last night was chilly out. Plus today is the last day of rifle season (deer hunting) so just... yeah. (A lot of times when guys don't get their limit they are more likely to go after other helpless critters, and cats are an overly tempting target at the best of times.) :/ I will keep hoping but if he doesn't show up before Thanksgiving, I am assuming the worst.

In the meantime, I am working on fic while potato soup cooks in the crockpot.


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