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Well, the big news is obviously the earthquake/tsunami. So far, I *don't think* that I have any sibs who are directly affected but my thoughts and prayers are with those whose lives have just been turned upside-down.

Oddly enough, one of my sibs literally just got back from a tour of SE Asia, like only a week(?) ago. (In fact, I just now got the postcard she sent me from Cambodia.)

In more mundane, rl life news...

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Last night the dsl went out around 7pm;of course I thought it was Vista being a hoor again, so this morning I called the tech for help setting up my XP.

*Very* long story short, XP has an on-screen keyboard enabled -- which renders all normal keyboards useless. Do we want to talk about what a *f'n pain* it is using a mouse to point-and-click type this way? No, We Do Not! [and yes, i know that i should be more tolerant and less whiny and stuff but ya know what? i don't f'n care! iwant a regular keyboard again!]

So if anyone has any idea to turn this damned thing off or better yet uninstall it altogether, please *please* let me know!!!
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It's actually *nice* out today! We are having a heat wave of almost 32-F (or 0-C); if this keeps up, I will be looking for my bikini. Not! XD

I am also going to go and pick up the mail, which I haven't done in nearly a week. So I might have unexpected cards and letters waiting for me.

Other misc. news including a mini-rant. Ok, make that a bitchy rant:
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I had a great visit with the Cousins. Much more to write about later on though, like maybe tomorrow.

Rant ahead.

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Or preferably, three or four. [Actually if this was the weekend, I would be getting myself *drunk*. Yeah.] Turns out there was one last little bit of weirdness from the legal hassle I was in earlier that popped up. And because it was an out-of-court settlement, I can't go into any more detail than that. But I just had to vent a little -- because, you know? (>_<)
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Today was spent online, mostly waiting on e-mails between me and my lawyer(s) about the legal stuff I am dealing with. *sigh* Well, it beats running back and forth between two separate office about a mile apart.

So no, I do not just "play around on the computer all say" as some people who live in this town seem to think. I'm actually 'working', although that may be a somewhat relative point. Meh.

It's off to try and write now I guess. I will be so *happy* once this is resolved -- if I live that long. >:(
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It's been cold *again*. Spring officially begins in a little more than two weeks though, and I welcome it.

Got the new muffler today, stopped at Hastings PD (formerly St. Michael's elementary school) to get it checked so I could send in the fix-it.

The dr. is not sure if I have bronchitis or what. I get to see her again Monday. Joy.

Tomorrow I see the lawyer *again* to go over the new contract *again* -- and hopefully I can get it signed so I can have $$$$ *again*. (And to really make the day great, it looks like my boss managed to con me out of yet another $%K, on top of the $25K that he already owes. Just f'n great.)

Someone was pounding on the door and ringing the bell, so I am going to go take a nap until 10pm or so. Oh yes, they can tell if I'm up by looking for the light from the tv shining through the windows (and probably the light from the computer screen as well, damned snoops.)
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Cats and cleaning do not go well together. I know this. Even so, cleaning must be done. Laundry must be done. Today, I decided to do a thorough cleaning of my bedroom. As in, stripping the bed, turning the mattress and pulling up the box spring in order to make sure I can properly clean everything and that the cats have not done anything destructive or dumb that I cannot see. (All is good, btw.) So, after all this I have a nice clean bedroom and a freshly made bed. Ok, I *did* have a freshly made bed. Unfortunately for me, the cat(s) decided that *now* was the proper time to barf all over the clean bedding. Sheets, pillowcases and duvet, for good measure. To say that I am not pleased is a massive understatement, as it is my last clean set of sheets, etc. since everything else is either in the wash and/or drying. [And yes, *now* the bedroom door is closed.]

Right now I am seriously considering having roast feline for my next meal. (Not to worry though, it's Lent. They got lucky.) By Easter I will probably have calmed down and be able to laugh at this post. Maybe. But not right now.

Housekeeping tip of the day: oversize t-shirts make acceptable pillowcases.
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Still not feeling good. Still tired as hell. I so need to move, and I mean like *yesterday*. I always knew that the only way I could have a life is to move but this is not the time. I might just try and go on a vacation very soon, regardless of the money situation. So if any one has any suggestions or plans (NYC anyone?) please email me. Because if I don't, I am going to do something incredibly stupid.

I stopped in to visit my aunt and uncle; now they want me to be at some "family meeting" on Wednesday at 10:15am. No idea what the deal is but since I've been specifically asked, I'd better show up.
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Well, yesterday was just full of errands for people or so it seemed. No, it really was that way. Today was hectic as well; there is a major blizzard to arrive late this evening, *maybe* after midnight, but who knows?

'Cousins' was officially cancelled yesterday--good, if the weather predictions hold true. Both Lucile and Arlene called to tell Mom about it.

I'm not going to bother w/the dumpsters tonight--not that much in them anyway. With three of them, it can go a week or so.

Care package to K today; sent Sue's b'day prezzie as well.

I really wanted to get into Hastings today--I had some errands I wanted to get done, but no way to catch a ride in. Damn!! *sigh* Oh well, eventually... *maybe*... There has to be a break in the weather sooner or later!

Linda had to take *William* into the dr. or I could have probably gotten a ride w/her. Grrrrrrr! And Jack said Wanda wanted to go in special today; then at the last minute *she* decided not to go either, so he went in on his own.

So here I sit, stuck. Gah! My errands really would not take that long either, assuming I can ever get a chance to go in on a half-way decent day. I am bored, frustrated and annoyed. So much I wanted to do... so much I *need* to do...


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