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aka: My Sticky Post

Yay! It worked! :D

Watch this space...

Ok, most of you probably know me as samtyr from over at elJ. I tried to use the same name here but when I was first setting this up, one of my cats unplugged my computer. And since I was a beginner w/o anyone to ask for help, I had to alter my name a little. My default icon (whom I call zen cat) has remained the same though. ZC is my first icon and I strongly doubt I will ever get rid of her.

I'll probably add more to this later on.

If you have a different screen name here, please pm me and let me know what it is. Thank you!

ETA: I'm keeping this and the other site going for a while yet. Right now, real life is being Extremely Complicated and it's taking up huge amounts of time, energy, and yes, $$$. Watch this space.

I might make duplicate posts -- or not. No cross-posting though. Posting will depend on how I feel and which site I am on when I post. I will try to make a special post if I am going to be offline for any length of time, such as computer repair or family visits & vacation time.

I am also going to try and restart my 'Monday Meme' theme again. Maybe it will help motivate me to write more. Wish me luck.


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